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Occupy This Album


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Occupy This Album

The list of artists who contributed to the four-disc Occupy This Album, a sort of "soundtrack" to the Occupy Wall Street and 99% social movements, is pretty amazing, including tracks from Yoko Ono, Debbie Harry, Willie Nelson, Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Toots & the Maytals, Yo La Tengo, and Devo, among many, many others. This diversity is the strength of the set, with rap, hip-hop, electronic, and indie rock nestled alongside more traditional folk song fare, but it also means that out of some 79 tracks (the digital MP3 download features 100 tracks), only some will resonate with listeners. In truth, this set reflects the countless different circles and directions that make up the social movements it supports, and is less a soundtrack for those movements than it is a manifestation of them. Either way, as reggae greats Toots & the Maytals sing here, the world is turning.

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Release Date: 05/15/2012
Label: Razor & Tie
UPC: 0793018334624
catalogNumber: 83346

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nanci Griffith   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Arlo Guthrie   Keyboards,Vocals
Loudon Wainwright   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Barone   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Jackson Browne   Vocals
John Doe   Guitar,Vocals
Garland Jeffreys   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Graham Nash   Vocals
Lucinda Williams   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
David Amram   Piano,Vocals,Penny Whistle
Pete Levin   Hammond B3
Cindy Blackman   Drums
Jill Sobule   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Chapin   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
John Trudell   Spoken Word
Ani DiFranco   Vocals
Warren Haynes   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Rimbaud   Organ,Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Guy Forsyth   Harmonica
Ray Benson   Acoustic Guitar,Tambourine
Craig Bishop   Horn,Hammond B3
Mark Bosch   Organ,Piano,Electric Guitar
Candy John Carr   Percussion,Bongos,Drums
Elaine Caswell   Background Vocals
Lester Chambers   Spoken Word
David Crosby   Vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty   Drums
Dave Dreiwitz   Vocals,Upright Bass
Alexis Fleisig   Drums
Chris Fletcher   Bass
Sue Garner   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Goldenberg   Guitar
Sarah Lee Guthrie   Vocals
Ron Holloway   Tenor Saxophone
Georgia Hubley   Drums,Vocals
Victor Indrizzo   Drums
Rami Jaffee   Piano,Hammond Organ
Eli Janney   Bass,Background Vocals
Ira Kaplan   Guitar,Vocals
Lenny Kaye   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Kennedy   Bass,Electric Guitar
Greg Leisz   Electric Guitar
Val McCallum   Electric Guitar
Scott McCloud   Guitar,Vocals
Pat McInerney   Percussion,Background Vocals
Jack Petruzzelli   Guitar,Vocals
David Sanger   Drums
Tony Shanahan   Bass,Vocals
Patti Smith   Vocals
David Sutton   Bass
Jim Thomson   Group Member
Don Was   Bass
Glenn Fukunaga   Bass
Caleb Hanks   Vocals
Brian Kelly   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Plati   Synthesizer
John Wade   Drums
Carolyn Wonderland   Guitar,Trumpet,Vocals,Background Vocals
Sadat   Vocals
David First   Guitar,Vocals
John Conte   Bass
Johnny Temple   Bass
Maura Kennedy   Guitar,Tambourine,Background Vocals
James Lavelle   Group Member
Anti-Flag   Percussion,Various
RIck DePofi   Horn,Tenor Saxophone,Hammond B3
Jay Rodriguez   Saxophone
Annie Guthrie   Vocals
Clifford Carter   Organ
Kevin Tooley   Drums
Norm Block   Drums
Alex Emanuel   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Bass Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
DJ Logic   Turntables
Jeff Mattson   Guitar
Rain Phoenix   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Yousif Sheronick   Percussion
Ruthy Ungar   Vocals
Doug Pettibone   Guitar,Mandolin
George Martinez   Vocals
Butch Norton   Percussion,Drums
Tim Watson   Bass
Rick Brown   Drums,Vocals
Donna Kelly   Drums
Brett Hestla   Bass,Guitar,Background Vocals
Jeff Young   Organ,Piano,Vocals
Jennie Arnau   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Edwards   Keyboards
Joel Rafael   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Klein   Guitar,Vocals
Rich Mercurio   Percussion,Drums
J. Walter Hawkes   Trombone
Matt Pierce   Vocals
Alan Lerner   Drums
Mike Fowler   Bass
Brian Karp   Bass
David Maurice   Moog Bass
Dafna Naphtali   Vocals
Tim Curry   Background Vocals
Ruthie Foster   Background Vocals
George Mitchell   Bass
Kyp Malone   Vocals
Jason Borger   Piano
Jamaica Rafael   Violin,Vocals
Black Dragon   Percussion,Vocals
Jay Frederick   Drums
Pablo Clements   Group Member
Greg McMullen   Guitar
Eric Brigmond   Keyboards
Michael Merenda   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Michael Lowry   Vocals
Real Live Show   Vocals
Christopher Snyder   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Alethea Mills   Vocals
Michael Moore   Vocals
Oz Noy   Guitar
Stephanie St. John   Vocals
Karen Johnstone   Keyboards,Vocals
Lee Nadel   Bass
David Palmer   Tack Piano
Brooklyn Youth Chorus   Choir, Chorus
James Swinburne   Saxophone
Daniel Littleton   Vocals
Daniel Quinn   Vocal Harmony
Frosty Lawson   Horn
Matt Pless   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Mystic Bowie   Vocals
Gavin Clark   Vocals
Joe Guerra   Bass,Vocals
Chris Nelson   Tambourine,Vocals
James Griffith   Vocals
Rabbi Darkside   Vocals
Matt Cooker   Cello
Thomas McIntyre   Drums
Tyler Kweder   Vocals
Justin Francis   Percussion,Various
Bernard Gann   Bass
Shelley King   Background Vocals
Daniel Lancaster   Guitar,Vocals
Evan Bradford   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Matthew Moadel   Drums
Kevin McCormack   Bass
Cole El Saleh   Keyboards
Machan Taylor   Background Vocals
Tom Lewandowski   Group Member
jeremy bernstein   Vocals
Michael DeLorenzo   Drums
Stephan Said   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Mauricio Lewak   Drums
Matthew Billy   Guitar,Drums
John Mills   Saxophone
Grady Dennis   Tambourine
Ron Johnson   Bass
Brian Griffin   Percussion,Drums
Abe Guthrie   Keyboards
Dan Komin   Bass
Ayler Young   fender rhodes
Carl Johnson   Guitar
Jane Cole   Drums
Todd Michaelsen   Vocals,Various
Rich Pagano   Drums
Roni Pillischer   Drums,Vocals
Terry Hall   Drums
Aaron Steele   Drums
Chavonne Stewart   Vocals
Illspokinn   Vocals
Luke Schwartz   Bass,Vocals
Bret Kunash   Vocals
Jesse Jones   Vocals
Frank DiNardo   Vocals
Jameson Watral   Vocals
Gabriel Aldort   Piano,Vocals
Paul Spitz   Spoken Word
Jay Samel   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Djembe
Lauren Diamond   Vocals
Kanaska Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Matthew Mallol   Guitar
Matt Hixon   Bass,Vocals
Martin Jørgensen   Group Member
Marshal Dylon   Keyboards
Liz O'Donnell   Vocals
Krishna Guthrie   Guitar
Kevin Twigg   Drums,Vocals
Kevin Hunter   Mandolin
Kendall Small   Background Vocals
Jon Patton   Mandolin
John Paul Manley   Guitar,Vocals
Jodi Gold   Vocals
Jenny Electrik   Theremin,Moog Synthesizer
Jeff Railsback   Vocals
Jeff Berksley   Percussion
Jason Polo   Guitar
Jason Olshan   Guitar,Vocals
Seth Mysterka   Guitar
Sam Pitt-Stoller   Acoustic Guitar,Group Member
Robin Setal   Bass
Ray Calendar   Trumpet
Ralph Merigliano   Keyboards
Rafael Cintron   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Paul Miller   Guitar
Patrick Hambrick   Guitar
Patrick Guyers   Drums
Nick Hallett   Vocals
Mira Hirsch   Vocals
Mike Kiramarios   Saxophone
Mike Katzman   Organ,Keyboards
Miguel Alvarado   Saxophone
Michael Perlman   Vocals
Michael Areethituk   Guitar
Matthew Walsh   Group Member
James MsNew   Bass,Vocals
Jack Barrett   Group Member
Iddan Brown   Vocals
Harold Jorge   Vocals
Gabi Acosta-Cohen   Group Member
Eric Weinrib   Vocals
Dhruv Kumar   Vocals
David McTiernan   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Dannielle DeAndrea   Vocals
Cristobal Cintron   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Clara Guererro   Vocals
Chris Kuklis   Guitar
Cedric Diaz   Keyboards
Caitlin Oliver-Gans   Group Member
Brendan Picone   Bass
Brandon Wind   Rhythm Guitar
Billy Seidman   Guitar,Vocals
Zack Leopold   Group Member
Zac Pless   Bass,Drums
Terrence Higgins   Drums
Tallin Lamonaca   Percussion,Drums
Steve Plekan   Bass
Sonny Hopkins   Drums
Becca Fox   Group Member
Alexia Chakour   Background Vocals
Adam Mantovani   Bass
Greg Fox   Drums
Nigel Hall   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Nanci Griffith   Composer,Producer
Willie Nelson   Composer
Arlo Guthrie   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Loudon Wainwright   Arranger,Producer,Adaptation
Richard Barone   Composer
Jackson Browne   Composer,Producer
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions   Composer,Producer
Bob Dylan   Composer
Garland Jeffreys   Composer,Producer
Graham Nash   Producer
Lucinda Williams   Composer
Jill Sobule   Composer
Yoko Ono   Composer
John Trudell   Composer
Ani DiFranco   Composer,Producer
Girls Against Boys   Composer
Warren Haynes   Composer
Dar Williams   Composer
Mike Rimbaud   Composer,Producer,Engineer
C.C. Adcock   Producer
Ray Benson   Composer
Mark Bosch   Producer
Neil Brockbank   Engineer
Fernando Bustamente   Composer,Producer
Lester Chambers   Producer
David Crosby   Composer,Producer
Paul Dieter   Engineer
Don Fury   Producer,Engineer
Eli Janney   Engineer
Pete Kennedy   Producer,Engineer
Rich Lamb   Engineer
Ian Lawrence   Composer
Pat McInerney   Producer
Tom Morello   Composer
Dirk Powell   Engineer
Nick Sansano   Producer
Johnny Lee Schell   Engineer
Fred Smith   Composer
Patti Smith   Composer
Hal Willner   Producer
Caleb Hanks   Composer,Producer
Brian Kelly   Composer
Mark Plati   Additional Production
Carolyn Wonderland   Composer
Our Lady Peace   Composer,Producer
Stephen George   Producer,Engineer
Paul Savage   Engineer
Sadat   Composer
David First   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Maura Kennedy   Composer,Producer
UNKLE   Producer
James Lavelle   Composer
Joseph Arthur   Composer
Anti-Flag   Composer,Producer,Engineer
RIck DePofi   Horn Arrangements
Robin Eaton   Composer
Mike Napolitano   Producer
Stephan Jenkins   Composer,Producer
Mogwai   Composer
Henrik Drescher   Artwork
Alex Emanuel   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Art Direction,Sleeve Photo
Jason Kibler   Composer
DJ Logic   Producer
Rain Phoenix   Composer
Tao Rodriguez-Seeger   Composer
Kid Loco   Producer
Scott Vanderpool   Producer
George Martinez   Composer
Anthony Russo   Artwork
Chris Grainger   Engineer
Dave Way   Engineer
Ronny Elliott   Composer
Brett Hestla   Producer
Harry Hayward   Composer
Jennie Arnau   Composer
Joel Rafael   Composer,Producer
Alex Grey   Artwork
Rich Mercurio   Engineer
Ladytron   Composer,Producer
Amy Nelson   Composer
David Maurice   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Nickodemus   Composer
Mammals   Composer
Daniel Hunt   Producer
John Dwyer   Composer
Immortal Technique   Composer
Jesse Nichols   Engineer
Jason Lader   Producer
Pablo Clements   Composer
Colin Marston   Engineer
Michael Merenda   Composer,Engineer
Christopher Snyder   Composer,Producer
Chris Woodhouse   Engineer
Taj Weekes   Composer
Eric Gorman   Remixing
Dylan Chambers   Composer,Producer
Florence Reece   Composer
Hezekiah Jenkins   Composer
Aeroplane Pageant   Composer,Producer
Howard Miller   Composer
Barbara Jean Morrison   Composer
Matt Pless   Composer,Cover Art
Robert Grossman   Back Cover
Middle Eight   Composer
Samuel Sellers   Composer
Thee Oh Sees   Composer
Jasiri   Composer
Barny   Engineer
Julie B. Bonnie   Composer
Paul Frye   Producer,Engineer
Chauncey Yearwood   Composer
Evan Bradford   Producer,Engineer
Little Girl   Composer
Brian Lozenski   Composer
Frederick Hibbert   Composer
Malik Burke   Composer
J. Griffin   Composer
Stephan Said   Composer
Ted Niceley   Producer
Matthew Billy   Composer,Producer
John Mills   Horn Arrangements
Ric Schnupp   Engineer
Deborah Harry   Composer
Todd Michaelsen   Composer,Programming,Engineer
Graham O'Brien   Composer
Charles W. Nieland   Composer
Brian Gitkin   Composer
Brian Daigle   Composer
Gabriel Aldort   Arranger,Composer
Jay Samel   Composer,Producer
Born I Music   Composer
Lauren Diamond   Composer
Kanaska Carter   Composer
Maegan Hayward   Producer,Liner Notes
Lori Karpay   Liner Notes
Lauren Kolesinskas   Artwork
Kevin Madigan   Engineer
Karen Pals   Administration
John Paul Manley   Composer
Jay Chung   Composer
Jason Samel   Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Jason Olshan   Composer
Shirley Menard   Producer,Liner Notes,Legal Advisor
Rafael Cintron   Composer
Music for Occupy   Producer
Michelle Rogers   Liner Notes,Artwork
Michael Sappol   Composer
Michael Perlman   Composer
Michael Patrick Lyons   Liner Notes
Matthew Walsh   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jacob Hempbill   Composer
Harry Alexander Hayward   Composer
Godfrey Smith   Composer
Godfather Sage   Composer,Producer
Gary Braglie   Composer
Fitzroy Campbell   Composer
Eric Weinrib   Producer
Emma Ikediashi   Composer
Elijah Amitin   Composer,Producer,beats
Dylan Egon   Artwork
Dan Choma   Composer
Cynik Lethel   Composer,Producer
Cristobal Cintron   Composer
Corey Lima   Composer
Clara Guerrero   Composer
Chuck Dunahm   Composer
Christopher Cox   Composer
Chris Reagan   Composer
Bryan Berry   Composer
Brian Susko   Composer,Producer
Billy Seidman   Arranger,Producer
Steve Connely   Producer
Starna Productions   Producer
Basic Tracks   Engineer
Barry Perlman   Legal Advisor
Andre Jonson   Composer,Producer
Richard Levengood   Engineer

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