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An IndyBest's Best Book Buy 2020

'Essential reading for anyone wishing to learn more about the wonderful diversity of humans.' - The Independent

What does it mean to be non-binary in the 21st Century?

Our gender identity is impacted by our personal histories; the cultures, communities and countries we are born into; and the places we go and the people we meet. But the representation of contemporary non-binary identities has been limited, until now.

Pushing the narrative around non-binary identities further than ever before, this powerful collection of essays represents the breadth of non-binary lives, across the boundaries of race, class, age, sexuality, faith and more.

Leading non-binary people share stories of their intersecting lives; how it feels to be non-binary and neurodiverse, the challenges of being a non-binary pregnant person, what it means to be non-binary within the Quaker community, the joy of reaching gender euphoria.

This thought-provoking anthology shows that there is no right or wrong way to be non-binary.

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ISBN-13: 9781787753396
Publisher: Kingsley, Jessica Publishers
Publication date: 04/21/2020
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 589,513
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Jos Twist (they/them) works as a psychologist supporting gender diverse youth in London. Their clinical, academic and research interests include diversities and intersectional identities, narrative approaches and ethics.

Ben Vincent (they/them) is an academic sociologist. They specialise in transgender identity, community practices, and transgender healthcare and they are the author of Transgender Health.

Meg-John Barker (they/them) is an internationally recognised and hugely influential writer, therapist and thinker on gender, sex, relationships and mental health. They are the author of a number of popular books including How To Understand Your Gender and Life Isn't Binary.

Kat Gupta (they/them) is an academic and researcher living in the UK. They have researched and written about the British suffrage movement, newspaper representation of transgender people, and online erotica. Their activism focuses on LGBTQ+ Black and minority ethnic inclusion.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 11

Introduction 14

Section 1 Cultural Context

1 The Me I Am When I Am Not Me Kat Gupta 31

2 The Soft Line In-Between Jespa Jacob Smith 38

3 Coming Out of Borneo, Coming Into Non-Binary Vynn 45

4 From Skinnies to Skirts and Crop-Top Shirts: Traversing Transfemme Troubles Ynda Jas 53

5 Who Needs Gender? LJ 63

6 Mediterranean Gender Journeys: Exploring Gender Identity and Migration to and from Places to Call Home Ludo Tolu Mina Tolu 70

7 All Gods Are the Same Kimwei McCarthy 77

8 Latinx Not Latina Annelyn Janib 86

9 Weep and Storm and Swear They Lie Dang Nguyen 89

Section 2 Communities

10 Non-Binary Experience in a Liberal Faith Community Fred Langridge 97

11 Queer Identity as a Spiritual Calling Rev Rowan Bombadil 101

12 My Kind of People: Finding Empowerment as a Unicorn Calvin Hall 105

13 Out in the Establishment: The Gender Journey of an Outside Insider Edward Lord Obe, JP 111

14 All Gender's a Stage Eli Effinger-Weintraub 119

15 From Gender Essentialist to Genderqueer Al Head 125

16 The Chicken Soup of Identity: Talking from the Intersectional Prism of Judaism, Gender, Sexuality, Health and Disability Chai-Yoel Korn 133

Section 3 The Life Course

17 Triremes and Battered Pineapple Rings Karen Pollock 147

18 I Am Three: Age and Non-Binary Igi Moon 153

19 Non-Binary Intersections and Gender Euphoria Meg-John Barker 159

20 Genderation: Am I Allowed to Be Non-Binary Too? Lucy/Luc Nicholas 167

21 Blood Deal Mud Howard 174

22 The 'Outsider's' Journey to Parenthood Eli 180

23 "Why Are We Using This Changing Room? Cal Orre 185

24 No Easy Answers Daniel Morrison 189

Section 4 Bodies, Health and Wellbeing

25 On Borrowed Spoons Alex Iantaffi 195

26 Dahlia among Orchids: Neither a Boy Nor Girl 'on The Inside', but Gender-Chaotic 'on The Outside' S. W. Underwood 200

27 Is It Still a Body? H Howitt 206

28 Trans, Autistic, and a Lot More Besides Sam Hope 217

29 Fleshing Out Non-Binary Francis Ray White 223

30 Nursing whilst Non-Binary Drew Simms 229

Conclusions 235

References 241

Editors' Biographies 243

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