Of Rats and Men: The Last Man's War

Of Rats and Men: The Last Man's War

by Todor Bombov


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In a dark future, human society is deteriorating as outdated infrastructure fails and toxic pollution leeches into everything. Successive nuclear power plants have melted down, cities generate electromagnetic fields that emit strong radiation, and poisonous chemicals are carelessly discarded.

Deep beneath the streets of cities all over the world, ordinary grey rats have been continuously exposed to these combined toxic influences. For over forty years they have been evolving, increasing to the size of sheep as well as developing an unbelievable physical strength and intelligence.

As the giant mutant rats spread, mankind is faced with a desperate war for survival. But this war will be unlike any ever fought; this will be a war of species and worlds that will call into question the very meaning of being human.

Of Rats and Men is a reflection on the origin and the decline of the man as species. It is a short story of rats and men, of God and man and of robot and men! This short story is a call to action and a deep philosophy, simultaneously.

"Of Rats and Men is a really creepy book, right from the first page. I mean that as a compliment. Author Todor Bombov taps right into our deepest primal fears and then multiplies them by hundreds, thousands, millions. Rats the size of sheep?! One shudders at the thought, again and again.

Bombov predicts an evolution of rats into a human-rat prototype and vividly describes the dark underground labyrinths of sewers where the rats evolve and reign. What can possibly stop them? Perhaps the ultra-intelligent Diogenes? The author imagines a really scary version of that millennia-old battle between civilization and the dark side when 'men had become captives of their own recklessness.' It doesn't look like civilization is going to win this one."

- Pamela Jaye Smith, Mythologist, writer, international speaker-consultant, award-winning director-producer, and author of five books for media-makers. Founder of MYTHWORKS

Todor Bombov was born in Varna, Bulgaria. He has worked as a customs officer for over twenty-two years, and holds degrees in economics and computer technology. Mr. Bombov devotes his free time to writing and enjoying the Black Sea. Of Rats and Men is the author's third book; in Bulgaria he has previously published a science fiction novel as well as an economic and political analysis of ex-socialism in Eastern Europe.

Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/TodorBombov

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ISBN-13: 9781622122752
Publisher: Strategic Book Group, LLC
Publication date: 12/17/2012
Pages: 20
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