Novels of Blood

Novels of Blood

by Lord Zeus

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This contains 3 of my novels: 87494 Word Count
Youth Sucker: A Youth Sucker has descended on a small town leaving death and destruction in its wake. Will the people survive?
Drama of Life: Follows a man after high school and through college. It is about the people we face in life.
and Rise of the zombies: Meteorites have crashed into the Earth and turning millions into zombies. The story follows a group of survivors that must not only survive zombies but must try not to kill each other

I have also included all my short stories:

Chad the Zombie chronicles the first few months of Chad's life after becoming a zombie. He allows his desires to get the best of him and he decides to do something with his zombie girlfriend which causes him to become a zombie. He now has to get use to his new life as one of the undead. He meets up with new zombie friends that teach him the ropes of being a zombie.
Mary the Vampire is about a woman that becomes a vampire. She has desires to drink her boyfriends blood and Rick and his friend Jamal try everything to find away to cure her and to find the vampire that attacked her.
So now you're a Vampire is a brief interview with a vampire were he is asked questions about becoming a Vampire and what to look forward to.
The Youth Sucker is a new creature of my own creation. A Vampire drains your blood but a youth sucker drains you of your youth. A Youth Sucker has descended on a small town and will they stop it before they are all killed?

Time Ship: A story about a group of traveler that discover a Time Ship and travel through time and alternate dimensions. They discover a world were the Nazis won WWII and they see the fall of our time period and then the rise and fall of humanity again.
The Final War: A man is angered about the death of his daughter and having powerful allies starts WWIII to end all human life. Will he succeed or will he change his ways?
Alien Vacation: is a story about an Alien family that decides to take a vacation on Earth.
Chad the Zombie and the new world: is a continuation of Chad the Zombie. After seeing his friends incinerated Chad and his undead girlfriend must get use to a world were humans are beginning to fight back.
The Wrecking Machine: is a story about a new superhero. Julio receives new powers and uses his powers to fight criminals and eventually discovers The SinKit which controls all the crime and hatred in the world.

The Tragedy of Shiloh Buckshire:This story tells the tale of Shiloh, a poor farmer who saves the life of the kings' daughter but is condemned to death because the person he killed was a knight. Before his death he gets his revenge.

The Jogger: This is a story of a man that enjoyed bulling his way through life until he bullies the wrong person. He is tormented by this person until the big climax.

The Summer of 1985: This is simply a comic relief of a slight exaggeration of my summer of 1985

The Tragedy of a Slave: This story tells the tale of a man that fought to fight slavers and eventually becomes a slave

The Haitian Connection: This is a story of a woman with a bad personality who feels cussing at people and treating people like trash is the way to live life until it all comes down upon her.

The Story of a High School Kid: This story is another comic relief in a since. It tells a story of a high school kid that did not notice a girl interested in him because he was too focused on a another girl.

Way of Vengeance: This tells the story of a woman that loses her husband and she goes out to get revenge on the family of the murders

The Mother: This is more of a ghost tale. It tells the story of a woman that causes the death of her children and then is haunted by them

Just Dessert: This story tells the tale of a woman that cheats her way through life until it comes back on her

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Publication date: 02/21/2012
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About the Author

Here is a link to my website:
I have written several eBooks so far and as of now I do not plan to write any more. The drama of Life was the first novel I wrote. It is about a man's life after high school and although it is a complete work of fiction a reader will notice similarities with people they have met in life. It is about a man's journey through life especially the difficult people he met in college and work.
Rise of the Zombies follows a group of survivors that not only must try to protect themselves from zombies but try to prevent themselves from killing each other. Also these zombies cannot be killed by simply shooting them in the head since they are already dead.
I currently work at a small college and I graduated from a large Florida University with a degree in Molecular Biology.
The books I have written include the following:
Way of Vengeance
Chad the Zombie
Everything Amino Acids for Biochemistry and Nutrition
The awful truth about college in which I describe what you can expect in college.
Vocabulary for novels and college and my Complete Works which includes everything I have written.
Small Book of Prayers, quotes and a 875 Vocabulary Word list
Logical fallacies and Ultimate Vocabulary
Rants and Things I have noticed which includes Money does bring happiness free as well as Rants and other things I have noticed rant II
Money does bring happiness
Youth Sucker is about a new creature of the night that is stalking a small town.
The Bullied Child is based on actual events about a teenager that is tormented in Junior High.
The Drama of Life (includes my short stories for free)
I have also written Time ship which includes several short stories. Time ship is about travelers traveling through time and to other dimensions.
I have also written a novel entitled Youth Sucker about a new creature of the night that drains people of their youth in the same way a vampire drains a person of their blood.
My hobbies include reading, writing, martial arts and working out as well as jogging. I enjoy writing and I hope people enjoy reading what I have wrote. Also here is a link to my webpage:

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this one we get 3 novels that are fun to read.