Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach and Anglo Concertina

Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach and Anglo Concertina

by Ondrej Sarek


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Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach belongs among most known didactic pieces for key instruments. There are famous compositions that where played on almost all instruments. You will find on internet even versions for an Anglo-Concertina (30-Button Wheatstone Lachenal System). But in what the difference within this collection and previous arrangements is? This collection keeps original notation and furthermore the melody and the bass accompaniment (thus polyphony) is re-arranged for an Anglo-Concertina. Therefore, when you learn more difficult arrangement, you will be able to admire beauty of baroque polyphony. But for the beginners the melodies are arranged in cross-row style.
Songs list: Menuet BWV Anh. 114.; Menuet BWV Anh. 115.; Menuet BWV Anh. 116.; Menuet BWV Anh. 118.; Polonaise BWV Anh. 119.; Aria BWV Anh. 515.; Menuet(not BWV); Musette BWV Anh. 126.; Polonaise BWV Anh. 128.; Untitled Piece BWV Anh. 131.; Menuet BWV Anh. 132.

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