Null & Void

Null & Void

by Tresser Henderson


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Amelia Reid has it all. Married for twenty five years to a wonderful man, Pastor Carson Reid, and the mother to their two children, Aden and Payton. Add on the nice home, elite status in the community and the prospering church which she is the first lady would make anyone envy her. Now that her husband is better after his bout of pneumonia, she can focus on the pending marriage of their daughter. Rowan was the man of her dreams and Amelia was on cloud nine. That was until she thought about Aden. He had decided to date none other than Juliana Simmons, the church's very own Jezebel. Little does Amelia know, Aden dating Juliana is the least of her problems. Secrets begin to unfold turning the life she once knew into something she could never fathom for herself or her family. Not only will her marriage and family be in jeopardy but so will her position in the church.

Skye made a choice to wait until she got married to indulge in the passion of the flesh, wanting her first time to be with her husband. Seth was the man who stole her heart and made her his wife. Loving her husband with every fiber of her being, Skye is enjoying her newlywed status thinking her life couldn't be more perfect. That was until she gets an anonymous call from a woman claiming to be having an affair with her husband. Confronting Seth with the accusations of the woman he quickly denies it leaving Skye to battle her thoughts alone. Should she ignore the phone call from this woman or believe in the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with. Her heart is telling her she's reading too much into it but her intuition is leading her in a different direction. Needing proof, Skye comes up with a plan to find out for herself praying to God that her womanly intuition is wrong. What Skye finds out would be more than any woman can handle.

All Juliana Simmons wanted was for someone to love her for who she was. Unfortunately, life has taught her early on that love was just a four letter word that meant nothing. Now, she feels that she's met the man of her dreams when she caught the attention of the pastor's son. Her feelings for him are strong but his mother isn't having it. First Lady or not, Juliana knows Amelia does not like her because of her reputation. This makes her want to make it work with Aden even more. The only problem is there is another man in the wings for her. Never the one to back down from a challenge, she's willing to stoop to levels unimaginable to get the man that she wants. Will she get him in the end or will she suffer dire consequences because of her unholy actions.

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ISBN-13: 9781979410915
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/17/2017
Pages: 372
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