NOOK Tablet 10.1 Cover with Tab in Navy

NOOK Tablet 10.1 Cover with Tab in Navy

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UPC: 9780594900474
Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 04/01/2019

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NOOK Tablet 10.1 Cover with Tab in Navy 1.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Did anyone give any thought about how this cover was to be used when doing the design? First off you cannot read hands free in either landscape or portrait with this cover as you can do with past Nook covers. When the cover face is flipped around to the back it turns off the device. What is that about? I have the charging dock and it is useless with the cover on and you need a pry bar to get it out of the cover to charge in the dock. I would return this cover in a heartbeat if I didn't need something to protect my device. A total fail compared to other Nook covers I have used.
2Poodles More than 1 year ago
This is the worst cover ever made for Nooks... Seems no one checked to see if it would work for the Nook 10. No way to use charger... Best to use your charging cord. Also when I have the cover on my Nook 10 it keeps shutting off when I am reading... What a pain I have checked all my settings all are as they should be. Removed the cover and that's a tough job getting it off. Started reading without the cover, yep no shutting off.
JPochedley More than 1 year ago
I too have experienced the same problem as others who have written reviews. When the cover is flipped open and back for reading, this activates the magnetic sensor and makes the tablet believe the cover is closed. When this happens, the tablet goes to sleep. It is very annoying to have the tablet randomly go to sleep while reading. The problem is the magnetic sensor embedded into the top cover. The problem magnet is NOT the one that holds the cover closed (as other reviewers had thought). The problem magnet is about two inches from the corner, at the very top edge of the cover (The close sensor on the tablet is in the area right next to the USB port on the tablet.) I was able to take a razor and cut a slit right where the internal cardboard ends (when looking at the rubberized grey side of the cover. I was then able to slide out the small magnet. Now the tablet no longer randomly shuts off! On the flip side, the tablet does not automatically shut off when you close the cover either. To me this isn't a big deal, I just hit the tablet's power button before I close the cover. Subtract two stars for the magnet design flaw........ (I know not everyone will want to take a razor to a brand new case! But the slit is completely unnoticeable!) Aside from the design flaw of the cover's magnet, I do really like this minimalist cover. The cover is small and light and does not add much weight or bulk while holding the tablet for long reading sessions. I do not need something to prop up the tablet for watching videos... The cover's primary purpose is to protect the screen when I'm tossing this in a bag. This it does perfectly!
compulsivereaderTX More than 1 year ago
Not thrilled. It covers up my off/on button, can't fit my nook into my charging dock with it on, nor is it easy to get it on and off to place in my dock which I love. I would return the cover before returning the dock. I really don't know if it's poor design on the cover or poor design on the nook itself that places it's button in hard to get to spots with the cover on or if it's the cover itself. If I keep the cover, I"ll have to have hubby cut off the part that covers up my side buttons.
Dondopam More than 1 year ago
Barnes and Noble - how do I protect my 10 nook if these covers are so badly made? very frustrating to have the new device but unable to protect it... the keyboard cover is also badly made, now what?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am disappointed in this cover. It does not fit my Nook 10.1 and it blocks many features, including the charging port or the charging station port. I will return for a refund.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Who's minding the store?? Why would you continue to market such a failed product?
bobrien45 More than 1 year ago
Worst cover ever! Tab needs to be on back part so it can hold front part open as in the Nook hd tablet. Loved it and assumed this was the same. Not only is it not made correctly, I can't use it anyway because it makes my Nook screen cut off. Took me a while to figure that was reason...thought I got a bad Nook. This is my 3rd Nook and cover...1st time I've been really disappointed! Need a cover to protect screen...any suggestions?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wish I never bought this cover. Like a previous reviews. When the cover is flipped over to read it shuts the nook off. I also bought the charging dock and I can't get the cover off without it trying to pull the nook apart. So how do you get the cover off? I want my money back
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The magnetic clasping this cover affects the nook. It will randomly shut off. Don’t buy this cover.
Pammy More than 1 year ago
Bad design for docking charge. Good light weight protection. Bad magnetic shut off imbedded in the top cover. I did take the advice of JPochedley and made a small slit in my cover about two inches from the upper right along the seam to remove a very small magnet. Works great now with no auto shut off. I just now have to turn off my Nook with the button. I would love to see a rotating cover to be able to prop up the nook to read/watch vertical and horizontal. Keep working it, Barnes and Noble!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice cover but miss being able to use it hands free in landscape position like the cover for the HD+. Like the magnet cover latch. Hope to see more colors to choose from in the future. Not sure if you can use it with the charging dock.
paul lemke More than 1 year ago
I like this cover but here is my problem; if the nook goes to sleep for more than a minute then when it wakes up the nook will not recognize the keyboard again until i do a soft reboot. This doesn't matter how you use it after the sleep it just forgets the keyboard. Once I reboot its works fine until the nook sleeps again. This is very annoying and it looks like the synchronizing of these two items to work together was a secondary thought. B and N please fix and i will give a much better review.
Anonymous 7 months ago
While I agree with the fact that this cover is poorly designed there is a way around the sleep problem. Open the cover all the way and have it rest against the back of the table. Then turn on the device. Your nook will not go to sleep now until you remove the cover from the back and make contact with the device again. I would however really like a case that would allow for hands free reading.