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Of Life, Love and Family

Of Life, Love and Family

by John Tracy Wilson


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Aren't all relationships overrated? Are you frustrated in your relationships with family, friends, love interests and even God? Isn't the level of grief just too great? Hurt and pain are more likely to be the abundant yield than any lasting happiness or joy. Cynical? Maybe...but it's an easy opinion to endorse until you're brought to the realization that life is all about relationships.

In John Tracy Wilson's new book, he transparently bares his discoveries on building relationships that are life-changing. This book is for everyone who craves the richness that comes from knowing your life has meaning. As John says: "Whether idyllic or defective, relationships are the fabric of life. We are the threads that determine how the pattern of that fabric will take shape."

He shows us how we can find more joy, happiness and inspirational encouragement, while also voicing a few words of cautionary warnings to heed. He reminds us to once again begin understanding and appreciating what we have. To discover, maybe even for the first time, what we want in our lives, even when others and the world itself, are so negative. If you want to bring more depth and meaning to all of your relationships, you have found the perfect book!

Author Bio: Recipient of the AMG Heritage Award for "Author of the Year," John Tracy Wilson is a man with a heart to share his experiences and the insights he's learned in life to build stronger families and relationships within our communities. Isn't that what life is truly all about - our relationships? The reality is, the legacy we leave behind when we depart from this earth will be found within the quality of our relationships.

His mission of bringing hope, encouragement, and real world relevancy began with songwriting and performing, where he took his music to real people living real life. While sharing his experiences about life, love and family, his fans found honest connection inside the depth of the lyrics, becoming inspired as they identified with his stirring message.

Seeing this impact generated the desire to author a book - an avenue where a wider scope of wisdom and understanding could be communicated without the restrictive constraints that encompass the configuration and structure of a song. Now in addition to Licensed Minister, Songwriter and "Musicianary," he has included Author to his bountiful credits and skills with a book cleverly written by way of real world insights that delve into the core and essence of what makes our most important relationships thrive with success.

keywords: Family, Relationships, Parents, Parenting, Inspiration, Love, Hope, Encouragement, God, Christian Living, Legacy

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ISBN-13: 9781622873487
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication date: 06/27/2013
Pages: 110
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