Occasional Therapy for The Wedding

Occasional Therapy for The Wedding

by Ellyn Gamberg


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ISBN-13: 9780980249309
Publisher: Ellis & Young Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2008
Series: Occasional Therapy
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     xv
The Bride     1
Private Thoughts: Going Out of My Mind     3
Conflict Over Wedding Details     9
Practice Better Communication Skills     10
Confusion About Everything and Everybody     12
Anxiety Over Fear of Commitment     13
Recognize Your Patterns and Apply Behavior Modification Techniques     13
Thought Awareness     14
Fear of "Growing Up"     16
How Grown Up Are You Really?     17
Get in Touch With Your Inner Child Bride     19
Some Things to Think About     20
A Quick Self-Assessment     21
What Sorts of Thoughts Have You Been Having Lately?     22
What's Really On Your Mind     24
Visualize Your Wedding     25
Using Meditation to Relax     26
Meditation Techniques     27
Dealing With Your Family: War and Peace     29
Conflict With Your Parents     32
Conflict With Your Siblings     35
Conflict With Your Soon-to-Be New Family     38
Some Things to Think About     39
Issues With Your Friends: Drama and More Drama     41
Losing a Companion     44
An Increased Sense of Privacy Develops     44
Alone in a Crowd     45
Bad Reactions From Friends     46
Special Circumstances: Bittersweet Moments     49
Your Divorced Parents     50
When a Parent Can't Attend     53
The Estranged Parents     54
The Ex-Partner Dilemma     55
Concerns About ... the Groom?     56
Insights: A Dress Rehearsal for Life     59
It's Okay to Freak Out     61
Your Loved Ones     63
The Groom: With This Ring-I What?     65
Shared Decision-Making     71
Try Better Communication Methods     72
Talk About It     72
Learn the Art of Arguing     73
Making Too Many Concessions (Or, Losing an Argument Just To Get Out of It)     73
This Is Not a "Play-Off Game"     74
So, What Should We Be Talking About?     75
What About My Family?     75
Your Family's Influence     76
Different Background and Traditions     76
The Wedding-Obsessed Fiancee     77
Your "Problem" Friends-According to Her     77
Commitment Issues     78
Some Things to Think About      79
Keep Some Time for Yourself     79
Try Not to Be So Defensive All the Time     79
The Parents: Welcome to the Family     83
Changing Roles     86
Embrace Change     87
Recognition of Your Own Aging     87
Sadness Over Your Child's New Autonomy     88
Meeting the In-Laws     89
Doubts Over the Bride or Groom     90
Identifying With Yourself at This Stage of Life     90
Confusion About Your Role After Marriage     92
Conflict With Family Members     93
Your Role as Peacemaker     93
When the Relationship Is Very Strained: Reconciling With Others     94
Attempt Reconciliation     94
The "Real Peace" Comes From Within You     95
The Siblings: Rivalry Returns     99
Loss of the "Original" Family     103
Disapproval of Sibling's Choice of Mate     103
Competition for Parents' Attention, Acceptance, and Approval     105
The Couple     107
A Joint Session: So Happy Together     109
Arguments and Other Family Disputes     112
Listen to Ascertain the True Issues     113
Stop That Fighting Now! Develop Conflict Resolution Skills     113
Unsolicited Help and Advice     115
Setting Mutual Goals     115
Setting Boundaries     117
Recognizing Stress     119
Conclusion     123
Glossary     127
Resources     133

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Occasional Therapy for The Wedding 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TiffRN2b More than 1 year ago
This women claims to have sanity sessions for survival but all I did the whole time reading it was go insane. All the advice she gave was obvious nonsence that I could have told myself. This woman has no idea what she is talking about and should save the rest of the world from her terrible book by taking it off bookstore shelves. very unsatisfied customer.