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Oceanic Whitecaps: And Their Role in Air-Sea Exchange Processes

Oceanic Whitecaps: And Their Role in Air-Sea Exchange Processes

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ISBN-13: 9789400946699
Publisher: Springer Nature B.V.
Publication date: 03/14/2014
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.65(d)

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The life and science of Alfred H. Woodcock.- Scientific papers of Dr Alfred H. Woodcock.- Wave group statistics.- A parameter describing overall conditions of wave breaking, whitecapping, sea-spray production and wind stress.- On Chamock’s relation for the roughness at sea.- Bubble clouds: a review of their detection by sonar, of related models, and of how Kv may be determined.- Bubble populations: background and breaking waves.- On reconciling optical and acoustical bubble spectra in the mixed layer.- The contribution of bubbles to gas transfer across an air-water interface.- Oceanic air bubbles as generators of marine aerosols.- Whitecaps, bubbles, and spray.- Statistical aspects of the relationship between oceanic whitecap coverage, wind speed and other environmental factors.- Characteristic features of a wind wave field with occasional breaking, and splashing droplets at high winds.- Surface tension effects in nonlinear waves.- The effect of organic films on water surface motions.- A model of marine aerosol generation via whitecapsand wave disruption.- The production and dispersal of maritime aerosol.- Dynamics and modeling of aerosols in the marine atmospheric boundary layer.- Whitecaps and global fluxes.- Comparisons between electrical processes occurring over land and over water.- Atmospheric electric space charge near the ocean surface.- Satellite measurements of aerosols over ocean surfaces.- Remote sensing signatures of whitecaps.- The influence of whitecaps on the albedo of the sea surface.- Abstracts of Poster Papers.- An attempt to determine the space charge produced by a single whitecap under laboratory conditions.- Acoustic propagation in liquid containing gas bubbles: effect of the bubbles’ size and distribution.- The generation, transport and deposition of marine aerosols: a turbulence modeling study.- Momentum flux in wind waves.- Further experiments with a laboratory breaking wave model.- Whitecaps,-m windspeed and marine aerosol inter-relationships as observed during the 1980 STREX experiment.- Aerosol measurements at a remote coastal site.- Bubble coalescence in sea-and freshwater: requisites for an explanation.- The distribution of aerosol over sea and ice.- The complex refractive index of marine aerosol constituents.- Whitecap coverage measurements using an airborne multi-spectral scanner.- Oceanic whitecaps: their effective reflectance.- Aerosol populations in the marine atmosphere.- The influence of fetch on whitecap coverage as deduced from the Alte Weser Light-station observer’s log.- The effect of stability on the concentration of aerosol in the marine atmospheric boundary layer.- Sodium chloride and water temperature effects on bubbles.- Bubble generation by surface wave breaking.- Bacterial enrichments in the aerosol from a laboratory breaking wave.- Supplementary Bibliography.

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