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Obama, Mandela & Doctor King Jn: Inspirational Quotes to Inspire the World Today

Obama, Mandela & Doctor King Jn: Inspirational Quotes to Inspire the World Today

by Lobiane Francis Rakotsoane


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The world has seen many great leaders whose contribution to humanity's welfare has inspired people across racial lines, generational gaps and international boundaries. However, hardly has there been any one in recent times with such a highly inspirational leadership as Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. The quest of these three for global peace and prosperity for all as well as their identification with the rights of the poor and the marginalized of the world has earned them admirers the world over. The Nobel Peace Prize given to each of them by the world indicates just how much admiration they have enjoyed globally.
Their common message of hope in the world that is dominated by fear and despair has given and continues to give millions of those who suffer from all sorts of injustices, as a result of the current world order, a powerful inspiration and motivation that nothing is impossible where there is a will to succeed. No leader of African descent has captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future than these three. Their pithy and vivid quotes presented in this book are meant to inspire not only young and upcoming leaders, but everybody who reads this book so that the dream of a better world for all - a dream so well and eloquently articulated in their speeches, may finally be realized.
Inspired by King's speech, "I have a dream", both Obama and Mandela have managed to achieve what everybody else considered almost impossible. They have defied great odds to become the first Black presidents of their nations and have remained the envy of the world (each in his own right) despite the many unfounded racist attacks by their critics who carefully orchestrate them from time to time, in order to discredit them. It is hoped that in a world so full of depressing experiences as ours, a book like this will lead to the emergence of other great leaders in our communities. Imagine how different our world would be with more Obamas, Mandelas and Kings!

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