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American Institute of Physics
Non-Neutral Plasmas VI: Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas 2006 / Edition 1

Non-Neutral Plasmas VI: Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas 2006 / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780735403604
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 11/22/2006
Series: AIP Conference Proceedings / Plasma Physics Series , #862
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 6.56(w) x 9.55(h) x 0.92(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Confinement and Dynamics
Excitation and Decay of Electron Acoustic Waves   F. Valentini   T. M. O'Neil   D. H. E. Dubin     3
Experimental Investigation of Electron-acoustic Waves in Electron Plasmas   A. A. Kabantsev   F. Valentini   C. F. Driscoll     13
Plasma Compression using Rotating Electric Fields-the Strong Drive Regime   J. R. Danielson   C. M. Surko     19
Stability of Elliptical Electron Vortices   T. B. Mitchell   X. J. Wang   L. F Rossi     29
Mode-analytical Examination of Vortex Dynamics of a Pure Electron Plasma in the Relaxation to a Meta-equilibrium Distribution   Y. Kawai   Y. Kiwamoto   K. Ito   A. Sanpei   Y. Soga   J. Aoki   K. Itoh     39
Experimental Measurements of the m=1 Unstable Diocotron Mode in Hollow Electron Columns   W. Shi   T. B. Mitchell     45
Recent Results of Helical Nonneutral Plasmas on Compact Helical System (CHS)   H. Himura   Y. Yamamoto   A. Sanpei   S. Masamune   H. Wakabayashi   M. Isobe$dThe CHS Group     51
Fast Accumulation of Electron Plasma in a Multi-Ring Trap (MRT) under Ultra-high Vacuum Condition   M. Tarek   N. Oshima   A. Mohri   Y. Yamazaki     56
First Studies of Pure Electron Plasmas in the Columbia Non-neutral Torus   J. W. Berkery   T. S. Pedersen   J. P. Kremer   R. G. Lefrancois   Q. R. Marksteiner   A. H. Boozer   H. E. Mynick   N. Pomphrey   W. Reiersen   F. Dahlgreen   H. Himura   X. Sarasola     62
A Kilogauss-scale, High-vacuum Toroidal Electron Plasma Experiment   J. P. Marler   M. R. Stoneking     71
Electron Plasmas in a Small Aspect Ratio Toroidal Experiment   S. Pahari   H. S. Ramachandran   P. I. John   R. Ganesh     78
Trapped-Particle-Mediated Collisional Damping of Non-axisymmetric Plasma Waves   A. A. Kabantsev   C. F. Driscoll     89
Active Control of the Ion-resonance Instability in a Trapped Pure Electron Plasma   G. Bettega   F. Cavaliere   M. Cavenago   F. De Luca   D. Ghezzi   A. Illiberi   R. Pozzoli   M. Rome     98
Equilibrium and Stability of Non-neutral Plasma with Unmagnetized Ions Born at Rest and Moving Along Large Orbits   Y. N. Yeliseyev     108
Equilibrium of Non-neutral Plasmas with Weak Axisymmetric Magnetic Perturbations   M. Rome   I. Kotelnikov   A. A. Kabantsev     116
Compressional Diocotron Instability in a Non-neutral Plasma with a Stationary Point in the Rotation Frequency Profile   M. Rome   I. Kotelnikov   R. Pozzoli     122
Analysis of the Electron Injection in a Malmberg-Penning Trap   G. Bettega   F. Cavaliere   M. Cavenago   A. Illiberi   R. Pozzoli   M. Rome     128
Transport Processes and Structure Formation of a Pure Electron Plasma Coupled to an External Rotating Wave   Y. Soga   Y. Kiwamoto   Y. Kawai   J. Aoki     134
Relaxation of Antihydrogen from Rydberg to Ground State   E. M. Bass   D. H. E. Dubin     147
A Combined Sextupole-Malmberg-Penning Trap for Cold Non-neutral Plasmas and Antihydrogen   G. Testera   M. Amoretti   C. Canali   C. Carraro   M. Doser   S. Farinon   V. Lagomarsino   S. Zavatarelli     153
Antihydrogen from Merged Plasmas-Cold Enough to Trap?   N. Madsen     164
Simple Loss Scaling Laws for Quadrupoles and Higher-order Multipoles Used in Antihydrogen Traps   J. Fajans   W. Bertsche    K. Burke   A. Deutsch   S. F. Chapman   K. Gomberoff   D. P. van der Werf   J. S. Wurtele     176
Strongly Coupled Plasmas
Heating Rates and Enhanced Equilibration Rates with Strongly Correlated Ions in a Penning-Malmberg Trap   J. J. Bollinger   M. J. Delaney   T. Hasegawa   D. H. E. Dubin     183
Ion Coulomb Crystals with Long Range Order in RF-Traps   A. Mortensen   E. Nielsen   T. Matthey   J. P. Hansen   M. Drewsen     193
Experiments on Structure and Trapping of Coulomb Balls   D. Block   O. Arp   A. Piel   A. Melzer     203
Long Range Interactions between Neutral Atoms   G. L. Gattobigio   F. Michaud   G. Labeyrie   T. Pohl   R. Kaiser     211
Simulating Strongly Coupled Plasmas at Low Temperatures   M. Bussmann   U. Schramm   D. Habs     221
Structure and Thermodynamics of Spherical Yukawa and Coulomb Clusters   H. Totsuji   T. Ogawa   C. Totsuji   K. Tsuruta     232
Dynamics of Melting of Spherical Yukawa and Coulomb Clusters   T. Ogawa   H. Totsuji   C. Totsuji   K. Tsuruta      242
Critical Phenomena in Dusty Plasmas Modelled by Yukawa One-component Plasma   H. Totsuji     248
Amo Physics
Confinement Study in a Penning-Joffe Trap   C. Angelescu   G. Werth     257
Trap-based Cluster Research and Cluster-based Investigations of Ion Storage at ClusterTrap   L. Schweikhard   M. Breitenfeldt   A. Herlert   F. Martinez   G. Marx   N. Walsh     264
Cold Photocathode Electron Sources and Perspectives for Low-energy Magnetically Guided Electron Beams   D. A. Orlov   H. Fadil   M. Grieser   A. Wolf     274
Electron Cooling of Highly Charged Ions in Penning Traps   G. Zwicknagel     281
Cavity QED with Ion Coulomb Crystals   P. Herskind   A. Mortensen   J. L. Sorensen   M. Drewsen     292
Experiments with Single Cold Molecular Ions   K. Hojbjerre   P. Staanum   D. Offenberg   J. L. Sorensen   A. Mortensen   M. Drewsen     299
Spectroscopy of Atomic and Molecular Ions using Quantum Logic   P. O. Schmidt   T. Rosenband   J. C. J. Koelemeij   D. B. Hume   W. M. Itano   J. C. Bergquist   D. J. Wineland      305
Confinement Study in a Planar Penning Trap   F. Galve   G. Werth     313
Author Index     319

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