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Ocean of Consciousness: The 756 Names, Qualities, and Attributes of Mirabai Devi

Ocean of Consciousness: The 756 Names, Qualities, and Attributes of Mirabai Devi

by Rama Pemmaraju Rao


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Mirabai Devi is a deep and profound teacher, who is an embodiment of the Divine
Mother. She holds various healing and enlightening aspects of the infinite cosmic feminine principle to bring her power, talents, and gifts to global humanity. She is one of the original female mentors and guides of Dr. Rama Pemmaraju Rao, who in working with her for a time, has been inspired to channel these 756 names, attributes, qualities, and descriptions about her Higher Self-essence.

In this fascinating book of 756 lines (108 lines for each of our 7 energy centers), Dr. Rama eloquently writes in a unique form of fused poetry/prose about profound areas of truth, healing, awakening, and enlightenment Mirabai and other Divine Mothers throughout the centuries harness into their own system to serve as instruments to send their love, blessings, spiritual power, and Grace to help uplift humanity on all levels. It is all a sacred and deep process where there is no beginning and no end to understanding the greatest mysteries of Spirit and Source.

Enjoy this powerful work that ultimately brings about our own remembrance of our Higher Self. Although tailored by her Heavenly guides to describe her and her mission, these descriptions also pave the way to remember each and every one of us is also the essence of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Yet, our ultimate enlightened essences are beyond both, as we realize we are ourselves the Divine Source. Reading or chanting these lines out loud brings about an instantaneous sense of joy, wonder, astonishment, love, and light as these lines are suffused with the blessings of high guides and guidance for the benefit of all. These lines indeed create an energy link to Universal Devine Feminine, which is none other than an integral facet of our own higher self.

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ISBN-13: 9780986128592
Publisher: HHPublishing
Publication date: 04/25/2016
Pages: 122
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About the Author

Dr. Rama is a physician, evolving humanitarian, teacher (by being a perpetual student), creative artist and inspirational guide.

He is board certified in Child Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry as well as the newer and also evolving American Board of Holistic Medicine. He has board re-certification currently pending in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Rama has been inspired throughout his life in many ways to the conscious journey of the awakened heart and expanded mind to rediscover Spirit within. He has learned and strives for a renaissance of the heart in health, healing, Spirituality and Medicine, in that the entire, vast field, despite diversity of method and theory, has the opportunity to remember that the original purpose of Medicine is to remember and rekindle the return of the "Divine Feminine" to health and healing. Read more about his ideas for the new Enlightened Medicine Paradigm on website.

The return to this original foundation of unconditional love is the core of Enlightened Medicine and that its principles of cure and healing are based in Spiritual power that fuels love, compassion, understanding, creativity, mercy, empathy and all other Higher Self qualities. The return of the Divine Feminine is the return to the softer side of emotions, connection with Nature and her messages and secrets along with nurturing and intuition that has been lost in today's patriarchal Medicine that is based on hard facts, regimented treatments, fear, domination, and rigid control.

This Universal Spirituality based in unconditional love is the source for the ultimate prevention as well as the alleviation of the core disease of suffering and unhappiness, whether one treats with conventional or other natural forms of Medicine.

Over time, he has studied and has worked with his medical teachers in all areas of health along with many meditation masters and inspiring guides that have inspired him to begin a focus and path to create a new paradigm of enlightened Medicine and Psychiatry. With humor, experience, creativity, love, and knowledge, he hopes to awaken a remembrance that at the heart of Medicine is the idea and practice that conscious enlightenment, (the ever expanding heart and mind), heals body and that a sound body fosters conscious enlightenment. This dance between healthy body and expanding, positive consciousness in the Light- is the balanced play of optimal health and well being.

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