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Nunca pactes con el diablo (Don't Bargain with the Devil)

Nunca pactes con el diablo (Don't Bargain with the Devil)

5.0 8
by Sabrina Jeffries

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Product Details

Publication date:
School for Heiresses Series , #5
Edition description:
Spanish-language Edition
Product dimensions:
5.70(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.20(d)

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Meet the Author

By the time Sabrina Jeffries was eighteen, she'd eaten chicken heads and jellyfish, been chased by a baby elephant, seen countless cobras and pythons, had the entire series of rabies shots, and visited rain forests and rubber plantations. But that wasn't enough excitement for her; to escape her mundane life as a missionary's daughter, she read romance novels.

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Nunca pactes con el diablo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The grey-brown she leaped onto a log. She nerviously looked around with stormy grey eyes. "Hello, all." She greeted with a smile. "I am StormyAsh, Deputy of RainClan. I believe we should be the fifth clan in the pact because we are very loyal. No matter what none of us turn on each other. We're a huge family that cares for eachother. We help eachother with whatever we need help with. For the clan itself, we are in a beautiful area. Everyone in the clan loves the area. We have a loyal and brave leader, EmberStar. He does his best he can. He does many ceremonies. Our great and caring Med cat, SkyDream. She is our full-time Med Cat and MoonShine is the part time Med Cat. They are both very well and try their best to heal every cat they can. FlightPaw is our Med Cat Apprentice and he's training very well. We are a very active clan and have ny kits, apprentices, and warriors. We don't have an queens or elders. Though we wish to get some soon. We are a clan that RPs realisticlly. We have real ceremonies, daily patrols, and we don't godmod. We have our own StarClan and MoonPool which is great," she paused for a moment. "All in all this is a great clan. We would be honored if we were made the fifth clan." She dipped her head and leaped down, padding to her clan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The large red tom padded in, looking around at the surrounding cats. "Hello," he said. "My name is Emberstar, and I am the current Leader of Rainclan. If you have not heard of Rainclan, no worries. I will tell you all about this amazing group of cats. First, our territory ('stormy' first 30 reses). Rainclan is nestled in a range of mountains, in the middle of one of the many forests surrounding this area. The land is usually steep, yes. In fact, Rainclan's Camp is place on probably the only flat ground for miles. This plateau extends from the right side of our camp, around which the river bends, a safe distance away, of course. Otherwise, camp would be flooded during new leaf. The flat ground also lasts to the two bends of the river on our left side. Rainclan territory has a number of picturesque spots, including our beautiful river. The forest, filled with squirrels, mice, birds, rabbits, and other prey, has an assortment of trees, mainly oak. We have a warm sunning rocks in the bend of the river to the right side of camp. Now, for the clan itself. Rainclan, though new, is an active, friendly, realistic clan. Our main rule to follow is merely that if you MUST have powers, use of them is STRICTLY prohibited on Rainclan territory. The worst punishment you can get for this is banishment. I try not to banish cats very much, it seems over dramatic, but if a cat, no matter the age, is causing enough discord within the clan, then breaks that rule, that is what I may do. We have a few features in this clan that are used to make the clan more realistic, such as our own Starclan and Moonpool, both located at 'star rain'. We have what we have dubbed 'prey posters' which are a few cats, vonlunteers, who will post in our forest results as an random assortment of prey for our warriors and apprentices to catch. Both of these ideas were thought of by our warrior Daysorrow. We also send out patrols, warriors are chosen and sent by our amazing deputy StormyAsh, at least three times a day. On occasion we also have advertisement patrols, so the advertising for Rainclan does not all fall to one cat. Though we have many, that is a job too big for one cat alone. It would be unfair. As for our cats, I will tell you of a few amazing characters Rainclan boasts. Led by myself, our clan has chosen StormyAsh as our deputy through a vote. I use votes sometimes to come to a decision that is desireable f the entirety of Rainclan. We have many warriors and kits, not many queens. I do not think we have any elders, sadly. Their wisdom would be appreciated. We have many medicine cats, actually. Skydream is our official medicine cat, with Cloudheart as our part-time medicine cat. Flightpaw is our current medicine cat apprentice. The warriors Shadowclaw and Silverlife also have some knowledge in herbs. I could speak more, but I believe I have left my clan alone long enough. If you have any questions, feel free to come and ask me. May Starclan light your paths," he dipped his head and padded back to Rainclan. &star€mberstar&star
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I vote for Blazeclan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I vote for rainclam
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But there ARE six clans! ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, SkyClan, and The Tribe of Rushing Water! Who agrees! Respond to 'Tribal Needs'!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The black tom padded up, his green eyes glancing around. He took a deep breath, then began, "Hello, I am here to represent Blazeclan, located at 'blcl' result one. Our clan is in a dense, green forest, where prey is plentiful, except in the dead of leafbare. A lake is situated a little bit away from our main camp, where our warriors take the kits and apprentices for swimming lessons during hot days. We also have our own Highrock, located at 'blazing news' result two. Anyways, let me tell you about Blazeclan. <br> "Sometime in Janu<_>ary, 2011, I joined Blazeclan as a warrior when it was under the leadership of Echostar, our founding leader. Since then, our clan has worked through it all. We have had our fair share of traitors and hardships, but not once did we give up, saying 'This is it. I can't do this.' I have seen Blazeclan persevere through the Great Post Lag, which I must say nearly destroyed our clan. But it didn't. Because of our loyal members, Blazeclan is still here today. We are a clan of bravery, honesty, and trust. We have been through fires, which infiltrated our camp. We have been through blizzards, which made our prey scarce. We have been through attacks, which injured our wariors. Not once, however, did we wave our white flag, saying 'We're done. We quit.' In these ways, Blazeclan has constantly proved to me that, even when I believe we are done for, we just bounce back, for success is getting up just one more time than you fall down.<br> "This clan brings back good memories of mine, reaching far back to three years ago, the day I first joined. I am proud to be called their leader. Thank you for your consideration, and may Starclan light all your paths." With that, Darkstar stepped back with a dip of his head. <p> ~Darkstar, leader of Blazeclan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like to read romance you will love this one!!!