Not So New In Town

Not So New In Town

by Michele Summers

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ISBN-13: 9781402293580
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 07/07/2015
Series: Harmony Homecomings , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 849,464
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Michele Summers writes about small town life with a Southern flair. She has her own interior design business in Raleigh, North Carolina and Miami, Florida. Both professions feed her creative appetite and provide a daily dose of humor. When she isn't writing or creating colorful interiors, she is playing tennis, cooking for family and clients, knitting, reading and most importantly, raising her two great kids. Michele's work has won recognition from the Dixie First Chapter, Golden Palm, Fool For Love, Rebecca and Fabulous Five contests. She is an active member of the Heart of Carolina and Florida Romance Writers chapters of RWA. You can contact Michele at her website, , where you will also locate her other social media buttons.

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Not So New In Town 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Jess_at_From_Me_to_You More than 1 year ago
4 out of 5 stars!! Lucy heads back to her hometown with hopes to reinvent herself after a bad breakup and help her rude older stepsister while she's on bed rest. Once home she finds herself floundering to try to keep her teenage nephew's life on track and trying to settle into small town life again. That is until Brogan (her old high school crush and her stepsister's ex-boyfriend) makes it his mission to have them help each other out, him with her nephew and her with marketing his new business. However, old habits die-hard and it soon becomes apparent that her crush for him is alive and well. The good news is it's reciprocated too. Yet as they both have plans to leave town after a few months will their romance be just a fling or turn into something more? With some surprising twists and a whole lot of charm, this novel keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. From all the characters' playful banter to Lucy's colorful internal & external commentary, I couldn't get enough. I especially enjoyed how unwittingly Brogan sweeps into Lucy's life and lights up her world as their romance begins. They are just SOO perfect for one another! In addition, I liked how even though Lucy's stepsister is rude Lucy tries to put an effort into their relationship, no matter how "grouchy" her sibling gets. Just I am wishing that her sibling wasn't the cause for Brogan's "big epiphany" even though I liked how she got him back on track. The ending was great! I recommend this novel to those looking for a HOT comedic contemporary romance! Review By: From Me to You ... Book Reviews -- read more of this review and THREE TEASERS on my blog: --
JayDay More than 1 year ago
I was so excited about getting my hands on Not so New in Town by Michele Summers. After reading Found My Way Home, I knew this book would be hilarious, full of surprises, and trust me, she did not disappoint! Lucy is very easy to relate with, and times with Brogan also. I grew up with a sister 4 years older than me, so I may have had a crush with one of her friends while she was in college. OK, so maybe more than one. I understood the doubt and insecurity Lucy felt when Brogan started giving her the attention she's always desired from him. She always hesitated with the thought of it being genuine, but we know it definitely was! The tension between them at times was strong, yet exciting! I love all the relationships that we followed throughout. The way Brogan took Parker under his wing and guided him in the right direction at such an important time of a teenage boy's life, where he could go in extremely different directions. Parker really looked up to Brogan and I felt like he appreciated the time he voluntarily spent with him. What an impact he made on Parker's life. I understood the sister obligation between Lucy and Julia. No matter how much you drive each other crazy or how different your lives have panned out, when family needs you, you take care of each other. Growing up in small town North Carolina myself, I completely recognized everyone in Harmony. All the cliques and talk and gossip sent around quicker than a Jimmy John's delivery driver. Can you imagine how big of a deal it is when a couple of people like Lucy and Brogan just happened to show back up in Harmony at the same time? If that doesn't get stories started, I don't know what will. But at the end of the day and after everything that happened, everyone loved and supported them as a family. I enjoyed the twists and surprises that took place, like Julia and Russell! And then Russell and Wanda by the end expecting their own! I appreciated how forgiving and still in control Wanda is. That poor Russell is going to have his hands full.. I was relieved, yet still hurt for Brogan, when his dad came to the store to talk to him. It was nice to know why he was gone for all those years and for him to come explain to Brogan before he passed, but it still doesn't make it OK. Smiling ear to ear is expected when you learn Lucy is expecting a baby with Brogan. Naturally when he left the note after his dad's visit I was heartbroken, but I'm so relieved to know he made the right decision and came back to find Lucy and convince her to come back to Harmony. I never wanted Not So New In Town to end, especially with all the babies coming into the picture! Harmony is definitely starting to grow! Not So New in Town has everything a romantic comedy needs! I'm looking forward to #3 in the Harmony Homecoming series and can't wait to see what happens next.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Not So New in Town by Michelle Summers is the second book in her Harmony Homecomings series. This was a sweet romance, with a great couple and equally great secondary characters. Lucy Doolan is our heroine, who decides to return home to Harmony, North Carolina to help her step-sister, who is bedridden for the remainder of her pregnancy. Lucy hasn’t gotten along with her bad step sister, but feels obligated to help her. On her way home, her old car breaks down, but luckily for her, someone stops to help. Brogan is our hero, who himself has recently return to Harmony to set up one of his health food stores. Brogan plans on getting the store in shape, and go back to N.Y. When he picks up Lucy on the side road, both are shocked to see each after so many years. Lucy had a crush on Brogan, but he was only interested in her sister. This was a slow to build romance between two unlikely people. Brogan was health conscious, and Lucy was all about junk food. They were pretty hilarious together, him trying to get her to eat his granola, or special Banana muffins and she was only interested in Cheetos or Krispy Kreme donuts. Lucy was a marketing guru, and Brogan convinces her help him make his store in Harmony successful. Lucy accepts, and as the story continues, there was much more hilarity, as she forces him to participate in many events promoting his healthy food, especially with all the women who hang all over the hot Brogan. In between all of this, Lucy not only has to slave over her sister, she also must take care of her teen age nephew, who is a handful, sneaking out at night. Lucy gets Brogan to help, since he used to play football, and can win over the boy. Their relationship continues to escalate into a steamy sizzling affair, with both not interested in anything permanent, and each planning to leave town as soon as they can. Just when he begins to feel that perhaps this relationship with Lucy can be something more, he meets the father he has not seen in many years. This is the straw that will break him, and he will run back to NY without telling Lucy. It will take friends, and family to intercede and set a trap for Brogan and Lucy to hope for our happy ending. Michelle Summers has written another delightful story in her Harmony Homecoming series. Not So New in Town was a fun, sexy and hilarious story that I loved from the start to finish. I suggest to read this book.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Were you ever the younger sister with a crush on your older sister’s boyfriend? Did you think you were pretty slick about it and no one knew? Odds are, you weren’t, but it hasn’t come back to haunt you in later years. For marketing genius, the recently dumped and unemployed Lucy Doolan is coming home, not because she wants to, but because her step sister needs her, oh, and she needs a place to land and re-group. Welcome to Harmony and the haunting of old memories and crushes for Lucy. Brogan Reese left town, vowing never to return, to make something of himself, so, one out of two isn’t bad. Brogan is now a successful businessman with a chain of healthy alternative grocery stores popping up in several cities, including Harmony and for this small town, one set in its ways and more interested in the winning pie at the fair than an all-natural bran muffin, he is faced with an uphill battle. You guessed it, Brogan is THAT guy, Lucy’s crush and he still manages to turn her into a giggly girl worshiping at the altar of his beauty and charm. Little does Lucy realize, they could form their own mutual admiration and lust society, but the past has a way of stepping on toes and theirs is no different. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, misery and a town full of good intentions make for a sweet, cute and fluffy romance that is light enough to float on a cloud of love! Not So New In Town by Michele Summers serves up a delightful romantic read as two people find that, while you CAN go home, things are not always the same, thank goodness! Ms. Summers keeps things light, humorous and loads her tale with great dialogue, a cast of often quirky characters and, of course, the evil step-sister, who has a trunkload of secrets of her own. A fun read that nevers gets dark or too heavy, but is sure to leave a smile on your face, perfect to lighten up your summer reading schedule as two people battle their emotions and attraction, neither willing to raise the white flag, first. I received an ARC edition of Not So New In Town from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca in exchange for my honest review.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Lucy Doolan has returned to her small Georgia town to care for her Pregnant half sister and her nephew, but she finds more when she also reconnects with her high school crush Brogan. Lucy has just broken up with her fiancee and business partner and hopes she will reconnect with Julia, his is on bed rest and Parker, her nephew who is just starting to rebel. Lucy short stay in Harmony, is complicated when her car breaks down on the highway to town and she is picked up by Brogan Reese. He is in town to open a new health food store, and instantly remembers why he like Lucy so much. Brogan hires Lucy to be in charge of marketing for his business, and they begin to hook up. Both plan on leaving town as soon as they can, but find that they are enjoying spending time together and with Lucy's family. Can they work out their differences to find a happily ever after? Wow, Michelle Summers can really a create southern small town that features some of the most nutty supporting characters I have read about. (Wanda, Russel, etc really reminded my of some of Carolyn Brown supporting characters). Brogan and Lucy have great chemistry and an interesting story, but for me this novel was all about the revolving cast of characters that was the town of Harmony. They meddled, were funny, and cared about both hero and heroine. I plan to continue reading Harmony novels so I can continue to be entertained by all of them. I was given a free copy for an honest review.