by Rebecca Yarros


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He’s Landon Rhodes.

The Renegade they call Nova.

Sinfully gorgeous, broody, tatted-up, professional snowboarder.

Four-time X Games medalist —

Full-time heartbreaker.

They say a girl broke him once—

That’s why he’s so reckless, so driven, so careless with his conquests.

But I’m that girl.

They can call me his curse all they want.

He and I both know the truth—

He’s the one who destroyed me,

And I’m not the sucker who will let that happen again.

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ISBN-13: 9781682814208
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: 02/06/2017
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 843,250
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.89(d)

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Nova 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quite interesting .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book. I actually almost quit reading it several times. It just really wasn't much of a story. There was nothing or no one to care anything about, nothing gripping. If these reviews mean anything to a potential buyer, I say don't bother.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
: 3.5 stars--NOVA is the second installment in Rebecca Yarros’ contemporary, new adult THE RENEGADES romance series focusing on a tight knit group of X-Games athletes, known as The Renegades, who are currently on a year long, reality television program aboard an ocean cruise liner, getting an education and touring the world (ala Ryan Gosling and ‘Breaker High’). This is X-Games super star and ‘Casinova’ Landon Rhodes, and Rachel Dawson’s story line. Although the author claims that NOVA can be read as a stand alone, I recommend reading the series in order. I have not had the chance to read book one-WILDER-and I felt like I was missing too much background information and history between the characters-like sitting down in the theatre part way through the movie. Told from dual first person perspectives (Landon and Rachel) NOVA focuses on the second chance romance between twenty two year old X-Game super star Landon Rhodes, and former X-Games athlete Rachel Dawson. Two years earlier Landon walked away from the woman he loved. On the surface it appears Landon chose money and fame over the girl that called to his heart but the truth goes much deeper that once revealed will, once again, destroy any semblance of a rekindling relationship between our story line couple. What ensues is the rebuilding romance between Landon and Rachel as they prepare for their upcoming X-Games Asian adventures; Rachel’s ongoing struggles with Landon’s previous hurt and rejection, and Landon’s reputation as the on-board Casinova in light of his proclamation of love for the woman he pushed out of his life. NOVA is an infinitely detailed story line that follows several intersecting paths as Rachel struggles not only with her love for the young man that destroyed her heart, but also with the search for her Korean birth mother whose own history is largely unknown. The story line has a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters-athletes, teachers, television production crews, parents and friends- with a fair amount of history between them including a love triangle involving our leading couple, as well as sabotage, threats, injury and death. At times, the story line read more like YA than New Adult due to the lack of emotional maturity for several of the story line characters, and their less than adult behavior under the circumstance. There was plenty of back and forth, push and pull, yes and no between our leading couple due mostly in part to our heroine’s inability to trust the man that she still loved. The relationship between Rachel and Landon is acrimonious at best. Landon is desperate to prove his love to the woman he all but destroyed; Rachel wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart, leaving her behind for the bright lights and fame of sponsorship and money. The $ex scenes are intimate but limited without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. NOVA is an interesting story line but a story I struggled with some of the missing background and history between the characters. I had hoped the author would reveal some of the more important background information as the story line progressed but the details were limited and vague. I know something big happened but I don’t know the who, how and why. The premise is entertaining; the characters are colorful; the romance struggles with betrayal, secrets and lies.
justonemorechapter13 More than 1 year ago
6 STARS! I can’t get enough of the Renegades! This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance series of all time. The way that Rebecca Yarros writes. She writes in such vivid detail, it’s like I’m right there with the characters. I’m on the ship with them and what’s even better is that I’m doing the stunts right along with them as well. It’s incredible. You can tell how her research has been so in depth; everything is just right. The Renegades, follows a group of daredevils while they are studying abroad on a “At Sea” type of program. I loved this concept from the beginning and absolutely loved book one, Wilder. Here in book 2, Nova, aka Landon, gets his story. I’m a sucker for second chance romances. Add some adrenaline causing drama and extreme stunts and I’m a complete goner. Logan is a 4 time X-Games medalist who is a self-admitted adrenaline junkie. He likes to push every physical limit. Rachel is feisty, beautiful, and can be very sweet but don’t mess with her. She can stand up and hang with the boys when needed. Landon hurt her extremely badly in the past, so much so spectators have resorted to calling her his curse. After some trickery from other members of the Renegades, Rachel is on board the ship and stuck with Landon for the next six months. Unable to avoid it any longer, they must work together to confront their past so they both can live their lives to the fullest. This story was so well put together, the angst was perfect. Sometimes I get annoyed with the back and forth of the characters’ feelings and end up feeling like I have whiplash. With this story that never happened. The plot was extremely well thought out and I didn’t have any unanswered questions or worries. I absolutely can’t wait for Rebel’s book! She’s been through so much and I can’t wait for her story! Note: While you can read Nova as a stand-alone, I highly recommend starting with Wilder in order to be completely immersed in this world. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it. Few of My Favorite Quotes: “You’re like a supernova—an explosion so bright no one can see past you.” “I’ve hated you so much because it was the only thing to keep me from admitting how very much I loved you.” “That’s because you were always meant for me. Mine.”
hrschic More than 1 year ago
What a fabulous new series! Don't want to toss out any spoilers, but Wilder was awesome, Nova was amazing. Nice to see the playboy dispassionate was not the true Landon! Absolutely recommend. You won't be able to put these books down.
ZForward More than 1 year ago
And I thought Wilder was great! This is a new top fav for me. Ah-maz-zing! We knew Landon’s (aka Nova, short for Casanova) moment was coming after the first book in the series. We’ve got our hawt X-games snowboarding guru currently involved in filming a documentary with extreme stunts while participating in a study at sea program. He walked away from love two and a half years ago and has been on a non-stop sex marathon since. Then, enter the girl he left, Rachel, who’s stuck on this at sea program for another six months. Her plan was to ignore him, but he wants her forgiveness and to start over. Second chance love at its best. Highly recommend. Thank you to the publisher for kindly providing an ARC for review.
Musings_of_Madjy More than 1 year ago
This was fun and sweet and had some good surprises! However, something felt a bit off for me and that made it take longer than I expected to get into the love story. I spent the first half wanting more backstory, ideally in flashbacks, of Landon and Rachel falling in love the first time. I had a harder time feeling their connection, until about 30% in. The way he immediately started groveling was sort of disappointing too. I understand his role in their past, and how much he needed to work to make his mistakes up to Rachel, but, at least at first, I wanted more banter or sniping. Or for the two of them to try to be friends first and have their feelings grow again. That said, these two had a complicated story and an intense connection that really made you root for them. They are just so very well-matched! I really enjoyed what they brought out in each other, and how supportive and just THERE they were. Sure, they had been apart for 2 years, but the reasons for that (and how they are revealed over time) just show the depth of their feelings. There were some fun stunts and good suspense in this, which mixed the story up a bit in a great way. I have to admit that adventuring heroes and heroines are some of my favorites, and Rebecca Yarros hits the spot perfectly. The settings of the cruise ship and the various locales, like Everest/Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Korea are also refreshing and described well. I enjoyed getting more of the other Renegades in this, especially Penna. From early on in this, I couldn't help but smile remembering just how much I really liked her character (and Pax and Leah, of course). The group dynamic is a lot of fun and the characters all really endearing. Ultimately a nice addition to the series (Though I have to admit that it didn't match Wilder for me. Wilder was just THAT good!). I'm not sure I'd call it entirely a standalone, though it can be read that way. Anyone who hasn't read the first book will definitely finish this one with several unanswered questions.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the characters. Can we have Nick's story please?
AshleyMillard More than 1 year ago
In the first installment in the Renegade series, Rebecca Yarros delivered a tale overflowing with heart-stopping action, butterfly-inducing romance, and swoon-eliciting steam. In Nova, she picks right back up where she left off with Wilder, continuing the adventures of her crew of daredevils with Landon’s story. In this second chance romance, we get to tag along with Landon as he sets out on his mission to not only perfect an epic snowboarding stunt, but also win back the heart of the girl he destroyed several years back. Neither one will be an easy feat; but, in typical Yarros hero fashion, Landon has locked his sights on exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to achieve the end game. I think Landon and Rachel may be my most favorite couple out of all of Rebecca’s pairings to date. The push-pull tension between them as they sifted through the wreckage of their previous relationship, attempting to salvage parts that could be built into something new, contained just the right ratio of angsty distance to abandoned surrender. Landon is my kind of hero, every bit as full of honor as any of the guys from the Flight and Glory series, but with a little added tarnish and kinks in his armor. And for as much as we always gush over Rebecca’s male leads, I think she deserves just as much, if not more, credit for the incredible females that she writes. Her women are strong, independent, and fearless and Rachel fully embodies each of these qualities. The ease with which I could relate to these two characters made my investment in their journey so immersive that at times it felt palpable. Moments like that are what make reading an absolutely magical experience. Nova is just one more example of why Rebecca will always be an automatic one-click author for me. She consistently produces emotionally satisfying stories that entertain with a perfect balance of humor, heart and wisdom. I always look forward to surrounding myself with her words and have no doubt that whatever she has planned for Penna in Rebel will be soul-searching, bold, and unapologetically romantic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book made me cry so much, it was so heartbreaking at times to read. From Rachel thinking she wasn't worth enough, to everything with her parents! OMG the drAmA! Great series, can't wait to see what happens next.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
5 stars Nova was a wonderful, entertaining and page turning read. And I loved it! In Nova, Landon gets his second chance with the one girl who's ever touched his heart, no slash that, the only girl who's ever owned his heart. The girl who takes his breath away, the only girl who can see past the all flirting to see the real Landon, and not Nova (Casanova) and the one girl who just gets him. Now, if only he can make Rachel forgive him for the way things ended, for breaking her heart and trust in him... I loved Rachel, she was such a wonderful, entertaining, honest, passionate character. From the first few pages I connected with her. I got her pain, never once did I feel like she was over stating things. This girl had loved him unconditionally and while she may come to forgive Landon for what went down in the past, trusting him again with her heart won't be easy. And nor should it be, just saying lol I loved watching these two reconnect, they made me smile, they made me laugh, they made my heart hurt and they made me swoon. And then there was their chemistry... O.M.G talk about HOT!!! Rebecca Yarros is a talented author who has once again delivered a beautifully written and heartfelt storyline with captivating, endearing characters that will take you on a emotional rollercoaster while getting to their happily everafter. In closing, if you're like me and enjoy second chance romances, then you will love Nova. Nova is the second book from The Renegades series, and I highly recommend this book and series.
AliciaRapp More than 1 year ago
Wilder was a 10, Landon Rhodes... off the charts Never mind the hot sex scenes and the burning tension of Landon and Rachel. Moving beyond the fact that Rachel is a badass, no BS, take no prisoners, with a broken heart of gold (and my new BF) woman, And looking past the fact that Yarros has redefined what a woman's fantasy is when it comes to a guy with the hot, broken, persistent, melt worthy, and caring Landon Rhodes. This book is so much more than the 10 second plot that most romance novels have today. It has heart, meat in its plot, and a few genuine twists and turns this bibliophile didn't see coming. Between Rachel's journey to self-discovery into her past and Landon's relentless pace at getting her back and securing their future the two have an intertwined story that is almost combustible at times. Highly recommend for anyone with a desire for a great plot, a heroine you want to hang with, and a hero you want to do everything else with
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
Oh. My. God. This book was so unbelievably good I'm not sure any words will do it justice. Landon (Nova) finally has a second chance to the right the wrong he made when he walked away from Rachel two and half years ago. She has to finally let him explain. It's not like she can really go anywhere since they are stuck on a cruise ship for a semester at sea. I've been waiting to read this book since I read the last page of Wilder, book one of the Renegade series. I loved everything about Rachel. She was hurt badly when Landon walked away and she wasn't shy about telling him that. She's also funny and just as much the risk taker that everyone else in the group is. Landon, seriously there's no words. He knows how wrong he was to walk away and starts his road of redemption as soon as he found out Rachel was on the ship. And redeemed himself, he did. I love this series so much!! I was instantly connected to the characters in Wilder and that deepened with Nova. I finished this book in one sitting because I needed to see how Landon and Rachel's story would play out. I'm very much looking forward to Rebel. I can't wait to see what's in store for Penna.
YABookFan More than 1 year ago
Holy smokes! That was the best second-chance romance I've ever read. Landon and Rachel are amazing. Love this book so much.
tradermare More than 1 year ago
Landon is reunited with the girl he crushed..and she's determined to keep him from breaking her heart again. Most of the book is a slow burn with Landon using some sweet tactics to get Rachel to forgive him and give him a second chance...or at least acknowledge they still have feelings for each other. Landon is a very likeable character even though he's done some crappy things. Rachel got on my nerves with her unwavering attitude and sometimes unreasonable responses. I got it, it just got old after a while. The best scenes by far are the action scenes. After all, these are the Renegades and Landon is one of the best. I also really liked that Rachel loved to push the envelope and was a really great partner for Landon on his stunts. When all the secrets are finally told, it will take a huge sacrifice on Landon's part to have a chance with Rachel. The question is which will he pick -- the girl he loves or the action he craves. I liked this story, although at times I thought the pace was slow. I wanted more of the exciting action sequences. That's when these characters really popped off the page for me because it fit their characters so well.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Absolutely LOVED this book!! I wanted to hate Landon "Nova" Rhodes. I should have hated Nova but in the end I just adored him. He gets a second chance with Rachel. The woman some say broke him but the truth is he broke both of them. Secrets, lies, and blackmail may have pushed him to do it but that doesn't make it all right. Now that Rachel is back in his world for the next few months he plans to do whatever it takes to get her back. Will he be able to grovel enough to win her heart again or will the secrets of the past be the thing that drives them apart forever? You don't want to miss this one. I highly recommend it.