Odd Uncle Charlie: The God We Rarely Spoke About

Odd Uncle Charlie: The God We Rarely Spoke About

by Richard N Fyffe


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Odd Uncle Charlie is a book about the Holy Spirit, the God we rarely talked about. To me, the Spirit was like a strange relative, that family member we didn't know very well, like an odd uncle. I didn't grow up knowing the Holy Spirit, but my journey to discover who he is has blessed me much, so I wrote a book!

Readers will:

  • Discover that the Spirit is anything but an odd family member.
  • Learn that he is God, of the Holy Trinity, and therefore divine.
  • Develop a closer connection to the Spirit.
  • Learn how to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Odd Uncle Charlie

  • Will make you think, laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two.
  • Unpack how the Spirit has always been available to help.
  • Inspire you to know him better and to love him more.

This book will help you to see who the Spirit truly is, the divine gift of God, a gift that guides, helps, and comforts.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732117907
Publisher: Richard N Fyffe
Publication date: 05/30/2018
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

I have been married for 40 years, in ministry for 38 years, a father for 34 years, and a believer since the womb. I've done missions in Mexico, Haiti, and China, and have appreciated the Holy Land on several occasions. Writing this book has been an adventure, a true spiritual quest, for who knows the Spirit well enough to write a book about him? Anyway, the adventure has blessed me. The most interesting thing about me are my kids. I live in Houston, Texas, but as often as humanly possible, I'll be fly-fishing the rivers of the Colorado Mountains.

Table of Contents


1 - A Few Words About Uncle Charlie 6

The Holy Spirit In The Hebrew Scriptures 12

2 - Will the One God Please Stand Up? 12

3 - The Breath of God 27

4 - The Spirit of God's Glory 33

5 - Who Received the Spirit? 41

The Holy Spirit in the Jesus Story 54

6 - The Messiah's Holy Spirit 54

7 - The Spirit at the River 63

8 - The Spirit in the Desert 71

9 - The Spirit on the Mountain 82

10 - The Spirit at the Cross 94

The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts 107

11 - While They Waited 107

12 - Are You Restoring the Kingdom? 113

13 - What Does This Mean? 132

14 - Brothers, What Shall We Do? 141

15 - The Holy Spirit's Church 150

16 - The People Who Lied to the Spirit 160

17 - The Great Sorcerer 174

18 - Is The Holy Spirit Gentile? 186

The Holy Spirit in Paul’s Ministry 196

19 - Temples of the Holy Spirit 196

20 - There's a Holy Spirit? 209

21 - Be Filled with the Spirit 216

The Holy Spirit in the Believer’s Life 231

22 - Fellowship with the Spirit 231

23 - Pleasing the Spirit 238

24 - Building a Relationship with the Spirit 243

25 - Keeping the Fires Burning 253

26 - The Spirit's Portrait 261


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