Not Until You

Not Until You

by Corinne Michaels

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BN ID: 2940161759912
Publisher: BAAE inc.
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 3,087
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About the Author

Corinne Michaels is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller author. She’s an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife.

After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness. She enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak and finding a way to heal them through their struggles. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love.

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Not Until You 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Not Until You by Corinne Michael's is a standalone romance. If you haven't read We Own Tonight or One Last Time, I highly recommend that you do! These stories follow four best friends Heather, Kristen, Danielle and Nicole. Not Until You is Nicole's story. These characters are simply fantastic! I have enjoyed each and every one of their books. I have anxiously awaiting Nicole's book. She is the fun and sassy friend. She doesn't do relationships or spend more than one night with any guy. Most importantly she doesn't mix business with pleasure. She learned that rule the hard way. Callum Buxley has other plans for Nicole. He is sexy, bossy and has an incredible British accent. If you are looking for a sweet and sexy romance that will leave you swooning, this is the book for you.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I could not put this book down.......hopefully, irresponsible Milo's story is next?
Anonymous 5 months ago
Not Until You has it all! I was in denial right along with Nicole; then laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time! Their story left me with a smile, though, not that I was surprised, because Corinne always comes through! Five freaking stars from me!
JWright57 6 months ago
I can’t believe this is the first book I have read by Corinne Michaels it will not be the last because I really feel if Not Until You is anything to go by I have missed out on some great reads. This book has it all it had me laughing out loud or should I say snorting out loud, characters with sizzling chemistry and perfect witty banter that flowed throughout the book. If you are looking for a fast paced, sexy fun flirty read you need to grab a copy and meet Nicole, Callum and their group of friends........ I adored this couple because what’s not to love about the hot Brit who happens to be cocky possessive oh and don’t forget that british accent then you have Nicole the sassy heroine together they are the perfect couple who will leave you swooning and with all the feels needed in a great read. Looking forward to reading more from this very talented author.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Another smash hit for Corinne Michaels!! Loved Callum and Nicole, and can't wait for Dani and Milo!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I literally haven't read a bad book from Corinne. Love her characters and story lines. Can't wait for the next book!
Tracy_Reads_Kissy_Books 4 months ago
woon and Sass, Not Until You had me ENTHRALLED. With steadfast rules that including not hooking up with clients, Nicole was not expecting the sexy Brit, Callum to hire her. He’s determined to make sure the rules don’t apply to him. This book had me hooked. I was in love with it from the first page and could absolutely NOT put it down! The characters sucked me in and their story was full of ups and downs, some sweet and funny mixed in with angst. The pacing was a bit back and forth, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of Not Until You. I would recommend to the reader looking for sweet and sassy, with a side of sexy and British. *4.5 star review*
GrownupFangirl 5 months ago
Sweet, sexy and fun! A must read from a favorite author I started reading NOT UNTIL YOU during one of the most stressful career transitions I've ever had. The pressure to do well in my new job was/is overwhelming and it was such a joy to escape into Nicole's head and the banter between her and Callum was the perfect stress relief. Nicole is a strong independent woman, who's been burned so badly by a previous relationship that she no longer believes in love, marriage and the thought of having children of her own is almost repulsive. She puts every (part of her heart and soul)/(piece of her being) into her career and her friendships. She's a perpetual bachelorette and isn't afraid to take what she wants. I aspire to be as strong as she is, or at least the strength she shows the world. Enter Callum Huxley with his sexy accent and take charge attitude. He throws Nicole so off her game that she doesn’t know how to handle it. As much as I loved Nicole and Callum’s story it was also so great to be back with the rest of the squad and seeing how the other ladies (and gents) are doing. I can’t say that I’m ready to read Daniels story because I fear it might break me, and it means the end. Corinne has been an autobuy author for many years. Her stories almost always bring me to tears, although this one did get me a bit choked up, I found that I couldn’t stop the smile on my face while reading. If you love a steamy romance, with a splash of humor, then I definitely recommend you pick this one up.
Felicia71 5 months ago
What do you get when you get a headstrong, independent woman and a sexy brit who wants her? A fabulous Corinne Michaels romance of course! Nicole has been burned by love in the past - the man she gave everything to ended up being married. Now determined to never fall in love again she knows what she needs and how to take it, that is until Callum Huxley walks into her life. Now the Teflon wall she has around her heart is beginning to come down and she doesn't know if she should trust that or him. Callum is only in the states for a short time taking care of his fathers business and estate. When a chance meeting introduces him to the sexy blond he knows he wants her in every way possible - that is until she runs away. But fate has a had and he gets a second chance and this time he won't let her go. I loved Nicole and Callum! Out of the 4 friends, Nicole was always the one I gravitated towards - I knew there had to be more to her than met the eye and boy is there. Ms Michaels takes us on an emotional journey with her two main characters and its a fun one at that. Told in dual POVs we get both sides of the story which is important as you get deeper into the story. We also get to see Kristin, Heather, and Danielle again along with getting to meet Milo Callum's brother. With Danielle's book coming up next I cant wait to see how these stories wrap up. If Nicole and Callum's story is any indication it will be perfect.
Yamikirky 5 months ago
“Love is a fairy tale inside you. It lives there, telling the story of all that’s to come if you can just remember the words. Love is a living thing that we have to nurture when times are bad.” Not until You was FANTABULOUS , FREAKING AMAZING!!! I have to say that this book was awesome from the first word until the last. The author is a master at story telling. She has a brilliant way with words, not just dialogue and character development but sexy scenes as well. For an American author, she knows how to write a sexy romantic English gentleman! It was so authentic. Nicole is crazy but the good kind of crazy-She lives her life to the full and does not care about what people say. She loves sex, her life, her job and her friends. She is a complicated woman that doesn’t divulge much about her personal life and certainly doesn’t let anyone in , EVER! “I’m the girl that wants to live life to its absolute fullest. I’m the girl who wants to be happy, no matter what that looks like. I’m the girl who is seeking something but can’t seem to find it. I’m the girl who just wants to be loved. I’m the girl who will never let anyone know that I’m a bit broken.” Callum goes to the US for personal reasons. He never planned to stay long but again he never planned to meet a woman who would turn his life upside down and who would drive him crazy… "It’s better to be guarded than think love is sunshine and unicorn poop, because it’s not, love sucks". You know that they are perfect for each other and you want them to be together from their first encounter- The banter between them is incredible and the passion off the charts. Callum stole my heart and made me feel every possible emotion I could feel. Bloody hell, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! They both deserve their HEA, but will they get it? Will Nic yield to temptation and let Cal in? “The only thing that would be crazy is to ignore whatever this is.” Not Until You has plenty of humour and is an addicting, romantic read that will sweep you off your feet. This book has all the ingredients you look for in a book that will swoon you away.
Heike4569 5 months ago
I loved this book, one if the best books i read this year! The chemistry between Callum and Nicole was amazing, hot, sexy British guy and sassy, stubborn American woman, what a fantastic mix. And the ending OMG ..... hot! I recommend this stand alone to everyone.
LouLouR 5 months ago
really enjoyed this book. If you've read either of the other books in this series (they're standalones so don't have to be read beforehand), then you will already be familiar with Nicole. The louder, often blunt, says what she thinks member of the group! But she's so much fun! Nicole doesn't have relationships... she has on night stands... flings... nothing serious... ever!! She's got her independence and her career. She has guys that tend to her womanly needs, and she's extremely happy with that. I loved Callum Huxley. The sexy Brit who is over in the States for business and family reasons. He was fun, flirty and determined. Nicole and Callum together... these two are perfection! Their sexy banter and humorous exchanges ad me laughing a lot. The chemistry between the two of them was fantastic and I loved this element of the book. Callum is off limits to Nicole even after their one night stand. But Callum has totally different ideas! Both are going to be faced with challenges with some fantastic surprises and twists thrown in, the journey for these two as a couple is far from easy. A really great read! 4.5 Stars!
dmarie2980 5 months ago
That’s it. It’s official. I’m leaving my husband. I’ve fallen in love with a sexy Brit named Callum Huxley. Wait, what? He’s not real? Well, damn. Don’t tell my husband I said that then. lol For real though...I LOVE CALLUM!! I swear to all things holy, I’ve never read a more perfect H in any story I’ve ever read and I’ve read quite a few. He’s charming and witty and successful and loving and gentle and sexy and BRITISH! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! He’s damn perfect. Now for Nicole. Oh my gawd! That thing is HILARIOUS! I haven’t laughed so much at someone’s antics in a hot minute! She is honest and blunt, has zero filter and absolutely no boundaries when it comes to her sister friends. I adore their relationship so much, probably because it’s quite like one of my own (you know who you are, bitch;) But she’s also guarded and skittish, dying to be loved. And boy does he love her. Y’all! This book is soooo freaking good. PLEASE go read it!
Lisa-LostInLiterature 5 months ago
I read this last month and fell for it HARD!! Though this is a standalone, it does involve a group of friends from prior books. I was so excited to finally get Nicole’s story. She’s so stubborn, hilarious and a total badass. She’s basically the kind of tough girl I always wanted to be. Then there’s Callum... a sexy Brit with a heart of gold. These two together are so much fun! . If you haven’t read Corinne’s books yet, I highly recommend them. Corinne can make you cry one minute, then crack up hysterically the next. I always have such a great time reading her books.
seansmother 5 months ago
A good test of how amazing a book boyfriend is, is the chatter amongst early reviewers and bloggers. Well, everyone is fighting over who gets Callum. That’s how swoony, hot, and perfect he is (remember, book boyfriend). Since he’s a pretty confident businessman, he needs a strong, confident woman. He finds her in Nicole, an interior designer trying to get his business. Along with the steam, some angst, heartfelt dialog, there’s a lot of humor in this book — and I love that! One of my favorite Corinne Michaels books.
TraceyF 6 months ago
Corinne Michaels is always a one-click for me because of her smart repartee, laugh out loud moments and delicious heroes. This is just another one of her books that doesn’t disappoint. This sassy, sexy irresistible romance between Nicole and Callum is just what you need when you want uncontrollable laughter from a woman who sees no need for a filter to life and a man who wants her to break all her personal rules. Confident and loyal, Nicole has been a side character in Ms. Michaels previous books We Own Tonight and One Last Time - but dive right in! You do not need to have read those stories to adore this one. Hold onto your panties though for the scenes with Callum. Damn, he is one sexy Brit. I’m not normally an audio listener and I’m having a serious debate ongoing audio for the first time. PHEW!
Bookloverstrio 6 months ago
”Callum is the answer to every prayer I’ve ever sent, but he could also bring the darkness if he leaves.” Okay but on a quick and serious note, CAN I BE NICOLE WHEN I GROW UP?! This book was EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a quick and hot rom com! Not Until You was just as great as the first two in this set of standalone! Callum Huxley is hot as sin and sweet like honey. I seriously need one of him in my life. But Nicole, she is legit the definition of woman power in my book and I need more friends like her in my life. She’s hilarious and isn’t afraid to speak her mind which I absolutely love about her. While this read was short, sweet, and to the point, it doesn’t leave you wanting for anything. Callum and Nicole were easily made for each other and throw on Corinne’s impeccable writing charm as an author, you can’t help but fall hard and fast for this couple and their story. You get the angst, the love, the emotion, the comedy, and everything else in between! I can’t wait for Danielle and Milo’s book because I’m sure it’ll just be added epicness to this small but charming group of girlfriends!
acordova81 6 months ago
I had been waiting for Nicole's story seen reading "We Own Tonight" and it was everything I wanted and so much more. Every group has that one friend that you never know what they are going to do or say and that is Nicole. What will Nicole do when she's face with the one rule she has in business never date the client. When Callum Huxley walks into Nicole's life nothing will every be the same.
CarolN27 6 months ago
I really enjoyed Corinne Michaels latest fun and flirty standalone. Not Until You is a beautiful, upbeat story. A journey of self-discovery and what being open to new opportunities can bring into our lives. Callum and Nicole are perfectly paired together. They are bold, yet sweet characters who go after what they want. Corinne Michaels is always consistency in her creativeness, Not Until You is no exception.
MMRNY 6 months ago
I am totally giving this book 5 stars!! I loved it. Nicole and Callum were perfect together. I laughed and laughed and then of course I cried, because this is after all a Corinne Michaels' book!!! I have to admit that Corinne Michaels pulled out all the stops for this one. The writing was fabulous and the storytelling was even more gripping. I was hooked from page go. Not Until You focuses on Nicole Dupree, who is independent interior fashion designer and all around tell-it-like it is best friend of this wonderful group of ladies that we first me in We Own Tonight, and Callum Huxley, the sexy, swoon worthy British CEO. Nicole is fiercely independent and does not do relationships, and she has one golden rule "Never Date A Client," but Callum comes along and Nicole's rules now seem like ridiculous hindrances to her happiness. However, we do find out along the way why it is that Nicole has constructed such an existence for herself and it will break you heart to truly find out her story. I must say that Callum is the perfect match for Nicole in every way. He is not intimated by her outrageousness. He will not be turned down or runaway so easily, not even when challenges arise. Corinne Michaels truly has been knocking it out of the box with this series. Each book gets better and better, and I cannot wait for Danielle's story.
nickelbull08 6 months ago
This was such a fun read. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this author, so it should be no surprise that I enjoyed this. The surprise, for me, was how these characters hit a special place for me. They were relatable and I felt a connection to them both. A character named after me (HA) - ✔️ A man with an accent - ✔️ Witty banter - ✔️ The typical character depth Corinne Michaels always provides - ✔️ Cameos by characters from other books - ✔️ If you have the opportunity to pick this up, I highly recommend it. My suggestion would be to set aside enough time when you start reading because you won’t want to put it down.
rachelperlaki 6 months ago
I need a Nicole in my life. Not Until You is the perfect mix of humor, angst, and emotion. The perfect story in one short and sweet little package! Callum Huxley. Sweet Baby Jesus. Sweet, sexy, and not afraid to go after what he wants. Could there be a better man for Nicole? Their chemistry is off the charts hot, and while their story is short and sweet, it doesn't leave you hanging. Add Corinne's signature sass, angst, and all those feelings, and you've got the recipe for another amazing book. I fell in love hard. I can't wait for Danielle's story. I tell myself that this group of friends can't get any better, but after each of their books? I find myself shaking my head and laughing because Corinne always proves me wrong!
BbLynn 6 months ago
Author Corinne Michaels served up quite a yummy dish with Not Until You. I was so eager to read Nicole’s story and I was not disappointed with one single page of this book. This is a stand alone in the series (We Own The Night and One Last Time are already out) but you have some of your favorite characters from previous books there to support our girl, Nicole. Nicole is smart, independent and funny, with a talent for sass and interior design but a serious aversion to relationships. Her mother wants her married and settled, but Nicole is more of a -love them at night and leave them in the morning type of girl. That is until Callum enters the picture. Callum is the sexy British CEO who manages to pull off sexy and sweet at the same time while still going after what he wants with a commanding force. He is definitely swoon worthy material and our girl Nicole just might be in jeopardy of breaking her rules of not sleeping with clients and losing her heart to any man. The chemistry between the two is absolutely delicious and the story has a range of emotions that make this book an all around fantastic read. You’ll laugh and sigh and blush and want to slap some of the characters around to make them come to their senses. And isn’t that what we all look for in a great book. I would highly recommend Not Until You and the rest of the books in this series, as well as any other book by this author. She continues to deliver top notch romance. Well done Corinne Michaels! I’m ready for Danielle’s story!!!
sandie333 6 months ago
I love this series of books. I love these four women they are more than best friends they complete each other and now Nicole has found the soul mate that completes her. Nicole is one who says what she means and is a take no prisoner kinda gal. Her backstory is a tear-jerker, break your heart tale that makes understand why she doesn't do relationships. "Not Until You" is the right name for this book because not until Callum comes into her life do the barriers come down no how hard Nicole fights it. As with any Corinne Michaels book this so well-written with amazing characters and all the wonderful feelings, love, angst, humor and heartbreak. Loved it.
Coachwife27 6 months ago
First, let me start out by saying I love Corinne. Second, I can not resist a British accent ever. And third, Nicole is hilarious! This was such a great story. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Corinne is definitely the Queen of Romcom in my book. Callum is bloody delicious! Nicole is fun, independent, and sarcastic in the best way. Her and her girl gang remind me so much of my friends and I. That's probably why I laughed so hard. This book was such a perfect mix of humor and love. If you haven't read Corinne you are definitely missing out! Not Until You is in my top five favorite standalone reads this year. Thank you again Corinne for another great story!