Nurse Hannah Gets Probed

Nurse Hannah Gets Probed

by Charlotte Green
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Nurse Hannah Gets Probed by Charlotte Green

Nurse Hannah has been hired as a “patient” at a private medical bdsm club – which caters to medical fetishists. She’s already been given an extremely thorough exam by the mysterious and remote Dr. Walsh, who is her secret obsession – and now he’s going to guide her through her first exam by a client.

Will she be able to withstand the harsh, invasive probing by a perfect stranger? How will Dr. Walsh react to watching her submit to another man?

And what dark secret is Dr. Walsh hiding – a secret that could put Hannah's life in danger, and spell disaster not just for their budding relationship, but for the entire club?

The room was brightly lit and looked like an oversized doctor’s office, decorated in cold tones of white and stainless steel. It contained half a dozen exam tables with special restraint straps , ob-gyn chairs, and banks of cabinets and metal tray tables that featured medical instruments such as speculums, and also numerous implements not contained in the typical ob-gyn doctor’s office. Vibrators. Butt plugs. Ben-wa balls. Ball-gags.

Facing the room was a large dark glass wall; Hannah knew that behind it was the examination room, where people could watch through one way glass as examinations were performed. Some people had a fetish for watching examinations rather than participating in them, she’d been told.

Dr. Walsh stood by one of the tables, waiting for her. He was a handsome man, muscular, with brown hair and seaglass green eyes that seemed to peer right through her. He could freeze her in place with a glance; he rarely smiled, but when he did, it sent ripples of desire through Hannah’s body. Desire and something else she couldn’t even name.

He looked up as she strode through the door, then glanced at his watch.

“I’m five minutes early!” she protested.

“You should have been earlier.”

“You didn’t tell me that.”

“Are you arguing with me?” he asked sternly.

“No, sir,” she answered meekly, gaze dropping to the floor.

“Yes, you are. You will be punished later for your insolence.” He slid his hand up under the white hemline of her dress and cupped the smooth skin of her rounded buttock, squeezing hard. She shivered with arousal, but he pulled his hand away, and sternly steered her over to the examination chair.

“Climb up,” he ordered her.

“Y-yes, sir. Do I need to take off my dress?”
“Not necessary,” he grinned.

It was true. The dress offered complete access to all areas of her body.

She climbed awkwardly on to the ob-gyn chair, placing her feet in the stirrups, and started when she heard footsteps coming from behind her. A lean, handsome man with wavy blond hair, wearing a doctor’s coat, came to stand on her left side; Dr. Walsh stood on the right.

“Strap her in, Dr. Smith.” Dr. Walsh ordered. He strapped Hannah’s right wrist and ankle to the chair, and the blond man strapped down her left wrist and ankle.

Was Dr. Smith really a doctor, or just someone who liked playing doctor? Hannah wondered. She’d probably never know.

Dr. Walsh ran his hand over her breast, down her stomach, pausing briefly to trail his fingers lightly over her shaved mound. “Let the examination proceed,” he said.

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Publisher: Charlotte Green
Publication date: 07/22/2012
Series: Dominated By The Doctor , #2
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