Nurturing Your Blended Family: A Special Vocation

Nurturing Your Blended Family: A Special Vocation

by Ralph Ranieri




People who remarry after a death or an annulment and form a blended family have a special vocation, a Christian vocation. To give yourself the way that you do in a family, and to attempt to blend two families into one, is an extraordinary Christian act. Nurturing Your Blended Family uses actual stories of people who have formed blended families, as well as data on the typical characteristics of children and stepchildren from all age groups (including adult children) to provide a better understanding of how to resolve relational roadblocks. In a blended family relational obstacles are not limited to the new immediate family but also occur in the new extended family that may come with a previously married or widowed spouse. The primary relationship of husband and wife, drawing strength from the God-given graces of the sacrament of marriage, is the linchpin and the key to success.

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ISBN-13: 9780764811449
Publisher: Liguori Publications
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 115
Product dimensions: 4.26(w) x 7.12(h) x 0.27(d)

Table of Contents

What Is a Blended Family?6
2.Family Adjustment9
Age-level Characteristics18
3.Putting Your Heads Together21
5.The Ties That Bind41
7.Loss and Its Effects on Us57
The Effects of Loss on Our Children61
8.The Extended Family65
9.A Success Story71
10.The Non-custodial Parent77
The Single Non-custodial Parent81
11.The Tone of the Family87
12.Couple Conflict97
Finding Peace102
About the Author115

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