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Now You See Me (Lacey Flint Series #1)
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Now You See Me (Lacey Flint Series #1)

3.6 48
by Sharon Bolton, S. J. Bolton

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Late one night after interviewing a witness, Lacey Flint, a young detective constable, stumbles onto a woman brutally stabbed just moments before. Within twenty-four hours, a reporter receives an anonymous letter pointing out alarming similarities between the murder and Jack the Ripper's first murder—a letter that calls out Lacey by name. If it's real, and


Late one night after interviewing a witness, Lacey Flint, a young detective constable, stumbles onto a woman brutally stabbed just moments before. Within twenty-four hours, a reporter receives an anonymous letter pointing out alarming similarities between the murder and Jack the Ripper's first murder—a letter that calls out Lacey by name. If it's real, and they have a killer bent on re-creating London's bloody past, history shows they have just five days until the next attempt.

No one believes the connections are anything more than a sadistic killer's game, not even Lacey, whom the killer seems to be taunting specifically. But as the case unfolds, the details start reminding Lacey of a part of her own past she'd rather keep hidden. And the only way to do that is to catch the killer herself.

Fast paced and riveting, S. J. Bolton's modern gothic novel Now You See Me is nothing less than a masterpiece of suspense fiction.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Now You See Me is really special: multilayered and sophisticated, but tough too--like getting hit in the face with a Swiss watch.” —Lee Child

“Excellent . . . Now You See Me is a cerebral thriller that avoids clichés. Each twist and turn is unpredictable.” —Oline H. Cogdill, Sun-Sentinel

“Bolton provides excruciating tension.” —Kirkus Reviews (one of the “best” mysteries of 2011)

Publishers Weekly
Bolton's fourth thriller, a complex psychological puzzler, stands head and shoulders above other such efforts featuring a modern copycat Jack the Ripper. On the anniversary of the original Ripper's first killing, Det. Constable Lacey Flint is horrified to find a dying woman, "her abdomen... a mass of scarlet," leaning against the detective's car in a London car park. The guilt-ridden Flint wonders whether different actions on her part might have saved the victim's life or caught the killer. The connection with the 1888 autumn of terror becomes clear after a journalist receives a letter obviously derived from some of the correspondence Scotland Yard received back then, ostensibly from the Ripper himself. By coincidence, Flint is something of a Ripper expert, and her knowledge proves useful in what develops into a multiple murder investigation. Avoiding gratuitous violence, Bolton (Blood Harvest) skillfully plays with the reader's expectations. Minette Walters fan will be pleased. (June)
Library Journal
Bolton's latest gothic mystery (after Blood Harvest) is almost impossible to put down. It opens with a woman murdered in a parking lot, practically in officer Lacey Flint's arms. Two senior officers arrive at the murder scene—Flint's boss and her disturbing colleague, Joesbury, who seems to be instantly suspicious of Flint. When a reporter receives a letter that triggers a comparison to Jack the Ripper, the police begin to suspect that they are dealing with a copycat killer. A second murder confirms their worst fears and increases Joesbury's interest in Flint's past. Flint herself becomes central to the murder case as the new Ripper's unknown tie to her is used to the police's advantage, but she finds the attention uncomfortable as she struggles to keep her past secret. VERDICT The twists keep coming, and the truth is not revealed until the final page in Bolton's best novel yet.—Lisa Hanson O'Hara, Univ. of Manitoba Lib., Winnipeg

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St. Martin's Press
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Lacey Flint Series , #1
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First Edition
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5.54(w) x 8.06(h) x 1.04(d)

Meet the Author

SHARON BOLTON is a Mary Higgins Clark Award winner and an ITW Thriller Award, CWA Gold Dagger, and Barry Award nominee. Her fascination with British folklore, especially the dark and haunting side of those legends, fuels her writing. She grew up in Lancashire, England, and now lives near Oxford with her family. This is her fourth novel. Sharon Bolton was previously published as S.J. Bolton.

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Now You See Me 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 48 reviews.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
Like many others, I have been intrigued by the Jack the Ripper legend. That's one of the main reasons I wanted to read this novel. And the action begins right away when Constable Lacey Flint is nearly knocked down by a woman who has her throat slashed and blood gushing from her wound. Soon she is caught up in the investigation which somehow resembles that of Jack the Rippers' killing spree of 1881. Flint is very knowledgeable in Ripper folklore and is asked to assist in the search for the killer. But Flint has secrets of her own and seems to be taunted by the killer. This novel is quite suspenseful and makes you think. The characters are well developed and the information on Jack the Ripper makes it that more entertaining. With the various plot twists, it is wonderful read and the climax is was a surprise.
JeepGal More than 1 year ago
As in S J Bolton's other novels, she keeps you on your toes as fingers (and evidence) are pointed at one and then another character. Trademark to Bolton, just when you think you have it all figured out, she throws a curve ball to take the story in a totally different direction. Consistent with her other fabulous works, better fasten your seat belt for a surprise ending. Now you See Me is another page-turned. Get it on your Nook!
lsmeadows More than 1 year ago
An exciting beginning to a new suspense series.  Since I have started reviewing books on a regular basis, I find that I am reading a lot of books by both new authors and "new to me" authors.  I am beginning to feel like I start all of my reviews with the phrase. "[book title here] is my first book by [author name]".   Once again, I have a book to review by an author that I have never read before.  Now You See Me by British mystery writer S.J. Bolton falls in the second category, and is one of the best thrillers that I have read in quite a while. In my opinion, there are a few things that all of the best thrillers have in common; a plot that takes me in in such a way that I am compelled to read, intriguing characters, and the author's ability to craft a story in such a way that by the end I feel both satisfied and wrung out. Now You See Me has all of that and more.  As far as being a compelling read, this book hit the trifecta. First, from the beginning, when a dying women falls into the arms of the main character, to the very end, this book is filled with the kind of "edge of your seat" suspense that kept me reading far into the night. Secondly, the twists and turns were so well done that the author was able to keep me guessing, even to the very end. Above populating the story with these great twists and turns, the third piece of the trifecta was the author's ability to actually make me question what I thought I knew about the story. There were times when I actually caught myself wondering whether that events as I thought I understood them were real, or just imagined.  Add to the above the way the author wove the mythology and lore of Jack the Ripper into the story, and I was hooked. True crime has always fascinated me, and I have spent many reading hours on stories about the most famous, or infamous, criminals throughout history, especially cases where the crimes were never solved. You can see, then, why a book where Jack the Ripper facts and lore feature prominently would be to my liking. I appreciated the care with which the author did her research on Jack the Ripper, and the intriguing way that she wove that information into the story at large.  As for great characters, this book certainly fits the bill there. Lacy Flint, the main character is a strong, independent woman with a nebulous background. As the story unfold, we are continually given little pieces of her background that cements the intrigue of her character. The male interest in this story, one Mark Joesbury, appears to have a bit of a questionable past himself, as do many other of the minor characters. I am hoping to see and learn more about Mark, Lacy, and Detective Inspector Dana Tulloch as the series unfolds.  By the time I finished reading this book, I couldn't help but feel that I had gotten my time's worth. I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading it. Part of that enjoyment was wrapped aroung the feeling that I had of having been through a surreal esperience and being around to tell about it. My feelings were so strong, in fact, that I immediately went out and bought the novella that comes after the book, and ordered the second book of the series from my local library. I would like to thank both Netgalley and the author for giving me the chance to read this book for a review.  
mooseman01IM More than 1 year ago
One of the very best, suspense, thriller, detective, mystery...you name it. Only problem with "page turner," which this is is that you might miss important details. Nonetheless: Highly recommended.
JuteBug More than 1 year ago
S. J. Bolton is one of my favorite authors!!! She keeps the story moving. It's a great mystery and if you are a fan of Jack the Ripper..you will enjoy this book!
Arctic_Fox More than 1 year ago
Bolton had me guessing who Cathy and Victoria were right to the end.
LisaDunckley 5 months ago
Despite starting with an immediate slashing murder, it took a little bit before I really got into this book. However, it rapidly became something I could not put down! I literally tried to go to sleep TWICE that night and had to turn the light back on to read more because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Probably not the best book to start if you have a big job interview the next morning, for example! The heroine of the story is Lacey Flint, a young detective constable, who literally walks into the first victim seconds before she bleeds out. Here's what's sooo good about this book: First, the blending of the story of the current crime with the infamous Jack The Ripper murders. While there are other stories with Ripper copycat crimes, this book did a great job with the history of the original events. I learned a lot about Jack The Ripper, and about Ripperologists (who knew that was a thing?), and about some of the various theories of the identity of the perpetrator. Second, the building up of the suspense was incredible. When you can't sleep because you are thinking of the book, and you absolutely have to keep going to find out how it ends—that is more than just a “hard to put down” book. There were hints throughout the book of things that you will just HAVE to find out about! Third, the twists in the plot were great. Every time I figured out what was going on, then NOPE, I had it wrong! The bad (or really maybe just “less good”): the romance element seemed sort of flat, and I wasn't really feeling it. Also I felt like I wanted more of an explanation of some of the things that happened in the past (but I see that this is only Book 1 of a series, so maybe that's coming up in future books!). Overall, a great book and I will definitely read the others in the series!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If yiu like thrillers this one will keep you happy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
S. J. Bolton (aka Sharon Bolton) is one of the best mystery-writers I've ever read. I can't put down any of her books! I highly highly recommend!!!
LoveLover_Lina18 More than 1 year ago
I read this book and started this series a couple years ago.  I bought this book not realizing it was the first of a series.  I was walking around Barnes and Noble aimlessly trying to find a book.  I found this one and just went for it.  And I'm so glad  I did.  It is my favorite mystery/crime series EVER.  I cannot tell you how much I loved this book.  It is a bit gory but I got over it.  The character of Lacey Flint, the story line, and the tension between Mark Joesbury is SO GOOD. Once I started this book, I literally couldn't put it down.  I was hooked from the start.  I really can't put into words how good this book is.  If you love mystery/crime books with a lot of suspense, that make your heart race, and has a bit of romance tension, BUY THIS BOOK.  The writing, the characters, the story line, everything is so freakin good.  I'm actually thinking about reading it again and I'm not one to do that.  I seriously can't say this enough;  I CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW GOOD, AMAZING THIS BOOK IS!!!!!!!!  That's how good it is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was and still is. It would be better if there wasnt so much yikyak. Boring.
LavaGoddess More than 1 year ago
This was a good start to a series. I did figure out the twist before the reveal but it still kept my interest. Going back over the story after everything has been explained, I didn't believe that certain things would have played out the way they did in the novel. However that one complaint about realism won't stop me from reading the next book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
eternalised More than 1 year ago
A modern-day copycat Jack the Ripper. A young detective constable, Lacey Flint, who has to solve the case, and seems to become the focus point of the killer’s sadistic game. This book blends historical fiction and contemporary thriller into a riveting blend of action, suspense, and fear. Definitely has its own style, and stands out from the crowd of books based on the Jack the Ripper story. Great writing as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was so intriguing, I could not put it down. I would love to see this come to life on the big screen!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JerseyBoy More than 1 year ago
Well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
avid_reader51 More than 1 year ago
Great writer, tense plot.  If you're enthralled by the run of the mill heroine, this book isn't for you. DC Lacy Flint, the protagonist in this book, is far more interesting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
New take on jack the ripper
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
British wording takes some getting used to but the story moved well and held my interest well. Planning to read more by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago