Ocean Village: The Jonah Boyd Finnegan Story

Ocean Village: The Jonah Boyd Finnegan Story

by Geri Owen

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Ocean Village: The Jonah Boyd Finnegan Story is the second in the Ocean Village series. In the first book Ocean Village: A Love Story We've All Dreamed of, we are introduced to Jonan through the main character Dani Abate. She befriends the ol' sailor and both their lives are drastically changed forever. The Jonah Boyd Finnegan Story begins in Dublin Ireland in the 1800s. Travel along Jonah's very descriptive Irish life as he is born in to a poor family living in a village in Dublin Ireland, live the emotions of the sacrificial task of taking a journey of a life time to the states arriving at the New York Harbor and passing through Ellis Island. We then will follow Jonah as he discovers the life of a sea man and eventually the love of his life, Siobhan Ciara Wellington in Hilton Head S.C. Their lives will take them through many things in life and they end up settling in Ocean Village. Due to an untimely tragedy, Jonah will find himself facing a life of seclusion and isolation for 10 years in a small cabin on the shores of Ocean Village. Then along comes Dani, Sam, Jones and the others as the book ties up all the ends right there on the shores of Ocean Village. This story, much like the first, is filled with fictional and true historical facts and a bit of foreign language. It will bring the reader through many emotions and build a love for all the characters just like in the first book.

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ISBN-13: 9781545441435
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Publication date: 05/30/2017
Pages: 288
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