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ISBN-13: 9780933087828
Publisher: Bottom Dog Press
Publication date: 09/24/2003
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

David Lee Garrison was born in Bremerton, Washington, and educated at Wesleyan and Johns Hopkins Universities. After visiting appointments at Indiana University and the University of Kansas, he began teaching Spanish and Portuguese in 1979 at Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio), where he now chairs the Department of Modern Languages. He has taught creative writing workshops at Wright State and also at Antioch University, Sinclair Community College, and the University of Dayton. His work-- poetry, criticism, fiction, reviews, and translations--has appeared in journals such as Colorado Review, Kansas Quarterly, The Literary Review, Poem, and The Nation, as well as in various anthologies. He has published two chapbooks, Blue Oboe (Wyndham Hall Press) and Inside the Sound of Rain (Vincent Brothers), and three volumes of translation, most recently Certain Chance, by Spanish poet Pedro Salinas (Bucknell University Press, 2000). Learning to cook for himself as a young single man led to his special interest in food and food poems. He lives in Dayton, Ohio, with his wife, Suzanne Kelly-Garrison, an attorney and fiction writer.

Terry Hermsen lives, gardens and cooks in Delaware, Ohio, with his wife Leslie and their two adopted children, Noel and Noah. For 25 years he has conducted poetry residencies in schools across Ohio, taking students into factories and prairies, zoos and museums. He has two chapbooks from Bottom Dog Press, Child Aloft in Ohio Theatre and 36 Spokes: The Bicycle Poems. In 2003 he finished his dissertation in Art Education, looking at how poetry and art can help students more passionately connect with the world around them.

Denise Levertov, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost, Gertrude Stein, Louise Bogan, Frank O'Hara, Pablo Neruda, Allen Ginsberg, James Wright,William Carlos Williams,Maggie Anderson, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Susan Azar Porterfield, Susan Jelus,Karen Rigby, Jimmy Santiago Baca,Robert Flanagan, Thom Tammaro,Terry Kirts, Edmund Conti, Gabriel Welsch, Barbara Crooker, David Lee Garrison, Ingrid Wendt, Lynn Powell, Lois Beebe Hayna, Daryl Ngee Chinn, Carolyn Forch©, Cathy Lentes, Ayelet Ammitay, Gail Bellamy, Kevin Prufer, Susan Terris, Susan McGowan, Sarah Kennedy, Stuart Lishan, Li-Young Lee, Wendy Bishop, Grey Held, Grace Butcher, Susan Grimm, Lynn Powell, Ann Stanford, Steve Wilson, Don Bogen, Robert Hass, Deanna Pickard, John Hershman, Kathrine Varnes, Julia Levine, Wendell Berry, Ann Townsend, Pattiann Rogers, Allen Braden, Imogene Bolls, Mark Doty, F. Richard Thomas, Jonathan Anderson, James Cummins, Kay Sloan, William Heyen, Myrna Stone, Charles Simic, Yvonne Hardenbrook, Jim Heynan, David Hassler, Annie Finch, W.S. Merwin, Rita Dove, Vivian Shipley, Tamara Kaye Sellman, Rebecca McClanahan, Gerald Stern, Michael Waters, Pamela Uschuk, John Logan, Diane Wakoski, Erica Jong, Natasha Saj©, Larry Smith, Judith Strasser, Joyce Sutphen, David Starkey, Betty Greenway, Karen Kovacik, Kathy Fagan, Paola Corso, Jared Carter, Bonnie Jacobson, Robert Brimm, Tara Miller, Ira Sadoff, Robert Fox, Jane Hirschfield, Billy Collins, Christopher Merrill, Terry Hermsen, Jeff Gundy, William Greenway, Nan Arbuckle, Collette Inez, Francis Smith, Frank Polite, Patti Capel Swartz, Cyril Dostal, Martha Silano, Colleen J. McElroy, Elton Glaser, Daniel Lusk, Willis Barnstone, Richard Hague, David Petreman, David Citino, Herbert Martin, Andrew Hudgins, Clarinda Harris, Maggie Jaffe, Susan Rich, Eugene Gloria, David Baker, Ralph Black, Cathryn Essinger

Table of Contents

"O Taste and See"15
"Ode to the Tomato"16
"After Apple-Picking"19
Selections from Tender Buttons20
"To Wine"22
"A Step Away from Them"22
"A Supermarket in California"24
"Northern Pike"25
"This Is Just To Say"26
"Gift of Flour"34
"Mustard Greens"34
"Green Chile"36
"Bread & Sauce"37
"Macaroni & Cheese Survey"39
"Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner"40
"Summer Haiku"40
"My Mother's Pie Crust"42
"Recipe for Apple Pie"43
"Acceptance Speech"45
"Kitchen Logistics"46
"Words, Like Rice and Snow"46
"The Morning Baking"51
"A Litany of Toast"51
"Thanksgiving Table"52
"Lunch Dates"53
"How They Survive"55
"Family Portrait"56
"Blood Oranges"60
"The Cake"61
"The Weight of Sweetness"62
"Fever Bouquet"63
"Vending Machine"64
"My Mother and the Bums"64
"At Ninety-Eight"66
"The Blackberry Thicket"69
"The Beekeeper"69
"Learning to Clam"70
"Picking Blackberries with a Friend Who Has Been Reading Jacques Lacan"71
"The Story of Butter"71
"Watering the Sheep"72
"Moving, 1880"74
"Hunting Wild Mushrooms"75
"Winter Nightfall"76
"February 2, 1968"76
"Murder in the Good Land"77
"Bearded Barley"78
"The Little Permanence"79
"The Recluse Works in Her Country Garden"80
"A Display of Mackerel"81
"Peanut Lockerby"84
"Two Lives: Making Supper at Lake George"87
"My Mother Paints Again"88
"Reading Hemingway"89
"Breakfast at Keseberg's Diner"90
"Revelation: Theresienstadt Story"92
"La Monstrua Vestida, La Monstrua Desnuda"93
"The Harvesters"94
"The Spoon"95
"Haiku & Senryu"96
"Who Made Such Good Pies"97
"Sharif's Fish Stew"98
"The Clover"100
"Sunday Greens"105
"Ode on a Beet106
"First Radish"106
"Produce Aisle"107
"Black Olives"111
"Finding Peaches in the Desert"112
"Ode to a Lebanese Crock of Olives"114
"The Woman Who Loved To Cook"119
"Reading the Menu"120
"The Baking"121
"Courting Game"121
"Ever After"122
"Cheese Log"123
"Bread and Sex at Midsummer"123
"The Art of Love"125
"End Pieces"127
"Eating Soba"130
"Song of Separation 2"131
"What I Thought I Was Eating"132
"Partytime, Joanna"132
"After the Muffin"133
"My New Boyfriend"134
"My Last Two Wives"135
"Sunday Morning"136
"Da Capo"137
from "Pike Place Market Variations"144
"The Good House"145
"Breakfast at the County Seat Cafe"146
"For My Friends, Who Complain That I Never Write Anything Happy"147
"Highway 18, Fairfax, OK"149
"Midwest Albas"149
"Table for One"150
"Found Poem: How to Eat Lobster"151
"Hamburger Heaven"152
"Several for the Road"152
"Sweet Red Peppers, Sun-Drieds, the Hearts of Artichokes"153
"To Market, To Market"154
"Work, Thank, Eat"155
"Crab Festival in Henderson, Louisiana"156
"Eating at Casa Blanca"159
Selections from "Asian Figures"163
"Saigon Market Peace Talks Sutra"164
"The Evening Toast"169
"Fat Poem"170
"Communion in the Asylum"171
"Black Cherry Ice Cream at Mercy Hospice"172
"Poverty Sucks"173
"A Poem for Will, Baking"174
"The Cookie Poem"176
"After the Reunion"177
"At Twig's End"180
"The Cleaving"181
Credits and Acknowledgment191
The Editors195
Graphic of cover from Food Poems #1196


O Taste and See: Food Poems, eds. David Lee Garrison and Terry Hermsen

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