Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You

Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You

by Greg Gutfeld

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Behind every awful, dangerous decision lurks one evil beast: the Cool.  
From politics to the personal, from fashion to food, from the campus to the locker room, the desire to be cool has infected  all aspects of our lives. At its most harmless, it is annoying. At its worst, it is deadly, on a massive scale.  The Cool are the termites of life, infiltrating every nook and cranny and destroying it from within. The Cool report the news, write the scripts, teach our children, run our government—and each day they pass judgment on those who don’t worship at the altar of their coolness.  The cool fawn over terrorists, mock the military, and denigrate employers. They are, in short, awful people. 

From what we wear and what we eat, to what we smoke and who we poke, pop culture is crafted and manipulated by the cool and, to Greg Gutfeld, that's Not Cool. 

How do the cool enslave you? By convincing you that: 
- If you don't agree with them no one will like you. 
- If you don't follow them you will miss out on life. 
- If you don't listen to them you will die a lonely loser

How do you vanquish the cool and discover your own true self? Read this book. 
In  Not Cool,  Greg Gutfeld, bestselling author of The Joy Of Hate, lays out the battle plan for reclaiming the real American ideal of cool--building businesses, protecting freedom at home and abroad, taking responsibility for your actions, and leaving other people alone to live as they damn well please.  Not Cool fights back against the culture of phonies, elitists, and creeps who want your soul. It’s not a book, it’s a weapon—and one should be armed with it at all times.

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ISBN-13: 9780804138543
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/18/2014
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 171,685
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Greg Gutfeld is a cohost of the hit show The Five and the host of Red Eye on the Fox News Channel. He is the author of The Bible of Unspeakable Truths and the New York Times bestseller The Joy of Hate, and he contributes regularly to

Table of Contents

Preface xi

An Introduction 1

Unctuous Occupations and Popular Pursuits 19

The Pitiful Ploy of the Bad Boy 29

The Deep Creep 38

You Pray, They Decay 47

Treating Crazies Like Daisies 52

Addiction to Accolades 60

How Mike and Carol Crushed the Feral 65

Doing the Wrong Thing 75

Killer Cool 84

The Cool's War on Warmth 90

How Heathens Become Hip 97

A Magazine for Murderers 105

Sonnets for Tsarnaev 113

Pure Idiocy 123

The Deadly Do-Rights 135

Nuking the Nuclear Family 141

The Guilty Parties 154

The War on Warriors 159

Bling Before Balls 169

Southern Discomfort 175

The Rebels of Romance 181

The Carnal Carnival 189

Gunning for Attention 196

Homages to Homicides 203

The Orientation Express 212

The Rebel Bootlicker 220

The Rise of the Free Radical 229

Conclusion: Axing the Appetite for Adulation 251

Dankon! (That's Esperanto for "Thanks!") 255

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