O-Men: Liege's Legion - Bastion

O-Men: Liege's Legion - Bastion

by Elaine Levine

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The Matchmaker's Curse says if the mutant accepts the match, then his fated mate must die. If he doesn't accept it, then he must die...

No one has yet survived the curse.


The threat coming for Selena Irving has been stalking her family for years, ruining her parents' lives and pushing her onto the warrior's path. She's the only female yet to qualify for the elite dark ops unit in the Army called the Red Team, and while that shielded her for a little while, the nightmare's begun again. Now she's caught the eye of an alpha male with superpowers—her definition of trouble. Sexy-as-hell Bastion loves easily, laughs often, and cooks like a master chef. He's also the only man to see through her defenses to the person she used to be...the woman she might have become had her past been different.

Bastion, changed against his will into a mutant warrior, is on a mission to find those responsible for stealing his life, intent on stopping their plans to unravel humanity. He wasn't looking for a mate, but he bonds with Selena the first time he sees her, activating a curse neither of them can escape. His only chance to break it is to ruthlessly burrow into her secrets, forcing her to face her hidden scars, helping her heal before the danger headed her way can use her past to take her down—and everyone she loves with her.

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BN ID: 2940161432761
Publisher: Elaine Levine
Publication date: 08/31/2019
Series: O-Men , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 46,014
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About the Author

Elaine Levine has a simple life and a twisted mind, both of which need constant care and feeding. She writes in several different subgenres of romance, including romantic suspense/military, historical western, and paranormal suspense. Her books are sexy, edgy, and suspenseful, but always end on a happy note because she believes love gives everything meaning.

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O-Men: Liege's Legion - Bastion 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I absolutely loved reading Bastion . This story is fantastic . It's a masterfully written story . One of the best paranormal- thriller - romance suspense I have read . It is full of action , suspense , romance . It kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation . It is an all out amazing story . The twists and turns keep you guessing . This is book two in the O-Men : LEIGE'S LEGION Series Bastion . I really enjoyed it . I could not put it down . I highly recommend taking the time to read and enjoy .I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Sharon_Arundel 5 months ago
This is book 2 in this series and I enjoyed this story a lot better than book 1. This is a fairly fast-moving story and the characters seem likable in it. Lots of adventure and more world building in this book. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Book two in the O-Men: Liege’s Legion -Bastion, is the perfect blend of our favorite Red Team members with the men from Liege's Legion. As a huge Red Team fan, I expected a lot from this new series. Liege's book was a full on paranormal book that explained, in great detail, the enhancements forced on the Legion. Through her writing, Elaine showed us the horror of the ghouls and the depravity of those in charge of them. We met Bastion at the end of the Red Team Series and we are aware that he is different. In Bastion's story, Elaine continues by "reuniting" Selena from the Red Team and Bastion from Leige's legion. We get to know the two as individuals. The "feel" of this story is less full on paranormal and more espionage-like. World politics, personal vendettas and the military have all come together as the Omni World Order evolves into a terrifying subculture for which the world is not prepared. While Liege's book gives us a glimpse at the horrors of this new world order, Bastion truly opens the reader's eyes to just how desperate the situation has become. The men of Leige's Legion have already lost so much. Change is coming and no one will be safe. The question is, will combining the forces of these two teams work to make a difference? I can't wait to keep reading the rest of this series to find out!
Anonymous 6 months ago
It feels like I have been waiting forever for Selena to get her story and now it is finally here! Ok for anyone who is a fan of the Legion and Red Team series you are going to want to read this book - Do yourself a favour and pick it up, set aside a weekend and turn off your phone. You won't regret it Now anyone who wants to know what the book is about read the synopsis above... I would strongly recommend that you read the series in order however it's not strictly necessary as I will explain momentarily. Anyone who doesn't want any direct or indirect spoilers now is the time to stop reading as I give my honest feedback about the story - Yes now stop reading because of spoilers Ok so first of all let me begin by saying that it has been a while since I have delved into this world, since the release of Liege to be exact, and I have read many stories since then so while I had the basics of the story in mind many of the details have been forgotten more or less... When I started the story two days ago I was slightly frustrated. I could remember characters names and some of the associations but I could tell that many small details that were being included were going over my head. This lead to a connundrum... Should I reread some or all of the stories so I could get back into the story?? This was going to be a significant time commitment because of the amount of books involved and like most of us, as much as I prefer escaping into fiction on a regular basis their are unfortunately 'real life' events that require attention ... As I was stuck in this delemna the genius of this author came through! By backing up the story to include the last two if not three books from the Red Team series, depicting them from Bastion and Selena's POV, not only do you start to remember more and more from before but you gain insights that were missing from these characters in the process. It doesn't take long before everything you need to know has been gone over again so you are back with the team and trying to figure out the best moves going forward. And moving forward it does - while Liege book is an amazing introduction to mutants and their abilities, Bastion and Selena's story moves the entire plot along in a big way, literally opening up the world to the worst case scenario and what is sure to be a very dramatic conclusion when the time is right. We start to see how completely outmatched our heroes are and realize that their are some big decisions to be made sooner rather then later. All this leads to a very dramatic read, where the sky's the limit for possibilities, all featured by a loving, loyal and sometimes humorous family group. Ok so all that being said here are a couple of small critics and observations #1 Hawk - I'm just gonna say this now but I really want Hawk to have an amazing HEA when the time is right. This poor boy has been through so much crap and he is fighting so hard to be a decent human being, even fighting some of his own urges to do so, that he deserves something really special. #2 Acier - ok I know your website indicates that the Legion series is only going to be four books but I hope that is open to negotiation or a spinoff. Knowing that Merc and Guerrre are getting a story I hope that Acier is last, not because he is going to be a casualty but because he was trained at a different camp so we are going to have this world explode internationally and their are lots more books to co
Deb_from_Oz 7 months ago
This is the second book in the men of Liege series but this entire world is linked to the Red Team world which is where we first met Selena and Bastion. I have loved these series from the very first and am now loving how intertwined the two teams are becoming. Selena was sure she was going insane she kept on seeing and feeling a man but no other member of her team ever saw him and with the security on their compound there is no way anyone could infiltrate it anyway. What she doesn't know is that the man watching her is Bastion and he is no mere mortal he is one of the turned military personal that has escaped the world of the omni and is bent on saving humans from the threat of the omni. For that they need the scientists the Radcliffe's and they think that the red team know where they are so Bastion has been sent to infiltrate something it isn't hard for him to do with his altered abilities what is hard for him to do is to keep away from Selena as the matchmaker has appeared before him and he knows she is his mate. Will the red team and the Liege men work together Do Selena and Bastion have a future You will have to read to see I would recommend that you read all of the books in order so you get the full depth of this world
Heather Wamboldt 7 months ago
Bastion is the second book in the O-Men: Liege's Legion series. The Matchmaker’s Curse says if the mutant accepts the match, then his fated mate must die. If he doesn’t accept it, then he must die… No one has yet survived the curse. This is the story of the romance between a mutant warrior, Bastion and a regular, Selena. Can they break the Matchmaker curse? I loved this story. Bastion and Selena are great characters with hot chemistry. The storyline has humour, sarcasm, action, secrets, and romance. I am looking forward to the next story in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 8 months ago
really enjoyed this second installment of the series. It has its share of conflict, of misunderstandings, of sacrifice, of humor and of course, of love. It would help if you have read the Red Team series first, but really this book stands on its own as well. But meeting 'old friends' again written from a different point of view brings new insight and appreciation for characters that I'd fallen in love with previously.
Wendy S Hodges 8 months ago
Wow! Fast, exciting, suspenseful and even slightly terrifying read. It was nice to get this full story because having read the Red Team series we had a little bit of this in the last of those but from their perspective, Serena is strong and feisty determined to protect her team above all else, even if that means sacrificing herself to do that. The twists in this book also help make a lot of past troubles make sense. It is an intricate story and with all the different enhancements and the paranormal side it can get very complex, at times I needed to concentrate because a blink and you miss something that means the next bit doesn't make sense, saying all that though I live for books that I can sink into and block everything else out. I love how patient and kind Bastion is not just with Serena but all of them, even when being threatened he tried to stay calm and explain, even understand where they were coming from. I am completely entwined with this series and the direction it is taking and will wait with baited breath for the next book, while still clapping my hands with glee. Glorious story full of fabulous characters and a phenomenal plot
Samanthagirl 8 months ago
Wow I am stunned after reading this emotional, intriguing and absolutely brilliant story. From start to finish each page drew me in to this stunning read and I cannot emphasis enough how brilliant it is. Bastion and Selena’s connection is incredible. You feel all the suspense, drama and tension as Bastion strives to keep her safe from Flynn’s clutches. How will it end? You must read it. I really truly loved it.