Obama 2012: For a Compassionate America

Obama 2012: For a Compassionate America

by Jacques P. Ferraris

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Using any lies to demonize Obama, the conservative crowd tries to frighten the
American people by accusing him of promoting CLASS WARFARE. During his
inspiring State of the Union, the President clearly stated that he and Democrats
are not at all against financial success. On the contrary, we admire success AS
LONG AS IT IS OBTAINED HONESTLY. What we demand is a tax code revision so
that those, like Romney, who make millions annually from 'investments' will no
longer get taxed at a lower rate than Americans who must work for a living. Mr.
Romney only paid 13.9% on 40 + millions. If a group is promoting class warfare,
it is not the 99%; it is the 1% who successfully lobbied the GOP to lower the tax
rate on 'Investment/Capital Gain Incomes' to 15%. NOW THE GOP WANTS TO
LOWER THE RATE EVEN MORE! It is so repugnant that America's 2 richest men,
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet declared publicly that they should pay more taxes!
WB even cited his secretary who pays a higher tax rate on her 'EARNED INCOME'
$60,000 SALARY than WB's rate on his INVESTMENT INCOME of several millions.
Requesting an end to this scandal has nothing to do with Class Warfare. 'OBAMA
2012 lists all sorts of GOP outrageous lies and schemes to vilify President Obama.
The last chapter 'How Swede it is' shows how rational and compassionate politics
have transformed a previously poor country into a prosperous industrial giant
where people are totally free to succeed in business but cannot abuse anybody

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