Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories

Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories

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From Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories:

"We were goofballs, and magnets for mischief. Pinheads, really. Boys who managed to screw up just about

everything, everywhere: scouts, camp, school, dancing lessons, church, vacations, team sports, bowling,

first dates, and summer jobs. You name it..."

In these stories of misadventures from small town mid-20th century America, three lifelong buddies celebrate

the fragile magic of youth, the enduring miracle of friendship, and the gift of fondly remembered

tales told with laughter and tears. The zany, wondrous and sometimes bittersweet journey of their youth

rested squarely on the broad shoulders of the Greatest Generation, grown-ups who really did know best,

and whose patience and grace allowed their offspring to grow up gently.

About Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories:

"What fun! It was like I was hanging out with Lumpy, Eddie and the guys from our show again. Every adult

will be able to see something of themselves in these great stories of youth. They are a must read for anyone

who longs for the simple, innocent fun of growing up with the spirit of the 50's and 60's. I feel like I know

these three lovable goofballs and wish I could have spent more time being with them. NOT EXACTLY

ROCKET SCIENTISTS should be a television series itself, underscoring the sweetness, innocence, and

simplicity that have passed us by."

TONY DOW ("Wally" on Leave It To Beaver TV series)

"A great book about friendship, growing up in the fifties, and a lost America that will never come again."

PAT CONROY, novelist, The Great Santini, My Losing Season, The Prince of Tides

"Between the parenting prowess of the Greatest Generation and the luck that allows us to eventually recount

our childhoods, NOT EXACTLY ROCKET SCIENTISTS reveals a world of innocence and adventure.

As a reader who grew up in a world more often animated on screens than schoolyards, these stories

bridge a distinct past with a present readership that--fingers crossed--will inspire future generations to

look up from their screens and seek adventures of their own design."


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In story after story, in a simpler time

and place, things rarely go right for these

small-town friends. Good kids at heart,

they stumble through their youth, finding

stupid and chaos just about anywhere,

along with the miracle of friendship.

From Banned for Life:

"With fast, long strides that resembled an ostrich running from a lion, he charged the release line. Spike was out of control. We could tell something awful was about to happen, and we backed up. Spike got to the line in a clumsy burst of speed, fired his arm in a curved position, caught his right foot with his left, spun like a drunken ballerina, turned 270 degrees, and threw the bowling ball like a discuss. It took off as though shot from a catapult on a 90-degree angle east and a 70-degree angle toward the ceiling, traveling 20 feet up the wall . . ."

From I'll Have a Manhattan:

"When the first bolt of lightning hit one of the nearby trees, we ran for cover. To some of us, this was less important than finding a bar . . ."

From Mr. Jaeger, Mr. Jaeger, Bobby Don't Feel Too Good:

"As the season wore on and more and more fly balls were muffed by the outfielders, one of them came up with the theory that they had all been raised wrong since birth, and should switch from right-handed gloves to left-handed gloves, or vice versa. Two of the guys actually tried it out, swapping gloves for several innings. The truly remarkable (or unremarkable) thing about this was fielder performance went unchanged. Fly balls continued to bounce off gloves . . . "

From Sinking The Bismarck:

"While a little laughter was always good, something awful lurked just below the surface. That something was The Giggles, and no one was really safe. It has happened to every kid, and is a first and terrifying sign that we are never really in control of anything . . ."

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About the Author

All three lifelong friends somehow managed to survive their youthful misadventures, earn advanced degrees from the University of Virginia, and grow up into arguably functioning adults

Gilbert E. Schill Jr: In his day, “Bud” could ride a bicycle indoors while balancing a slide rule on his nose and playing “Good Night Ladies” on the harmonica.  A fan of water sports, he has water skied up the back of an alligator, had his foot skewered by a sting ray and suffered an octopus up his nose. A trial lawyer and law professor, he lives in Virginia with his wife Ginger.

John W. MacIlroy: Fumbling footballs and first dates, and crowning his early years with a lifetime Little League batting average of .081, “Mac” went on to become an attorney, CEO and adjunct professor.  Retired, he now lives on the coast of South Carolina with his wife Linda, a ceramic painted dodo bird named Dumont and a small mortgage.    

Dr. Robert D. Hamilton III: “Rob” flunked out of dancing school and prolonged his adolescence by picking up degrees from three universities including a Ph.D., before becoming an award-winning university professor. Prior to academia, he lived briefly in the real world as a nonprofit executive. He now lives with his wife Jane outside of Philadelphia, PA. He still can’t dance.

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