Occupy Women: A manifesto for positive change in a world run by men

Occupy Women: A manifesto for positive change in a world run by men

by Maureen F Fitzgerald
Occupy Women: A manifesto for positive change in a world run by men

Occupy Women: A manifesto for positive change in a world run by men

by Maureen F Fitzgerald


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Why women are still at the bottom

Despite the promises of the suffragists and feminists women today are still at the bottom. They are at the bottom of corporations, the bottom of family units and the bottom of society. As a group, women have less money, influence and opportunity than men and men continue to hold the bulk of power in business, politics and economics. Women continue to be subjected to violence, objectified, sexualized and sold for their bodies. What went wrong?

Most people like to think that women have achieved equality and really only suffer in rare situations, inside families or in remote parts of the world. We think that advocates for women will eventually succeed in securing equality for women and that feminism is unnecessary.

So why is progress so slow?

What many people do not know is this: academics have been studying the sociology, politics and economics relating to women for many years. These experts know exactly why women are not advancing in their homes, in their communities and in society. They know precisely what’s really holding women back.

This book is a synthesis of this research, written in plain language. It provides a succinct summary of the barriers and, more importantly, an action plan consisting of 21 strategies to be used by anyone wishing to advance women, including:

  • acknowledge our thousand-year-old hierarchy
  • challenge male privilege
  • end media sexualization and stereotyping
  • explore our fear of strong women
  • honor feminine intelligence

In an intelligent and compassionate manner, Fitzgerald taps the wisdom of hundreds of authors including Anne Wilson Schaef, Riane Eisler and Marianne Williamson. This book is a manifesto for every woman, man and child. It should be read by anyone who truly wants women to reach their full potential.

Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, LLM, JD, BComm is a Gender Diversity Advisor, former lawyer and law professor. She is the author of twelve books, practiced law for 20 years, has two law degrees, a business degree and a doctorate degree. She is one of Canada’s most articulate and outspoken advocates for social justice and equality.


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Table of Contents




Part One The Hidden Secret

  1. Acknowledge Our Thousand-Year-Old Hierarchy
  2. Uncover Our Hidden Cultural Rules
  3. Challenge Male Privilege
  4. Balance Masculine and Feminine
  5. Question the “Femininity Message”
  6. End the Media’s Stereotyping
  7. Don’t Expect Women to Be Beauty Models

Part Two Loss of the Feminine

  1. Eradicate Pornography and the Sexualization of Women and Girls
  2. Challenge the Tyranny of Niceness
  3. Value the Intelligence of Emotions
  4. Remember Women’s History
  5. Explore Our Fear of Strong Women
  6. See the Link Between Power and Violence
  7. Ensure Women Participate in Daily News

Part Three A Male-Female Partnership

  1. Understand What True Equality Means
  2. Embrace Divine Feminine Power
  3. Engage Men and Boys
  4. Use Language that Includes Women
  5. Create an Occupy Women Movement
  6. Help Women Be Small “p” and Big “P” Political
  7. Imagine Women as True Partners


Occupy Women: A Manifesto for Equality

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