Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health

Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health

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Royal Society of Chemistry, The

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Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health

Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health provides an in-depth review of the role of diet in the development and maintenance of bone health throughout the lifecycle, and prevention of osteoporosis in later life. The book is multi-authored by the world's leading researchers in this area, who have come together to formulate the first ever textbook on nutritional aspects of bone health, and includes the current and cutting edge science underpinning the prevention of bone disease. The book is structured such that, in the first section, an overview is provided on what is meant by the terms bone health and osteoporosis and includes key areas such as epidemiology, genetics and the impact of non-nutritional exogenous factors influencing the skeleton. The second section details the established nutritional factors affecting bone health, namely calcium and vitamin D. Section three focuses on the role of macronutrients and macrominerals in bone health, namely protein, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, including the criticality of acid-base homeostasis to skeletal integrity. Section four addresses the effects of microminerals, trace elements, vitamin K, vitamin A and isoflavones on bone. Section five focuses attention on key issues connected with the influence of diet and anorexia and bulimia on bone health including nutrition and bone growth; nutrient: gene interactions; nutrient: drug interactions; and the final section discusses the effect of diet on reduction of fracture risk; the cost-effectiveness of nutritional supplements; and nutritional strategies for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. The book is targeted at a number of key audiences. Whilst there is a focus on the academic research world and those principally involved in education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the book will also be of considerable interest to those participating in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis, namely those working in the medical and health promotion fields. Furthermore, Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health will be of particular interest to the food industry as the popularity of foods designed to target specific health issues increases, and nutritional therapy has a critical role to play in this major public health problem.

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ISBN-13: 9780854045853
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, The
Publication date: 09/28/2003
Pages: 767
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.79(d)

Table of Contents

Defining bone health: an overview of osteoporosis; Epidemiology and public health impact of osteoporosis; Non-nutritional risk factors for bone fragility; Genetic factors influencing bone health; Rickets, osteomalacia and other metabolic bone disease: influence of nutrition; Assessment of dietary intake and nutritional status; Nutritional aspects of bone growth: an overview; Calcium and bone health; Role of vitamin D in hip fracture prevention; Protein and skeletal health; Influence of phosphorus on bone health; Sodium effects on bone and calcium metabolism; Role of the skeleton in acid-base balance; Vitamin K and skeletal health; Role of magnesium in optimising skeletal integrity; Role of trace elements in osteoporosis; Vitamin A and fracture risk; Influence of food groupings on the skeleton; Effects of soy isoflavones on bone; Caffeine and alcohol: effects on osteoporosis risk; Influence of diet on bone health: the twin model approach; Nutrient:gene interactions influencing the skeleton; Nutrition & bone health in Asian women; Nutrition and Bone Health in Middle Eastern Women; Interaction between nutrition & physical activity and skeletal health; Interaction between drug therapies and nutrition; Weight reduction and bone health; Influence of anorexia & bulimia on osteoporosis risk; Nutrition & bone health: effects of pregnancy and lactation; Effect of diet on fracture risk reduction in populations; Cost effectiveness of nutritional supplements for treatment of osteoporosis; Nutritional strategies for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in populations & individuals

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