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The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver

The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver

4.6 5
by Claire Martin

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Finally! Answers to your most urgent questions in an easy-to-use format!
Based on questions posed by thousands of real mothers, this A-to-Z guide has a practical, realistic view of how nursing fits into a modern woman's life.
First-time mothers and breastfeeding veterans will find answers to more than 300 questions -- from the most common to the most


Finally! Answers to your most urgent questions in an easy-to-use format!
Based on questions posed by thousands of real mothers, this A-to-Z guide has a practical, realistic view of how nursing fits into a modern woman's life.
First-time mothers and breastfeeding veterans will find answers to more than 300 questions -- from the most common to the most particular.

  • How to know the effect of what you eat and drink on your breastmilk -- from antihistamines and antidepressants to spicy food, wine, or caffeine
  • How to use natural remedies like fennel tea, cabbage leaves, and brewer's yeast to combat your own and your baby's discomforts
  • How to accommodate your child's particular nursing style, be she fussy, sleepy, overeager, or uninterested
  • How to breastfeed children with special needs -- like a cleft palate and Down's syndrome -- as well as adopted babies and twins

Cross-referenced for easy, immediate access to information, supplemented with listings of resources such as videos, Web sites, and support groups, this volume is the most comprehensive collection of nursing advice available.

Editorial Reviews

Nursing 101

It's hard to imagine a nursing mother (or the partner of a nursing mother) who wouldn't find this compact book to be an invaluable companion and resource. The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver offers detailed medical advice and practical, experiential information to guide mothers through more than 300 potential challenges in nursing. The foreword by the well-respected William and Martha Sears, authors of The Breastfeeding Book and The Baby Book, reminds us that even veteran breastfeeders hit new experiences and have a quick question now and then. As the perfect first-defense reference book, The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver will help you and your baby enjoy breastfeeding to the fullest.

Arranged as an A-Z troubleshooting guide, this book presents questions from real mothers answered by the expert lactation staff of the Denver Children's Hospital. The questions cover classic topics that nearly every nursing mother is concerned with at some point: sore nipples, breast infections, expressing and storing milk, nursing bras, proper nutrition, baby's weight gain, and of course, weaning. In addition to these common topics, the book offers hard-to-find advice on countless less-discussed issues such as supplementing breast milk with water or formula, dealing with critics, using birth control while nursing, scheduling feedings, dealing with breast size and shape, and having sex while breastfeeding. Moms with pierced nipples or breast implants, moms who want to scuba dive or smoke marijuana, and even moms who will be exposed to tear gas in Army drills or who want to nurse adopted babies will find useful information here.

The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver is supportive without being preachy, informative without being technical. It's written with sympathy, encouragement, and even an occasional bit of knowing humor. With entries such as the odd "Zombie Mommy" and "Green Milk" or the thought-provoking "Dental X-Rays" and "Spoiled Breast Milk," it welcomes browsing as well. Readers looking for a textbook-like reference with extensive charts that list things like all known drug interactions with breast milk will not find them here (although the book does contain entries for many substances and their effects on breast milk, and there is a book recommended in the appendix for just that purpose). This book is instead an informal yet well-informed book of advice for new and experienced breastfeeding mothers.

The appendix alone is worth the price of the book. It includes a list of a dozen books about breastfeeding and several videos that demonstrate nursing positions and techniques. There are toll-free numbers and Internet sites that offer helpful information or products for lactating women. And there are lists of books for nursing special-needs children, milk banks, breast-pump manufacturers and rentals, and support-group contacts for nursing mothers all across the country.

Even with a lactation consultant as a best friend or a doctor for a mate, any nursing mother will find this handbook to be a worthy addition to her library.

—Kate Montgomery

As the authors' claim, this book is to nursing mothers what Cliff Notes are to literature. The question and answer format covers just about every possible scenario. An excellent resource and a great baby shower gift idea! 2000, Fireside Book, $13.00. Ages Adult. Reviewer: M. Thomas SOURCE: Parent Council, September 2001 (Vol. 9, No. 1)
Library Journal
Martin, an award-winning journalist (and a mother), and Krebs, a pediatrician who specializes in nutrition (and a mother), have come together to create a pragmatic breastfeeding guide. Its format is question-and-answer, and its organization is alphabetic. Thus, if you wonder whether it is advisable to nurse when you have the flu, you ll find the answer under Flu, Breastfeeding When You Have. Based on questions that were asked on the lactation consultant hotline at the Children s Hospital of Denver, this book addresses common issues of new mothers (e.g., latching on, sore nipples, night feedings) as well as less common situations, such as breastfeeding babies with special needs. The scope of the Q&A is wide, providing a wealth of detailed information from a modern-day perspective (e.g., see the section on Pierced Nipple ). Highly recommended for consumer health collections and for nursing mothers as a ready-reference tool. Linda M.G. Katz, Florence A. Moore Lib. of Medicine, MCP Hahnemann Univ., Philadelphia Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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There are plenty of books that explain why you should breastfeed, and can teach you the basics, but this is the first designed specifically as a panic button for harried new mothers.

Whether you're a first-time mother or a veteran mom, the first few weeks of a baby's life are stressful and pressured. That's where this new and different breastfeeding guide fits in. It focuses on the questions that often come up at midnight or 2 A.M., when you're hesitant to call your doctor or lactation consultant and you know it will be hours before you'll be able to call your health care provider's help line.

This book covers the most common problems and issues associated with breastfeeding, and offers tips on how to solve those problems or alleviate them until you can get medical attention.

Most important, this book is written by mothers who have been in your shoes. Claire Martin and Nancy Krebs know how tempting it is to join a frustrated, screaming baby in a duet. They've survived erratic sleeping jags and the marathon nursing sessions of growth spurts. They are the friends you can trust and turn to for reliable advice that comes from hard-won experience.

Think of The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver as your first-defense reference book for breastfeeding questions -- a supplement to your parenting library. Open this book when you need a quick answer or helpful advice. This book won't answer all your questions -- no book can -- and certainly is not a substitute for your doctor or lactation consultant. But if, between visits and phone calls, a worrisome symptom appears, or if you've forgotten a step in settling your baby in a comfortable nursing position, you'll be glad you keep this book handy.

William and Martha Sears

Authors of The Breastfeeding Book

Copyright © 2000 by Claire Martin

Meet the Author

Claire Martin is a staff writer at the Denver Post. Her writing has won national and regional awards, and has appeared in publications such as the St. Petersburg Times, Good Housekeeping, and Sunset magazine. She lives in Denver with her husband and her two daughters, both of whom were breastfed.

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The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am analytical in nature and found this book to answer almost all of my questions and concerns no matter how off the wall they were. It was very easy to instantly find the topic of concern with the A-Z guide so it saved time and anxiety. This is a book I advise to all of my friends who are looking to breastfeed and have found it to be a great shower gift as well...It is to the point- not preachy or pushy and not 'sugarcoated'.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must have book for any and all nursing moms. Easy guide, look up, and reference. A+!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I gave this as a shower gift to my nervous, new mom, daughter in law. It helped her so much in answering questions & giving support. Having the book handy, let her find accurate information any time in the privacy of her own home. She & her husband found it a good starting place for dialogue about the challenges of a nursing mother. A great gift!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I rented this book from the library for questions and answers on breastfeeding, and it was excellent. Now I am trying to buy it! It has answers to lots of questions with a great helpful index in the back of the book!This would be great for a new Breastfeeding other or for a gift or for a second time mother!