Nod's Limbs

Nod's Limbs


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Can the twins solve six mad riddles to find Nod's long-lost gold?

It's all-out war with the Knightleigh family, and Edgar and Ellen are rapidly losing ground. But then everyone's attention is diverted by the ghostly hand of fortune: Augustus Nod has launched a treasure hunt from beyond the grave! The race is on, and the twins must solve the riddles and discover Nod's lost golden limbs before the Knightleighs bury the past — and the diabolical duo with it!

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ISBN-13: 9781416915010
Publisher: Aladdin
Publication date: 02/27/2007
Series: Edgar & Ellen , #6
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 4.70(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Charles Ogden is an avid camper and fisherman. He collects insects and has traveled in pursuit of various specimens to the North Pole, the Souh Pole, and Poland. Mr. Ogden and his insect collection make their home in a cool, dry, preservation-friendly environment, far removed from prying eyes.

Rick Carton has been drawing longer than he's been walking. In his Chicago studio he has a cherished collection of every pencil ever worn down to a nub during his lengthy artistic career. He has never formally studed art; instead, the art community has diligently studied him. They are yet to release their findings.

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Nod's Limbs

By Charles Ogden


Copyright © 2007 Charles Ogden
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781416915010

1. Woe and Despair

"Nod's bods!" cried Edgar, throwing down his shovel. "We can't dig all this ourselves. We'll never reach the balm spring!"

His twin sister, Ellen, who had long since tossed her shovel aside, was clawing the dirt with her bare hands.

"We must...keep digging...or Pet...dies."

Edgar turned to look at the one-eyed hairball sitting on a nearby pile of rock. A hazy film coated its yellow eye, and its hair, though greasy and tangled as ever, now showed strands of gray. A poisonous bite from Ellen's carnivorous plant, Morella, and the subsequent destruction of the remaining balm (the mysterious, earthy goop Pet needed to survive) had left the creature hovering near death. The only cure lay in finding the source of the balm, which was beneath layers and layers of dirt.

"Sorry, Pet," said Edgar, plopping down beside the ailing creature. "This is all our fault."

Ellen glanced back at her brother. "We can't quit," she muttered. "We never quit."

But in the faint light of the lantern, Ellen could see the torn fingernails, scrapes, and blisters that told of their vain effort so far: Despite hours of digging, the twins had managed only a six-foot deep hole. Before the cave-in, the tunnel had dropped at least thirty feet.

"Bite your tongue, Sister." Edgar sighed. "No quitting. Just betterplanning."


"Yes!" Edgar sat up a little. "Time to take advantage of our strategic strengths."

Ellen faced her brother and crossed her arms. "Shall we recap our strategic strengths, Brother? Hmm. Let's see. First, we plotted to collapse the Knightlorian Hotel and ended up securing its eternal purple existence."

"A minor setback."

"Then, we blew up Augustus Nod's laboratory and burned his journal to ashes."

"Words, words, words."

"And if memory serves," Ellen remarked, pointing to the mountain of dirt, "I caused this little cave-in."

"Now, Ellen, the ground was already unstable when you stomped your foot."

"And then when that crazy circus blew into town," Ellen continued, leaning into her sibling, "you got us suckered out of our own house!"

"It was a lousy sham," growled Edgar.

"Oh! Let's don't forget that we betrayed Heimertz and Dahlia and they've been imprisoned in a gorilla cage for life!"

The ever-smiling Ronan Heimertz, the former caretaker of the twins' house and grounds, had lived in a shed in the backyard. For years he had been the only person the twins feared, and they were relieved when his circus family had carted him and his girlfriend away on charges of attempted murder. Edgar and Ellen had discovered too late that Heimertz was innocent -- the one person protecting both them and Pet.

At the mention of their loyal groundskeeper, Pet slipped off its perch and slunk dolefully toward the twins.

"We've spent years scheming against that vile Stephanie Knightleigh and her crooked family...and in the end, they're going to get the last laugh!"

Edgar stood up and took a deep breath. "So we regroup. We go back up to our house -- "

"Their house, Edgar," Ellen interrupted. "The Knightleighs own it, remember? And by this time tomorrow, Eugenia Smithy and her crew will be swinging a wrecking ball at it. That's where our strengths have gotten us." Ellen plopped down on a pile of earth and scowled. Pet snuggled against her, and Ellen reached down to stroke its thinning hair. She winced as a few strands fell away but didn't say anything.

Edgar stared for a long moment at the rubble. Then he narrowed his eyes and cracked his knuckles.

"Don't say it, Brother. Don't you dare..."

"I have a plan, Sister."

"I knew you were going to say that."

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Table of Contents


Nod's Lands

1. Woe and Despair

2. Hugs and Kisses

3. The Waxworks Beckons

4. Disquiet on the Set

5. Glide and Seek

6. The Reading of the Will

7. The First Clue

8. Lost and Founder

9. Gold-Brained

10. Demolition Day

11. Down by the River

12. The Wisdom of the Pirates

13. Tooth by Tooth

14. Unsportsman-like Conduct

15. Homophones Are Where the Heart Is

16. Feed a Fever

17. Sounds Like Victory

18. Sparring on the Spire

19. Face the Maestro

20. Mutiny

21. A Bad Day for Mr. Frimmel

22. The Mayor Victorious

23. Thar's a Fair Wind A-Blowing

24. The Root of the Problem

25. The Blackest Hour

26. In the Blink of an Eye

27. Break-In

28. Keep Your Enemies Close

29. The Lockbox

30. Back to the Dart Board

31. Stephanie Says So

32. Ye Olde Switcheroo

33. Bamboozled

34. The Hobo and the Pirate

35. Shall We Gather at the River?

36. My Kingdom for a Clue

37. Setting Sail

38. An Ancient Double-Cross

39. Bone-a-Petit

40. Greatest Show Unearthed

41. Say Good Knightleigh

42. Remains of the Dead

43. Burying the Truth

44. A Touching Farewell

45. Return to Sender

46. Everyone Still Loves a Parade

47. Up and Crumbling

48. Pet's Cemetery

49. The Awakening

50. You Can't Go Home Again

51. The Final Riddle

52. Out on the Limbs

It Ends

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