Nuclear Iran

Nuclear Iran

by Anthony Kairouz


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In a world where humanity has so far failed to learn any positive lessons from two devastating world wars, where trillions of US dollars are being spent on armaments and new inventions to kill, where terrorism has been gaining control over reason, constructive dialogue and diplomacy, sheer madness seeks to control and run international relations.

While a group of states attempt through globalization, international organizations, democratic theories and practices to establish an international order based on repudiating warfare as the mean to resolve conflicts whether economic, social, political or ideological, others have enlisted themselves in fundamentalist, fanatic and terrorist armies, to establish their new world order. They call their ideology divine and sacred, led by God himself, who, at this time is filled with anger and vengeance against His creation because it opted to follow a secular and democratic way of life. He is willing through terror, fear and unlimited oppression to destroy two-thirds of that creation. This cultural-religious conflict has become a reality formed of scattered groups of fundamentalists led by Iranian claims, that God is sending His messenger, Al-Mahdi, to perform the task and impose a divinely run world order.

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ISBN-13: 9781434304285
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/30/2007
Pages: 248
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