Nonparametric Statistical Methods And Related Topics: A Festschrift In Honor Of Professor P K Bhattacharya On The Occasion Of His 80Th Birthday

Nonparametric Statistical Methods And Related Topics: A Festschrift In Honor Of Professor P K Bhattacharya On The Occasion Of His 80Th Birthday


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ISBN-13: 9789814366564
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/16/2011
Pages: 466
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Table of Contents

Preface vii

Review Papers 1

1 On the Scholarly Work of P. K. Bhattacharya P. Hall F. J. Samaniego 3

2 The Propensity Score and Its Role in Causal Inference C. Drake T. Loux 17

3 Recent Tests for Symmetry with Multivariate and Structured Data: A Review S. G. Meintanis J. Ngatchou- Wandji 35

Papers on General Nonparametric Inference 75

4 On Robust Versions of Classical Tests with Dependent Data J. Jiang 77

5 Density Estimation by Sampling from Stationary Continuous Time Parameter Associated Processes G. G. Roussas D. Bhattacharya 101

6 A Short Proof of the Feigin-Tweedie Theorem on the Existence of the Mean Functional of a Dirichlet Process J. Sethuraman 127

7 Max-Min Bernstein Polynomial Estimation of a Discontinuity in Distribution K.-S. Song 137

8 U-Statistics Based on Higher-Order Spacings D. D. Tung S. R. Jammalamadaka 151

9 Nonparametric Models for Non-Gaussian Longitudinal Data N. Zhang H.-G. Mütter J.-L. Wang 171

Papers on Aspects of Linear or Generalized Linear Models 191

10 Better Residuals R. Beran 193

11 The Use of Peters-Belson Regression in Legal Cases E. Bura J. L. Gastwirth H. Hikawa 213

12 On a Hybrid Approach to Parametric and Nonparametric Regression P. Burman P. Chaudhuri 233

13 Nonparametric Regression Models with Integrated Covariates Z. Cai 257

14 A Dynamic Test for Misspecification of a Linear Model M. P. McAssey F. Hsieh 277

15 The Principal Component Decomposition of the Basic Martingale W. Stute 289

Papers on Time Series Analysis 297

16 Fast Scatterplot Smoothing Using Blockwise Least Squares Fitting A. Aue T. C. M. Lee 299

17 Some Recent Advances in Semiparametric Estimation of the GARCH Model J. Di A. Gangopadhyay 315

18 Extreme Dependence in Multivariate Time Series: A Review 347 R. Sen Z. Tan

19 Dynamic Mixed Models for Irregularly Observed Water Quality Data R. H. Shumway 363

Papers on Asymptotic Theory 385

20 Asymptotic Behavior of the Kernel Density Estimators for Nonstationary Dependent Random Variables with Binned Data J.-F. Lenain M. Harel M. L. Puri 387

21 Convergence Rates of an Improved Isotonic Regression Estimator H. Mukerjee 413

22 Asymptotic Distribution of the Smallest Eigenvalue of Wishart (N, n) When N,n → ∞ Such That N/n→0 D. Paul 423

Curriculum Vitae 459

Curriculum Vitae of Prodyot K. BKattacharya 461

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