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Nourishment: Our food never mooed

Nourishment: Our food never mooed

by Amy Allwood, Tony Allwood


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We want to be healthy!

We want our family to avoid the curse of medical problems that have beset 'Western' society over the last 50 years. The likes of Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes that the public seems to have accepted as part of 'normal' life. We thought so too until we started to research life and food and realized we had to change our lives - literally!

So we did!

We discovered Plant Based eating and that was a game changer! So, this book is completely and utterly about avoiding eating meat, flesh or dairy, but it is more. We have been on a roller coaster journey. Since the change, We have hope for a healthy future, and a way of thinking that is out of step with the people around us. We like that. If fitting in to how others think we should eat means we will get sick and die earlier than we need, then we will have to pass on that normality.

Most cook books have hundreds of recipes. This one doesn't! This one has less than 50. The recipes contained are our starting point and not our destination. Life is about change and discovery, so as we modify the recipes we will change them, even ditch them completely for new ideas and tastes. The chances are you don't cook much from raw ingredients. we were the same, but we changed, and so can you.

All the recipes contained within have been tried and tested and refined so that even the simplest of cooks (like us) can produce stunning, tasty and nutritious results. We have a double testing panel of our two and four year old children who will eat 99% of the recipes in this book.

Following the recipes and eating guide, we have created in this book, we have converted our diets to be approximately 95% meat fish chicken and dairy free. Some dairy that is in in the form of bread, which we are yet to master making ourselves. However, each day we refine our lifestyle choices, and each day we feel healthier.

So sit back, pass the Kale Juice and let's get started :)

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