Nothing Happens All the Time: Homicides Truly Know How to Interrupt a Good Meal!

Nothing Happens All the Time: Homicides Truly Know How to Interrupt a Good Meal!


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Growing With the Flow...

Detective Eli Mitchell enjoyed working the cases that landed on his desk, regardless of who they involved and the implications of the crimes tying them to the investigation. He loved his job and the Boston metropolis certainly had its fair share of incidents to keep the job interesting, outside of the so-called daily routine stigma that's been the cause of career burnout in far too many good officers. An occupational hazard that came with the job whether it was recognized as such or not.

How could Detective Mitchell possibly know that his next big case, a homicide at one of the local convenience stores, was going to set events in motion over the next twelve days that would completely change every aspect of his life? Events that would soon turn his world upside down and inside out beyond the limits of the surreal, regardless of any departmental training, on the job or life experience, and even his own understanding of being.

It's a damn good thing for him that he has coffee.


The setting of the book is based in the future sixty years from the publishing of this book. Most of the characters work in the detective bureau in Boston PD, with other characters outside of the division sprinkled in to provide the variety of life necessary to keep things interesting as needed. Given the storyline is in the future, naturally there are going to be elements of possible future tech involved in the equation.

A good mystery, whodunit, detective novel with glimmers of science fiction wrapped around by a causational flow of energy to help keep the story moving from start to finish.

With that being said, the involved cast of characters do what they can to solve the ongoing developments of the case(s) as they continue to deal with their own personal struggles, some of which are unexpected. This was done to keep things in perspective with the hope that the characters would appear more multidimensional than flat, like the words streaming across the page in lackluster fashion.

Okay, I think I'm rambling... I'm going to stop here before I hurt myself. Oh yeah, there may be a few swear words time and again in the book. Does that count as offensive, even if it isn't every other word? Because isn't written to be offense, but it is written indicative to cop humor and the environment they delve into... I guess I'll mark it that it contains adult content because of that, just in case the occasional swear word fits the criteria.

Book One of The Perpetual Manifested States of Being series.

Read the book, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781530827121
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2016
Series: Perpetual Manifested States of Being , #1
Pages: 458
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Originally from the New England area, my family and I moved about the country during my youth with my siblings, when they were old enough to choose for themselves, deciding to take up roots at the various places our parents relocated the family. Currently residing in Utah, I've always found writing to be a good outlet for the various thoughts and ideas that inspired me to write over the years albeit more so as a philosophical hobby than anything serious, until now that is. When I'm not too busy interacting with my wife and children, outside of my ongoing career in law enforcement, I can usually entertain myself with fishing, camping, and the occasional computer game or two, to name some of my personal interests. Well, I suppose that's enough to bore you for now with the exception of saying, "Go Sox!"

Scouts honor, I'll add more to this in the future.

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