Nursing Theories: A Framework For Professional Practice

Nursing Theories: A Framework For Professional Practice

by Kathleen Masters


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ISBN-13: 9781284041392
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 02/28/2000
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

University of Southern Mississippi, College of Nursing, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Table of Contents

UnitI Theoretical Knowledge as the Framework for Nursing
Chapter1 Introduction to Theoretical Nursing Knowledge as the Framework for Practice
Chapter2 Introduction to Non-Nursing Theories that Have Influenced Critical Thinking in the Discipline of Nursing
UnitII Philosophies of Nursing
Chapter3 Environmental Model of Nursing: Florence Nightingale
Chapter4 Fourteen Components of Basic Nursing Care: Virginia Henderson
Chapter5 Philosophy and Theory of Transpersonal Caring: Jean Watson
Chapter6 Clinical Wisdom in Nursing Practice: Patricia Benner
UnitIII Conceptual Models
Chapter7 Behavioral System Model: Dorothy Johnson
Chapter8 Interacting Systems Framework and Theory of Goal Attainment: Imogene King
Chapter9 Science of Unitary Human Beings: Martha Rogers
Chapter10 Roy Adaptation Model: Sister Callista Roy
Chapter11 The Neuman Systems Model: Betty Neuman
Chapter12 The Conservation Model: Myra Estrin Levine
Chapter13 Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing: Dorothea Orem
UnitIV Nursing Theories
Chapter14 Theory of Interpersonal Relations: Hildegard Peplau
Chapter15 Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality: Madeleine Leininger
Chapter16 Nursing Process Theory: Ida Jean Orlando (Pelletier)
Chapter17 Health as Expanding Consciousness: Margaret Newman
Chapter18 The Health Promotion Model: Nola J. Pender
Chapter19 Theory of Humanbecoming: Rosemarie Rizzo Parse
Chapter20 The Theory of Nursing as Caring: A Model for Transforming Practice: Anne Boykin and Savina O. Schoenhofer
Chapter21 Modeling and Role-Modeling: Helen C. Erickson, Evelyn M. Tomlin, Mary Ann P. Swain
Chapter22 Transitions Theory: Afaf Ibrahim Meleis
UnitV Middle-Range Theories
Chapter23 Parent-Child Interaction Model: Kathryn E. Barnard
Chapter24 Maternal Role Attainment--Becoming a Mother: Ramona T. Mercer
Chapter25 Self-Transcendence Theory: Pamela G. Reed
Chapter26 Theory of Chronic Sorrow: Georgene Gaskill Eakes, Mary Lermann Burke, and Margaret A. Hainsworth
Chapter27 Theory of Caring: Kristen M. Swanson
Chapter28 Theory of Comfort: Katharine Kolcaba
Chapter29 Postpartum Depression Theory: Cheryl Tatano Beck
Chapter30 Uncertainty in Illness Theory: Merle H. Mishel
Chapter31 Theory of Bureaucratic Caring: Marilyn Anne Ray
Chapter32 Synergy Model for Patient Care: The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

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