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ISBN-13: 9780933087828
Publisher: Bottom Dog Press
Publication date: 09/24/2003
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

"O Taste and See"15
"Ode to the Tomato"16
"After Apple-Picking"19
Selections from Tender Buttons20
"To Wine"22
"A Step Away from Them"22
"A Supermarket in California"24
"Northern Pike"25
"This Is Just To Say"26
"Gift of Flour"34
"Mustard Greens"34
"Green Chile"36
"Bread & Sauce"37
"Macaroni & Cheese Survey"39
"Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner"40
"Summer Haiku"40
"My Mother's Pie Crust"42
"Recipe for Apple Pie"43
"Acceptance Speech"45
"Kitchen Logistics"46
"Words, Like Rice and Snow"46
"The Morning Baking"51
"A Litany of Toast"51
"Thanksgiving Table"52
"Lunch Dates"53
"How They Survive"55
"Family Portrait"56
"Blood Oranges"60
"The Cake"61
"The Weight of Sweetness"62
"Fever Bouquet"63
"Vending Machine"64
"My Mother and the Bums"64
"At Ninety-Eight"66
"The Blackberry Thicket"69
"The Beekeeper"69
"Learning to Clam"70
"Picking Blackberries with a Friend Who Has Been Reading Jacques Lacan"71
"The Story of Butter"71
"Watering the Sheep"72
"Moving, 1880"74
"Hunting Wild Mushrooms"75
"Winter Nightfall"76
"February 2, 1968"76
"Murder in the Good Land"77
"Bearded Barley"78
"The Little Permanence"79
"The Recluse Works in Her Country Garden"80
"A Display of Mackerel"81
"Peanut Lockerby"84
"Two Lives: Making Supper at Lake George"87
"My Mother Paints Again"88
"Reading Hemingway"89
"Breakfast at Keseberg's Diner"90
"Revelation: Theresienstadt Story"92
"La Monstrua Vestida, La Monstrua Desnuda"93
"The Harvesters"94
"The Spoon"95
"Haiku & Senryu"96
"Who Made Such Good Pies"97
"Sharif's Fish Stew"98
"The Clover"100
"Sunday Greens"105
"Ode on a Beet106
"First Radish"106
"Produce Aisle"107
"Black Olives"111
"Finding Peaches in the Desert"112
"Ode to a Lebanese Crock of Olives"114
"The Woman Who Loved To Cook"119
"Reading the Menu"120
"The Baking"121
"Courting Game"121
"Ever After"122
"Cheese Log"123
"Bread and Sex at Midsummer"123
"The Art of Love"125
"End Pieces"127
"Eating Soba"130
"Song of Separation 2"131
"What I Thought I Was Eating"132
"Partytime, Joanna"132
"After the Muffin"133
"My New Boyfriend"134
"My Last Two Wives"135
"Sunday Morning"136
"Da Capo"137
from "Pike Place Market Variations"144
"The Good House"145
"Breakfast at the County Seat Cafe"146
"For My Friends, Who Complain That I Never Write Anything Happy"147
"Highway 18, Fairfax, OK"149
"Midwest Albas"149
"Table for One"150
"Found Poem: How to Eat Lobster"151
"Hamburger Heaven"152
"Several for the Road"152
"Sweet Red Peppers, Sun-Drieds, the Hearts of Artichokes"153
"To Market, To Market"154
"Work, Thank, Eat"155
"Crab Festival in Henderson, Louisiana"156
"Eating at Casa Blanca"159
Selections from "Asian Figures"163
"Saigon Market Peace Talks Sutra"164
"The Evening Toast"169
"Fat Poem"170
"Communion in the Asylum"171
"Black Cherry Ice Cream at Mercy Hospice"172
"Poverty Sucks"173
"A Poem for Will, Baking"174
"The Cookie Poem"176
"After the Reunion"177
"At Twig's End"180
"The Cleaving"181
Credits and Acknowledgment191
The Editors195
Graphic of cover from Food Poems #1196

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