Now It Is Summer

Now It Is Summer


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ISBN-13: 9780802853400
Publisher: Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date: 01/08/2011
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.50(d)
Lexile: AD560L (what's this?)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Eileen Spinelli's love of books began at age five,during her first visit to the local public library. 'I climbed up the steps to the children's room on the secondfloor and into a wonderland! Books everywhere . . . I didn't know which book to grab first,' she explains. 'It made no difference to me that I couldn't read.' After that,young Eileen visited the library every Saturday with hermother. After a few years of library visits, she knew shewanted to become a writer.

Mary Newell DePalma has written and illustrated several books for children, including The Strange Egg (Houghton Mifflin) and A Grand Old Tree (Scholastic), which received the IRA/CBC Children’s Choice award. Mary lives in Massachusetts.

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By Eileen Spinelli

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Copyright © 2011 Eileen Spinelli
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8028-5340-0

Chapter One

Will it be autumn soon? Will a leafy breeze waken me by ruffling the curtains at my window? Will it dapple the air with apple-y scent? Soon?

Yes, it will be autumn soon enough, but now it is summer. Now the sun is lemony bright and the air is spattered sweet with grass cuttings. Take a deep breath.

Will it be autumn soon? Will there be warm cinnamon muffins on my breakfast plate – muffins I helped bake? Soon?

Yes, it will be autumn soon enough, but now it is summer. Now there are fresh peaches on your plate. Remember we found them yesterday at Old Country Orchard? Aren't they tasty?

Will it be autumn soon? Will we make my Halloween costume? I think I'd like to be a moppy lion this year or a floppy scarecrow.

Yes, autumn will come and we will make a lion suit or scarecrow overalls. But now it is summer. Now we need flip-flops and beach robes and ice pops from the freezer. Which flavor would you like?

Will it be autumn soon? Will the yellow school bus toot on its route to our house with all my friends waving at me? Soon?

Yes, the yellow bus will beep, beep, beep down our street in autumn. But now it is summer. Now the ferry is waiting. We'll cross the bay with your cousins for a picnic. You can carry the red-checked tablecloth. Hurry! The ferry is leaving.

Will it be autumn soon? Will I leap laughing into leaves heaped high in the backyard? Soon?

Yes, autumn will come, but now it is summer. Now you can tippy-toe into the gurgling surf. Happy splashing!

Will it be autumn soon? Will I get to choose my pumpkin from the farmer's patch? Will I carve a smiling jack-o'-lantern? Soon?


Excerpted from Now It Is SUMMER by Eileen Spinelli Copyright © 2011 by Eileen Spinelli. Excerpted by permission of Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Now It Is Summer 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
TeachingEternity on LibraryThing 25 days ago
This book was great for a discussion of the fall and summer months. At the beginning of the book I was hopeful that each season would be written about - I was a little disappointed, but not too much. the phrasing seems a little awkward at times. The little mouse's questions seem lyrical, while me mom's answers start out that way, then have an awkward add-on at the end. Nothing that takes away from the meaning, but I think in read-aloud terms. There were also a few organizational things - taking about Halloween costumes on one page, then carving pumpkins 5 pages later. None of this would keep me from getting the book (with binding) and putting it in my classroom library.
msthomas88 on LibraryThing 25 days ago
Now It Is Summer is the perfect book to read on a long boring day in the middle of summer. A little mouse is impatient for the leaves to change and the air to cool but his mother urges him to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Eileen Spinelli's simple dialogue is sprinkled with gloriously descriptive words that create a vivid portrait of summer and autumn. The unique colors, smells and tastes of the seasons are all explored in this book. Mary Newell DePalma's illustrations add to the whimsy of the texts with their charming depiction of a mouse family. She perfectly depicts the lemony bright sun mentioned in the book. I love the long summertime shadows. The pictures also added humor to the story. I particularly like the details DePalma includes like the postage stamp pictures and the toothbrush broom. The little mouse trying to paint the leaves different colors also made me giggle. Together the beautiful text and magical pictures remind the reader that everyday is special and deserves to be cherished.
dduning on LibraryThing 25 days ago
Now It Is Summer is a charming story compares and contrasts summer and autumn as he asks his mother when autumn will arrive. He is anxious to enjoy the excitement of autumn such as riding the school bus and carving a jack o'lantern. She discusses the benefits of the upcoming autumn while gently reminding him about living in the moment and enjoying the summer now.It is a good story to help children discover the different joys that each season brings as well as the importance of taking the time to enjoy the time you have right now with the people (or mice) you are with now.The illustrations are charming and the attention to detail is a lot of fun. I loved the postage stamps that serve as the mouse family's art work in their home and how the other children are doing some of the summertime things that mama mouse is talking about to little mouse.
antmusic on LibraryThing 25 days ago
I recieved an unbound (loose leaf) review copy of this book through Library Thing Reviewers. This is the latest book in Eileen Spinelli's "Now It is" series of books and it is very well illustrated by Mary DePalma.I showed the book to my five-year-old and he said it looked boring and really didn't want to read it. He let me though, and he did enjoy it. Afterwords, I asked him why he thought it would be boring and he said that it was because the mouse with the helmet on looked bored on the front cover. That bored looking mouse is constantly wishing that it was Autumn/Fall, but his mother reminds him what is currently happening in Summer. To be honest, it isn't a "new favorite," but it was still nice. I REALLY wish the copy I received was bound together. After reading it, my two-year-old took it apart (my fault, I left it out), and it wasn't easy to figure out exactly how all the registers fit together (I think I have it right). Because it wasn't bound, I can't talk about the binding (sturdy or not), and I am not familiar with the publisher (Eerdmans Books) enough to make an educated guess. on LibraryThing 25 days ago
This book implores its reader (and listener) to consider the beauty and gifts that each day has to offer. While the future may hold many wonders, it is today that lifts up moments in time that could soon become missed opportunities. This message is presented in a charming children¿s book that is written with great ¿show-not-tell¿ words. Descriptions like a ¿leafy breeze¿ and a ¿gurgling surf¿ will captivate young children as their imaginations bring the story to life. The compare and contrast element between summer and autumn allows children to think critically about seasons (especially if used along with Spinelli¿s ¿Now It Is Winter¿) The illustrations are vibrant and the use of double-page spreads adds an important element to a picture book for young children. The brilliant creation of whimsical mice as characters allows the setting to be presented in a scale that truly makes the wonders of each day seem BIG and important. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
eduscapes on LibraryThing 25 days ago
Now It Is Summer is an outstanding collaboration between the well-known author Eileen Spinelli and the popular illustrator Mary Newell DePalma.Questions are used to jump-start the story and also woven throughout the narrative. This technique involves young listeners in the story and encourages them to call out answers and ask their own questions.The attractive visuals add to the professional quality of the book. From the expressions of the mice to the colorful outfits, the illustrator has done an excellent job reflecting the themes of summer and autumn in the story.The author uses an interesting and catchy variety of words and phrases such as "dapple the air", "spattered sweet with grass cuttings", "leap laughing into leaves," and "gurgling surf."The seasons are a popular preschool and early elementary topic. This story of summer and autumn would be an excellent addition to any children's library collection.
shelf-employed on LibraryThing 25 days ago
While the rest of the family is dressed for baseball, a young mouse sits dejectedly, clutching his football, his helmet atop his head. Written in a call and response format, in Now It Is Summer, a young mouse persistently queries his patient mother,"Will it be autumn soon? Will I leap luaghing into leaves heaped high in the backyard?Soon?Yes, autumn will come, but now it is summer.Now you can tippy-toe into the gurgling sufg.Happy splashing!"After each set of questions, mother mouse patiently encourages her son to enjoy the offerings of a summer day. Autumn will arrive soon enough.The questions are ones to which children will easily relate, will we toast marshmallows, carve jack-o-lanterns, see the yellow school bus, etc.; and the ever-patient mother is the one that every mother aspires to be - easy-going and serene.The illustrations are delightful, though in rather muted tones for summertime. The mice are apple-cheeked, with kind, expressive faces. Of particular interest to children will be the human-sized items used by the mouse family - dice for blocks, postage stamps for wall art, a potholder area rug.This is a follow-up book to Now It Is Winter.(LT early reviewers unbound copy)