NOx Trap Catalysts and Technologies: Fundamentals and Industrial Applications

NOx Trap Catalysts and Technologies: Fundamentals and Industrial Applications


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For the first time, this book provides a review of the current state of the technology in NOx traps. Covering both the fundamental and applied issues, the book features chapters from people within academia and industry. The book concludes with case studies demonstrating how these technologies are currently put into practice. This book is a fascinating reference for researchers and industrialists working in the treatment of exhaust fumes, as well as people in catalysis and in environmental monitoring.

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ISBN-13: 9781782629313
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, The
Publication date: 06/14/2018
Series: Catalysis Series
Pages: 495
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Review of deNOx Technology for Mobile Applications; NSR Technology; NSR Catalytic Materials; Lean NOx Trap Performance Degradation – Reversible Sulfur Poisoning and Irreversible Thermally-induced Sintering; Mechanism and Kinetics of NOx Storage; Active Sites for NOx Uptake, and the Nature of Stored NOx Species; Mechanistic Aspects of the Reduction of the Stored NOx by H2 Investigated by Isotopic Labelling Experiments and FTIR Spectroscopy; NOx Storage and Reduction: Effects of Pt Dispersion, Reductant Type, and Cycle Timing; Reduction of Stored NOx with CO/H2 and Hydrocarbons: A
Spatial Resolution Analysis; Global Kinetic Modelling of the NSR Catalysts; Combined LNT–SCR Catalysts for NOx Reduction from Lean Exhaust Gas; LNT Catalysts for the Simultaneous Removal of NOx and Soot: The DPNR Concept; Non-thermal Plasma NOx Storage-reduction; New deNOx Concept by Fast Reductants Injection Pulse Upstream NSR; Development of Combined NSR DeNOx and DeSOx Model and Application for Control Strategy Pre-calibration of a Modern Diesel Engine; LNT Catalysis at Ford Motor Company – A Case History

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