by Kayla Perrin


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After her husband confesses to a racy but ultimately unfulfilling affair, Sophie Gibson's rage leaves her raw, unable to process his attempt to repair the damage by suggesting she have her own tryst.

Soon, though, the idea of sex as retaliation begins to intrigue her—a no-strings-attached, sexually subversive liaison may be just what she needs before she can forgive Andrew. Hooking up with Peter, a dark and dangerous artist willing to push the limits of Sophie's lustful, quivering need, fits the bill perfectly.

Sophie's covetousness for Peter was always about experiencing intensity in the moment, but soon the affair runs its course and now it's time for her to focus on her future…with Andrew. Except, Peter is convinced he can't live without her. Then come the cards, the presents, the calls…the hint of a threat. One way or another he will have Sophie. Even if that means exacting revenge of his own.

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ISBN-13: 9780373605200
Publisher: Spice
Publication date: 08/26/2008
Edition description: Original
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.18(w) x 10.64(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Kayla Perrin has been writing since the age of thirteen. She is a USA TODAY and Essence bestselling author of dozens of mainstream and romance novels and has been recognized for her talent, including twice winning Romance Writers of America’s Top Ten Favorite Books of the Year Award. She has also won the Career Achievement Award for multicultural romance from RT Book Reviews. Kayla lives with her daughter in Ontario, Canada. Visit her at www.KaylaPerrin.com.

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Six weeks earlier…

I awoke to the sounds of fucking coming from the other room.

For several moments I lay on my bed, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. My right temple throbbed, evidence of too many margaritas that evening,and a general lack of sleep over the past few days.

Yawning, I rolled over and glanced at the bedside clock.

Three-thirteen in the morning.

"Right there…yes, right there. Ohhh…"

Despite my headache, I couldn't help giggling. Maybe Marnie thought I was dead to the world and therefore didn't think she needed to be quiet. Or maybe she didn't care. All I knew, as I lay there, was that she and the guy she'd picked up were screwing like this was their last night on earth—if the loud moans and screams coming from the other room were any indication.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me, baby!" Marnie screamed.

I hugged my pillow and closed my eyes, but I knew I wouldn't be getting back to sleep anytime soon. Not with the sexual Olympics going on in the next room.

I heard a consistent banging on the wall—likely the headboard. At least, I hoped it wasn't someone's body part hitting the wall. And how thin were these walls, anyway, that I could hear their every grunt and moan?

I debated getting out of bed and going to Marnie's bedroom door. But the last thing I wanted to do was embarrass her and the stud in the room with her.

So I stayed where I was, keeping my eyes closed and hoping I'd somehow be able to get back to sleep.

A loud crash in the next room had me bolting upright, alarm shooting through me. What the—


I lay back down. Whatever had happened, Marnie and her lover weren't concerned. The sounds of their lovemaking picked up right where they'd left off.

The moaning and groaning and occasional giggles had me suddenly missing my husband. Missing the way we were in the beginning. Spontaneous, and frisky, and a lot like Marnie right now— not caring who heard us if we were in a hotel fucking.

It had been four whole days since I'd seen him, since I'd left on this trip with Marnie, my long-time best friend, to Grand Bahama Island. Marnie had been in the dumps because she and her fiancé had broken up, and she needed a getaway.

I'd suggested this trip as a way to get her mind off of her heartbreak. And it had been a blast. Marnie and I had had a fun four days of partying like we were college kids with endless energy, and Marnie hadn't mentioned Brian once. I doubt that between ogling hot young men and downing flaming Sambuca shots she'd even had time to think about him. The trip had gone a long way to mending Marnie's broken heart.

I supposed that after being engaged for a couple of years, she was entitled to get her freak on.

Even if I was in the other room.

I couldn't help but listen to them, and I couldn't help feeling slightly envious. What I heard coming from Marnie's room was exactly the kind of sex I wanted to be having with my husband. After eight years of marriage, Andrew and I had fallen into a bit of a routine. Sex on Saturday nights. Sometimes Sunday mornings as well. It was a good week if we also got in a mid-week fuck.

At the beginning of our relationship, we used to go on lots of romantic weekend trips and screw like bunnies. With both of us working full-time now, that kind of spontaneity was impossible. But I still adored my husband, and he adored me. He could still look at me from across a room and make my body tingle the way he first had ten years ago in college.

I suddenly wanted to talk to him. Call him and have some spontaneous phone sex. Get him in the mood to give me the kind of homecoming I was craving.

Yes, it was after three in the morning, but that's what spontaneous was—not worrying about the time nor the place.

I used my cell phone, having learned that it was more expensive to use a credit card to call from the hotel phone. I punched in the digits to my home in Orlando, then lay back on my pillow as I waited for Andrew to pick up.

My lips were slightly parted, poised to say something dirty the moment Andrew answered the phone. But after four rings, it went to voice mail.

Disappointed, I sighed softly. I debated hanging up and calling him back. I wanted to tell him how much I wanted to touch him, stroke him. How badly I wanted him inside me. And while I was at it, I'd even ask if he would take a plane and meet me here, or meet me in Fort Lauderdale, where Marnie and I had boarded the Discovery Cruise Line to head to the Bahamas.

Spontaneity and all that.

But common sense got the better of me when the beep sounded and I heard my voice prompting me to leave a message. It was the middle of the night, and even though I was desperate to talk to him, I couldn't call Andrew back. It wouldn't be fair to him. He had to be up for work in the morning. Besides, I'd be seeing him in less than twenty-four hours.

Real sex would be far better than phone sex anyway.

Though I didn't think I would, sometime during the night I'd drifted off to sleep. I awoke with a start and found Marnie sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Morning, sleepyhead," she crooned when my eyes met hers.

I took a moment to register that she was really there, that this wasn't a dream. I could smell the fresh scent of some sort of floral soap, could see that her short black hair was wet and slicked back.Yep, she was definitely here. And she looked surprisingly well rested for a woman who'd spent most of the night screwing her brains out. Her dark complexion never gave anything away.

"You'd still be sleeping too if you were woken up by the sounds of serious fucking."

"You heard us?" Marnie asked, sounding surprised.

"You've got to be kidding. How could I not hear you?"

"Oops," Marnie said sheepishly.

"Is the room a total disaster zone or what? Cuz it sure sounded like you were doing some serious damage to it."

"We broke one of the lamps." Marnie spoke almost proudly.

"What?" But I was really wondering, how? "And you're smiling about that?"

"Don't worry. I already went to the front desk to let them know, and I paid to replace it."

"Oh. Okay." Though I was dead tired, I eased myself up on an elbow. Stretching, a yawn escaped my throat.

Marnie grinned from ear to ear."And trust me,I'm not smiling because we broke a lamp."

I shook my head in mock reproof. "I can't believe you're up already. After the workout you got."

"I know." Marnie sighed happily. "He only left an hour ago, so I knew there was no way I'd be getting any sleep if I was going to make it to that boat later today. I took a shower, had a couple cups of coffee and, amazingly, I feel fine."

"You'd never know. Not with that,'I've been fucked so hard, I could die a happy woman' look on your face."

"I know." Marnie giggled. "It was incredible, Sophie. Out of this world."

"You don't have to tell me. I feel like I was a spectator. All I was missing was the popcorn and the dildo."

Marnie roared with laughter. "I should be embarrassed—but, what can I say, I'm shameless."

I yawned again, then asked, "So you like this guy?"

"I like his cock. No, I love his cock."

Marnie had been my best friend since eighth grade, and we didn't have a problem speaking explicitly to each other. But if the parents of any of our students happened to overhear us talking when we were out on the town, they'd likely be pulling their kids from our classes.

Of course, we didn't have to worry about that here. And we definitely didn't have foul mouths when we were at the front of our grade-school classrooms.

"I do like him," Marnie went on, "but we leave today. Maybe if he lived in Orlando. Heck, if he even lived in the Bahamas. But he's headed back to the Dominican Republic the day after tomorrow."

"It was cute watching you two trying to talk to each other at the bar." What Soriano had lacked in language skills he had easily made up in charm. And that radiant smile of his hadn't hurt.

"At least he served his purpose," Marnie said. "Which was to totally get me to forget about Brian. I don't know if it's because this guy was a one-night stand, but nothing Brian did in bed with me was ever as exciting as what Soriano and I did."

"It probably was, in the beginning with Brian," I pointed out. "New sex and all that."

Marnie shrugged."Maybe. But now my body knows that there's life after Brian, and that that life can be quite exciting."

I smiled at my friend. For her sake, I was glad. For a good three months, she had moped over the end of her relationship with Brian, and she'd needed something to get her out of her funk.

She'd already had one marriage fall apart after her husband repeatedly cheated on her, and now that she and Brian had ended things, I knew she was depressed over the thought that she'd never meet her Mr. Right.

I sat up fully and swung my feet off the bed."I'm gonna go take a shower. Is there any coffee left?"

"I'll make another pot."

"Thank you, babe. I'm going to need it."

It was a little after nine in the evening when I pulled into the driveway of my Orlando home. My husband's Cadillac Escalade was there—as I'd expected on a Sunday evening—and excited, I sprinted inside. I wanted to throw my arms around his neck and kiss him until we ended up naked on the living room floor.

I was hoping he would have heard me pull up and be waiting for me at the door. He wasn't. But Peaches, our orange and white tabby, was. She purred in greeting, and I bent to give her a quick rub on the head before making my way into the living room.

Peaches followed me, clearly needing more attention. I needed Andrew.

But he wasn't in the living room. Hadn't he heard me? He had to be somewhere in the house, so why hadn't he come out to welcome me home? We hadn't seen each other in five days. Maybe it was a little corny, but I expected him to stop whatever he was doing and rush out to meet me. Sweep me in his arms and not let me go until we were both screaming as we came.

"Andrew?" I called. When he didn't answer, I frowned. Tonight, I wanted spontaneity. And creativity.

And sex all night long.

I wandered into the bedroom, where I found Andrew lying on the bed. My frown morphed into a small smile as I regarded him. He was on his back, his lips slightly parted as he snored softly.

"Oh, baby," I said softly."At least you're getting your rest, so you should be in full form when I wake you up."

The cat rubbed her body against my legs, purring. I bent down and scooped her up, then put her out the door and closed it.

"Sorry, Peaches, but I want no spectators for this."

I padded across the room to the bed and eased my body down beside my husband's. He didn't stir. I stretched out beside him and planted my lips on his.

Andrew jerked awake, his eyes widening as he saw me.

I giggled. "Hi, baby."

"Hi," he said, his voice hoarse, then cleared his throat.

"Looks like someone had a hard day," I commented. I placed my palm on his belly and kissed his chin."But hopefully your little nap helped you regain some energy."

"What time is it?"

"A little after nine," I replied. Now, I kissed his lips.

"How was your trip?"

"Fun. Marnie definitely had a good time." I smiled inwardly, remembering just how good a time, but I'd never share that with Andrew. "The trip was great for her."

"That's good, sweetheart."

Good? Why wasn't Andrew taking me in his arms and really kissing me?

I guess he was still groggy, but I was determined to wake him up. Lowering my hand to his groin, I stroked him through his pants. Then I pressed my mouth against his and kissed him deeply.

His cock hardened, and I purred, satisfied. Feeling a surge of feminine power, I eased my body onto his and straddled him. His hands went to my breasts, gently squeezing.

I gyrated myself against him, feeling his cock through my shorts. I moved my mouth from his, to his jaw, then to his earlobe, where I nibbled gently.

"I was having some naughty thoughts last night," I whispered.

He snaked his hands around my waist. "You were, were you?"

"Mmm-hmm." I pulled my head back to face him."I even called. But you didn't answer."

Andrew's hands stilled and he looked at me as if he wasn't sure he heard me correctly. "You called last night?"

"Yeah," I said.

"What time?"

"Late," I answered. "But either you were sleeping, or you were out on the town partying."

I was joking, but the quizzical look he gave me told me he didn't think I was. "I guess I was extra tired. It's been crazy at work with that convention going on. I ended up going in yesterday, since you weren't here.You should see insurance adjusters throw them back at the bar. And I thought they were dull."

I slipped my hand between our bodies. His cock was no longer hard. "Hey, big boy. What's the matter?" I pouted. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Of course I am." Was I imagining it, or did he sound a tad defensive?

"Then why is it taking you so long to get me naked?" With my legs straddling him, I sat up and pulled my blouse over my head. I made quick work of unfastening my braw. "Touch me, baby. Taste my nipples. I want you to fuck me so hard, you blow out my back."

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Obsession 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How would react if your husband admits to having an affair? Sophie Gibson is fit to be tired with rage and despair when her husband Andrew confesses his infidelity, while she was out of town with her best friend Marnie. When asked the question ¿why', of course the answer is ¿I don¿t know¿. Going through the motions of asking for forgiveness and apologizing for his transgressions, Sophie throws Andrew out of the house because she can¿t stand the sight of him. Having some moments of grief, she eventually perks herself up and decides to have a tryst of her own. Sophie and Marnie decide to live it up a little and get out and have some fun. She meets Peter an up and coming filmmaker, the attraction is mutual when there eyes made contact. She decides to give this one night stand a try, and ends up having an affair with him, thinking this will be a one night stand. Sophie ends up in lust and can¿t get enough of the endless sex and being treated like the queen which she wasn¿t getting at home. Little does she know that Peter is playing for keeps. He will do everything in his power to make it happen even if it becomes deadly. Obsession will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It¿s very erotic, leaving you wanting more and more. Very enjoyable read, with a twist of craziness. Nowadays you can¿t go around playing with feelings and emotions because you just might get what you ask for. Tangerine, Reader's Paradise Book Club
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Karyla is a new author that i happened upon and i find her style of writing very exciting. I would also recommend "never tell". A page turner for sure!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristopherStreet More than 1 year ago
Our bad choices allow for severe consequences that are mostly difficult to manage. Sex experiened out its proper context can be emotionally and mentally dangerous. This book depicts the unfortunate reality of unwise choices and the pain as a result. Another explosive point the book illuminates, abuse on any level is to be taken seriously!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kaileigh More than 1 year ago
This book did not start getting good until page 200. Seriously. It took too long to get to the point and it was definitely not a page turner. The whole book was describing every single sex scene and the main character really starts to get on your nerves. If you feel like you REALLY have to read it, get it from the library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book covers the realities of everyday relationships which I am sure a lot of people can relate to, or even see themselves in the characters. It has a good combination of romance and thriller. This is the first book I have read by this author and I look forward to reading more from her. This is one to add to your collection.
Steph_E More than 1 year ago
This book was great I loved it.. this was the first book I read by this author and it was well worth every penny of it. Lots of twist and turns and is def a page turner..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the Kissimmee area, teacher Sophie Gibson had thought her marriage was perfect. Thus she is stunned when her spouse Andrew rejects sex with her and soon he confesses he had an affair while she was away with her best friend Marnie. Sophie throws Andrew out and she goes through the phases of grief. First she is in denial then in shock and finally she considers having an affair though she has no candidates and besides a lover seems seedy and unsatisfactory.--------------- She begins to reconsider taking on a lover when Sophie meets brooding filmmaker Pietro call me Peter at the Blue¿s Club. Peter is blatant as to his attraction for Sophie and persuades her to share his bed. The sex is the best of her life not that she has had many mates to boast about. Peter fulfills her wildest fantasies. However, he is also demanding of her time and frighteningly morose and temperamental. Scared he might hurt her as she rejects some of his demands, Sophie ends their relationship, but Peter refuses to accept her finale insistence it is over between them.---------------- This is a terrific contemporary erotic character study starring a wonderful lead character struggling with betrayal and OBSESSION. The story line is driven by Sophie whose anger leads to her seeking solace elsewhere even though readers will not agree with her actions. Although the climax seems over the top with too easy of a resolution, fans will enjoy Sophie¿s groove taking her deeper into trouble------------. Harriet Klausner