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Not Even Light

Not Even Light

by Paul E. Stachowski
Not Even Light

Not Even Light

by Paul E. Stachowski



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In the time of Not Even Light, there had been no rapture of the future. Hopeful visions of a super-technological, transhuman paradise had never materialized. A greatly diminished and scattered human population struggles to survive in the aftermath of civilization's collapse. And things are about to get much worse.


Born within the palisades of White Cedars farm, Travis is too adventurous and curious to be satisfied with a life of predictable routines. He chooses self-banishment and sets off alone to explore the Big Woods which sprawls across the northern latitudes. He soon becomes a member of a small band racing into uncharted territory to be the first to uncover a cache of Old Days weaponry and head off the imminent annihilation of the remnants of humanity.


Travis and his companions cross paths with traders, resurrectionists, and other relatively friendly sorts on their way to the cache. But Meeks, whose mission involves brutal conversions or death for the unredeemed, lurk everywhere along the trails they follow. Cobots, originally created to work alongside humans, have evolved into independent and ruthless antagonists who lie in wait to capture and exploit the unwary for their dark purposes. And, as Travis discovers, the Flies, an alien species that had appeared briefly on Earth centuries ago and then all but vanished, are more than just shadowy bogeymen of tales and superstition. They still have a presence on Earth and a part to play in humanity's evolving story.


The paths are treacherous and their adversaries powerful as Travis and his friends fight their way to the cache and back again. Their story of friendship, courage, and growth reveals the best of what we are and may yet become.

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BN ID: 2940165176616
Publisher: Paul E. Stachowski
Publication date: 04/01/2021
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: eBook
File size: 359 KB

About the Author

I grew up in a small city in Western New York and live just half an hour or so from my childhood home. As a boy, all I had to do to enter a magical world was walk a few feet into the deep shadows and stillness of the woods in back of my house. I spent many hours exploring the woods as well as the countryside just the other side of the creek that bordered our lot. I would say that nature has been my best and favorite school.

I also loved attending the public schools in my hometown and a nearby university. Inspired by the many fine teachers I had, I became one myself and taught secondary public school English and math for thirty-three years. After retiring, I spent two years as a special education aide for an autistic student and another ten as a private tutor. I now devote most of my time to thinking, reading, writing, traveling (especially by train), loom knitting, surviving cancer, and birding.

I first conceived of Not Even Light while mulling over the stories we’ve told ourselves about our origin, our purpose, our history, and the paths we’d be most likely to follow into our common future. Lately those paths have become increasingly precarious, and I believe that Not Even Light is a timely expression of where they may lead.

I've enjoyed science fiction, especially post-apocalyptic stories, for over sixty years, and my favorite novels of this type are A Canticle for Leibowitz, Riddley Walker, the Southern Reach series, and the MaddAddam trilogy.

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