The Nutrition Handbook for Food Processors

The Nutrition Handbook for Food Processors

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Taylor & Francis
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The Nutrition Handbook for Food Processors

The Nutrition Handbook for Food Processors surveys recent research on the impact of processing on the nutritional quality of food. The book reviews the latest research on the contribution of vitamins and minerals to health, discusses how nutrient intake is measured, and examines how nutrition information is presented to and interpreted by consumers. It also covers the impact of processing, beginning with a general discussion of the stability of vitamins during processing and moving on to thermal processing, frying, freezing, packaging and irradiation. The book includes newer processes such as microwave processing, ohmic heating, and high pressure processing.

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ISBN-13: 9780849315435
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/12/2002
Pages: 483
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction NUTRITION AND CONSUMERS What Consumers Eat, A. Trichopoulu and A. Naska Vitamins, C. A. Northrop-Clewes and D. I. Thurnham Minerals, C. Reilly Measuring Intake of Nutrients and Their Effects: The Case of Copper, L.B. McAnena and J M O'Connor Consumer and Nutritional Labelling, L. Insall New Approaches to Providing Nutritional Information, J.A. Monro PROCESSING AND NUTRITIONAL QUALITY The Nutritional Enhancement of Plant Foods, D. Lindsay Enhancing the Nutritional Value of Meat, J.D. Higgs The Stability of Vitamins During Food Processing, P.B. Ottaway Thermal Processing and Nutritional Quality, A. Arnoldi Frying, J. Pokorny The Processing of Cereal Foods, A.J. Alldrick, and M. Hajselova Extrusion Cooking, M.E. Camire Freezing, J.F. Fletcher Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), F. Devlieghere, M.I. Gil, and J. Debevere Irradiation, D.A.E. Ehlermann Microwave Processing, D.A.E. Ehlermann Ohmic Heating, R. Ruan, X. Ye and P. Chen, C. Doona, and I Taub Infrared Processing, C. Skoldebrand High Pressure Processing, Indrawati, A. Van Loey, C. Smout, and M. Hendrickx Continuous-Flow heat Processing, N.J. Heppell

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