Nurse: Past/Present/Future: The Making of Modern Nursing

Nurse: Past/Present/Future: The Making of Modern Nursing


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Nurse: Past/Present/Future: The Making of Modern Nursing by Kate Trant

Nurse: past, present and future looks back at how the nursing profession has evolved over the 100 years since the death of Florence Nightingale. What are the key developments that have brought us to where we are today, and how have these changed the experience of nurses on the ground?

We hear from Helen Sweet on the evolution of professional nursing, Mireille Kingma on recent trends in nurse migration, Andrea Baumann on the global impact
of changes in nursing education, Christine Hancock on the common challenges nurses face around the globe, Yumi Tamura on Interprofessional Collaboration and Maureen Shawn Kennedy on nurses as agents of change in society.
These distinguished nursing leaders guide us through the issues nursing as a profession is confronting today.

Interwoven with their essays are the stories of individual nurses, working in many different countries and contexts. Some are now retired, others are at the vanguard of nursing, redefining the profession for the twenty-first century. We meet Queen’s Nurse Geoff Hunt, among the first male District Nurses in England; Kelly Knoll, a newly-graduated nurse practitioner in Canada who survived the 1990s, when jobs were hard to come by and university requirements for licensing were making senior nurses nervous; Mavis Stewart, who travelled from Jamaica to train and work as a nurse and decipher the British class system; Lois Scott, an international pioneer in tele-nursing; Ghislaine Télémaque, who divides her time between nursing in the communitites in Québec’s far north, and relief missions in troubled countries; Veronica D’souza, Matron of the main operating theatre at the Bombay Hospital; Carol Etherington, who has worked in natural and man-made disasters in the US and abroad, amongst many others.

The experiences they describe enable us to understand how progress in nursing plays out on the ground and what it is that keeps nurses committed to their profession.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781906155995
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing Limited London
Publication date: 06/15/2010
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Kate Trant; is a research advisor for the Commission of Architecture and the Built Environment. London, UK

Sue Usher; Director, Health Policy Division, Parkhurst Publishing Ltd. Montreal, QC

Table of Contents

4 Introduction — Kate Trant and Susan Usher
6 What is a Nurse?
10 The Evolution of Professional Nursing — Helen Sweet
24 Why Florence Nightingale is Still Relevant to Us Today — Eamonn Sullivan
28 A Professional Identity for the Twenty-first Century
30 Categories of Nurse
34 Nurse Education Moves Out of the Hospital — Helen Mussallem
36 A Global Look at Nursing Education — Andrea Baumann
40 Reclaiming Independent Practice — Kelly Knoll
44 Propriety in Nursing — Zena Edmund-Charles
48 The Uniform Passport to the World
58 Nurses on the Move Mireille Kingma
66 What Nurses Say About Migration
67 Pros and Cons of Nurse Migration
68 Nurses for Export
72 Stories of Nurse Migration
72 Caribbean Nurse Migration — Annette Dear
74 A Natural Inclination to Caring — Mavis Stewart
79 A Sojourn Abroad — Tarsha Rook
80 An International Perspective — Christine Hancock
84 The Workplace: Hospital, Home and Beyond
90 The Hospital
92 Fundamentals of Healthcare Design
96 Ward Design
101 Improving Patient Well-being
102 Nurse Knows Best
106 Nurses Make Themselves Heard in Hospital Design —
Valerie Shannon, Susan Drouin and Imma Franco
108 Results: Happier Nurses and Better Care
111 Home and Community Care — Judith Shamian
116 Beyond Four Walls — Geoff Hunt
118 Virtual Home Visits
120 Filling the Gaps in Care — Lois Scott
124 Beyond the Comfort Zone
125 Human Rights Begin at Home — Carol Etherington
128 Wartime Nursing
136 Forgotten Corners of the World — Ghislaine Télémaque
140 Transforming Care
145 Team-based Practice
149 Nurse-Doctor Relations
150 The Surgical Team: No Fumbles Allowed — Veronica D’souza
152 Mutual Respect Brings Improvements in Care — Bette Allatt
154 The Team Expands to Include Kangaroo Mothers in Brazil’s NICUs —
Ana Lucia Goulart and Flávia Simphronio Balbino
157 Disaster Management as a Trigger for Interprofessional Collaboration — Yumi Tamura
161 Nurses as Architects of Change — Maureen “Shawn” Kennedy
162 A Change for the Better — Candice Pellett
165 A Return to Dignity
167 Design for Patient Dignity
176 Further Reading
180 End Notes
188 Picture Credits
190 Thank You

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