Nueva Raza Latina En America

Nueva Raza Latina En America

by Tony Alcazar



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ISBN-13: 9781591961161
Publication date: 10/28/2002
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
The ideas written in this book have already been written more than a thousand times. We've even heard this type of story from aspiring immigrants over, and over. Maybe from someone within your own family.

What makes 'La Nueva Raza Latina en America' unique is that this is the true story of one man, a hopeful illegal who dared to enter the United States - all in search of the 'American' dream, and found it.

Alcazar, and his wife, from Lima, Peru applied for and surprisingly enough got a visitation visa to the U.S. then boarded a plane, hours later landing in LA. He cozened with the Mexican population and passed himself off as one of them, just in case he was caught by immigration. Thus making it easier in returning to the U.S.

In detailed description, the author recounts how he reached his dream of running his own Bookkeeping business. Alcazar takes the reader step by step, through his struggles as well as his good fortunes.

But even the worst can happen to those who reach their goals. Like a drug addict, a crash down to reality can be a nasty blow!

Definitely the books objective is to save time in arriving at one's goals and managing to have a standard of life equal or better than a born 'American' citizen. But by lack of faith they have been only used by few, is why in the United States the richest country of the world, only 5% is economically independent, for that reason also, so many are poor - specially between the Latinos.

It conscientiously touches on important, and necessary subjects for personal growth. Overcoming and happiness of the human being, among them: Desire, Work, Preparation, Persistence, Value, Faith, Spiritualism, Optimism and Success.

Written in Spanish only, clearly this book is aimed at Latinos, and with good intentions. Fact is, not only do Hispanics make up the fastest-growing ethnic group in the country; they also represent a commercial powerhouse.

Although I believe this book would be of great value to all people, from all walks of life. 'La Nueva Raza Latina en America' is not only inspiring but an eye opener. An absolute sure winner and the author should consider resubmitting this book to a publisher in English of course, as many would benefit from what lies between the covers. I for one did.

Reviewed by Betsie