Not On My Watch

Not On My Watch

by Joshua M. Peters


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Our story takes you on a journey from our lives before the war to the mountainous terrains of Afghanistan and the barren deserts of Iraq. It is our desire to bring to life what it is like for the American Soldier fighting in the war on terror overseas. Not just from a Soldier's perspective, but from the Combat Medic's perspective. We want you to learn about the heartaches, the fear, the excitement and the terror of combat today. These stories are not intended to bring glory upon ourselves. They are written to show the courage and bravery of every American Soldier with whom we served. While this book is written from our first person view, the "I" and "we" are inclusive of all the Medics that have served Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Every medic deployed in support of these operations have similar stories to tell.

The title, Not On My Watch, The 21st Century Combat Medic expresses the fervor with which we serve. First, our motto: Not On My Watch. This speaks not only of the personal pride and sacrifice that we, as Combat Medics have in our assignment, but also of our willingness to sacrifice in order to save a fellow Soldier's life. We are saying, "As long as I am there, I am going to sacrifice everything I have to give the wounded Soldier a second chance at life". The latter part of the title stresses how combat and combat medicine has evolved to our generation from the generation of the heroes who served from the very first shot of the Revolutionary War until now.

We have met the men and women of past wars at welcome home ceremonies, the local VFW's, and through everyday interactions. Every story is different, yet every story is exactly the same: The same courage, bravery, honor, and dedication to fellow Soldiers on the battlefield. We remember the look of pride in the eyes of every Vietnam, Korean, and WWII veteran as they shook our hands at the airport upon our arrival back to the United States. It is that look that lets us know that although we never stormed a beach on that Day in June of 1944, or never took that hill in the jungle with certain death on the ascent to the top, we did serve a cause that blankets our great country with Freedom. We are Americans fighting and defending the rights of every American. We are Americans dedicated to bringing peace and democracy to every citizen of the globe. Our cause is just and this is our story.

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ISBN-13: 9781420811452
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/21/2004
Pages: 244
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