Odyssey of Love

Odyssey of Love

by Geeta Bhandari

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This book is my second attempt to celebrate the pastiche of finest human emotion that is love. I must admit that it is very tedious for people to get the story of their life right, because it is so subtle and complex. The paradisal innocence and guilelessness of the cosmos and the power and glory of relationships have their own illusions and disillusionment, but they are the way of our life—all true and real—wherein love comes as a magic wand, setting aside regret, reproach, and grief. Life goes on and is frequented with unknown minds. Emotions enter, sometimes confronted with compassion and pity, making us vulnerable. And one is forced to say: If thy unworthiness raised love in me More worthy I to be beloved of thee. (William Shakespeare) What emerges from all this is remarkable—indeed unique. Love is a healer, and this is vehemently expressed by one and all. Love is a real mystery, which made Keats cry: O for a life of sensations Rather than of thoughts. The impetus for writing this book sprang from my growing realization that love is the only hope in this pernicious and deleterious world of today. Some may find love gibberish, panoply of emotions, or a clap trap, bringing butterflies and jingles in the heart, but it certainly ennobles man. Looking on what I have done with my life, today, I believe I have probably raised a premeditated exaltation to the perennial cause of joy, something which has made me feel humble as and when it possessed and overpowered me. The poetess speaks of love, wondrous love, and looks upon spring as the divine manifestation and is an eternal naysayer to pessimism. The war of emotions that the human heart is persistently engaged in and the gutless modern men lacking in passion and compassion reinforce her faith and hope for the second world. Amen. T. S. Anand, editor, Literary Voice “Odyssey of Love is a pious and secular peregrination goaded by the disquieting magnetism and charisma of love” (Dr. B. L. Chakoo, professor emeritus).

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ISBN-13: 9781524509767
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 09/23/2016
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About the Author

Dr Geeta Bhandari is senior faculty member of SDP College for Women, Ludhiana, India. She specializes in the aesthetics of modern British fiction and has added to the corpus of Iris Murdoch’s criticism with her first book, The Novels of Iris Murdoch, which was published in 2009. She is an associate editor, Literary Voice. Odyssey of Love is her second attempt wherein she treats metaphysics, the nature of self, being, existence, time, and space as the ultimate underlying principles of life and reflects how they steer and guide mankind towards morality. She explores the attempts of man, which he makes for self-perfection, and discovers the beauty of the human soul and magic of love that characterizes his life. She feels self-surrender in love can lead to ultimate and unlimited reality. She endorses Murdoch by saying that it’s only through the celebration of love and freedom that we can understand the ‘otherness’ of other human beings.

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