Now I's a Cowboy [Expanded Edition]

Now I's a Cowboy [Expanded Edition]

by The Auteurs


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"Brainchild" may have informed the title of the Auteurs' sophomore album, Now I'm a Cowboy, but it was the sneering, in-with-the-hip-crowd antics of the opening "Lenny Valentino" which flew in the face of the light retro-pop the band wielded just a year earlier. Rougher, sexier, more slipshod than before, this song had a lot to say, and the band was right behind it. But that's not to imply that the band didn't carry itself with equal aplomb across the rest of the set. The Auteurs blazed through a mixed mutant bag of smoothies and deadlies, where every title read like a trip around the world. Meanwhile, pre-empting all that Pulp would later perfect, Luke Haines' feral lyricism touched on the struggle of upper and lower classes and the horror that falls when they collide. "New French Girlfriend" hashed Haines' vocals to bits with a yummy guitar, while "Chinese Bakery" is an off-kilter rock rampage across streets that slice uptown and downtown, leaving "The Upper Classes" to fill the breach. Elsewhere, both "Life Classes/Life Model" and the sordid claustrophobia of "Underground Movies" emerge as biting commentary. Now I'm a Cowboy served the Auteurs well, becoming an edgily delicious bridge between their immediate past and their enduring future. Dig a little deeper and add a pinch of hindsight, however, and it's also easy to discern the treasure trove of embryonic nuggets that would surface in Haines' Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder solo projects.

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Release Date: 06/17/2014
Label: Imports
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Disc 1

  1. Lenny Valentino
  2. Brainchild
  3. I'm a Rich Man's Toy
  4. New French Girlfriend
  5. The Upper Classes
  6. Chinese Bakery
  7. A Sister Like You
  8. Underground Movies
  9. Life Classes/Life Model
  10. Modern History
  11. Daughter Of a Child
  12. Lenny Valentino
  13. Vacant Lot
  14. Car Crazy
  15. Disney World
  16. Lenny Valentino
  17. Underground Movies
  18. Brainchild

Disc 2

  1. Government Bookstore
  2. Everything You Say Will Destroy You
  3. Chinese Bakery (Acoustic)
  4. Modern History (Acoustic)
  5. Upper Classes
  6. Rich Man's Toy
  7. Underground Movies
  8. Everything You Say Will Destroy You
  9. Lenny Valentino
  10. Chinese Bakery
  11. New French Girlfriend
  12. Modern History
  13. How Could I Be Wrong
  14. Don't Trust the Stars
  15. The Upper Classes
  16. New French Girlfriend
  17. Showgirl
  18. Lenny Valentino
  19. Modern History
  20. Early Years

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