Of Scars and Stardust

Of Scars and Stardust

by Andrea Hannah


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ISBN-13: 9780738740829
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 10/08/2014
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Andrea Hannah (Novi, MI) graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in special education. When she's not teaching or writing, she spends her time running, traveling, and attempting to keep her pug out of the refrigerator.

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Of Scars and Stardust 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Thrilling and delightfully unpredictable, Of Scars and Stardust was a wonderful YA read. From the constant threat of danger, to the compelling mystery, the shocking secrets, and the sweet romance, this book was fantastic. I really liked this book. Claire was a lovely heroine. I liked how protective she was of her sister and how determined she was to keep Ella safe. Her character harbored some truly surprising secrets that made her very interesting. I thought she was great. Grant was a sweetie. I loved how he was determined to stand by Claire's side, even as the town branded her as a crazy murderess. He was very endearing and sweet and I totally adored him. The romance was very cute. It wasn't the main focus of the book, but it added some lightness to a rather dark book. I thought it was sweet. But, that ending has me questioning the entire relationship. The plot was slow to start. I was't fully engaged in the story for about the first half, because it took a while for the mystery to be established. But, then the plot picked up and I was hooked the rest of the way through. The thrills kept me on the edge of my seat, with the threat of danger and constant suspense. The secrets revealed in this book were shocking and I never saw any of them coming. The story was engaging and the ending took my totally by surprise. This book definitely doesn't fall into predictability! Of Scars and Stardust was a wonderful YA thriller. I really liked this book. With the thrills, secrets, and sweet romance, this book was thoroughly enjoyable. YA lovers, this is a book worth checking out. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Flux and NetGalley.) 15-year-old Claire is devastated when her younger sister is attacked and she finds her bleeding in the snow the next morning. Claire is convinced that the wolves in the woods surrounding her town are the culprits, but nobody else will believe her. Are the wolves to blame? And what can Claire do to stop them attacking again? This was a really good mystery story, and I liked how it kept me guessing right up until the very end! Claire was a character that I loved, but at the same time didn’t really trust. I felt heartbroken for her in the way she found her sister, and then felt her confusion and pain after the event. Her fear concerning the wolves was so real and so raw it was easy to see why she was so focused on saving people from them, and was so convinced that wolves were responsible for the attacks in her town. The storyline in this was good, and I liked the mystery and suspense. I seriously could not turn the pages fast enough to work out what was going on, and who or what was responsible! And those wolves certainly felt like they were breathing down my neck too! There was a touch of romance, but that wasn’t the main storyline, so understandably took a backseat to the rest of the story. The ending was good, although I would have liked slightly more explanation over exactly what happened, but there was enough for me to make an educated guess. This really was a great mystery/suspense story though, and I highly recommend it! Overall; great mystery/suspense, 8 out of 10.
ROLaughlin More than 1 year ago
This book was intense. It gripped me hard and seriously hurt when it was over. The writing wrapped me up like a pair of mittens or something--confining in a comfortable way. I was aware that there was something going on just off screen that I wanted to know about, but could never grasp with certainty, and the ebb and flow of what felt like information and what felt like skewed understanding was not only shudder-inducing, at times it was downright disturbing. The unreliable narrative could be frustrating to some, but really, the voice was grand and engrossing. Claire's priorities and fears were mine, and it made the book a joy to read paragraph by paragraph. I often found myself staring at a sentence before I moved on because it was so pretty. The other characters were real enough to jump off the page--Grant, Ella, Rae, and even Claire's parents. I especially wanted to just hug Grant at any given moment. He's such a sweetheart. I was tied up in knots, expecting action and resolution, and then the end just depressed me. I don't even know what I wanted! Something more dramatic? Tragic? Bloody? At any rate, the wrap-up felt more literary than anything I've read in a long while, and that alone was a good surprise. Nothing about Of Scars and Stardust is run of the mill--a good reason to give this soulful debut a read. For sheer enjoyment factor, I hope there will soon be more Andrea Hannah on my shelf!
skizzles22 More than 1 year ago
While I wasn't sure of my feelings in the beginning, that quickly changed once the pace picked up and all of the mysteries are unraveled. I really liked the main character's voice, Claire Graham. At first, I wasn't really connecting with her. She felt very distant and her character was kind of guarded. There were moments I wasn't happy with her choices and didn't sympathize with her as much. But I think she had great growth as a character. And I also think she was supposed to be a kind of unreliable narrator, especially once the story starts to unravel and Claire becomes caught up in her sister's disappearance and her quest for the truth. And she pulls Grant into that quest with her. There is something about Claire that annoyed me a little bit, when it came to how she responded to the other characters in the story. It was just sort of an apathetic, and she always seemed disconnected from everyone and everything. It made me wish that the secondary characters had been a deeper part of the story, even though this was a mystery and was mostly about her sister's disappearance. Speaking of sister, I was hoping for a bit more with Ella but I understand why she wasn't a huge part of this. And though I wish that Claire's and Grant's relationship had given me more feels, I think it was really sweet and not too much or not too little. I love how Grant stayed by her side through everything, even when truths come to light and they're both no longer sure what is actually going on. The plot was so twisty and mysterious and just freaking awesome. The way the author wove all of the elements together, and the way she played up the suspense kept me intrigued the whole way through. I was constantly guessing what was going to happen and being mostly wrong. And, without giving anything away, I just have to say that I loved how she wrote a certain element of the story. In way too many books I've read, it's never been written that well, which is why I so appreciated how she handled it all. Although I was a little disappointed with the ending, I thought it was kind of perfect for the story, if that makes sense. I think I know why she chose to end it like that, but there are still so many parts of this story that I'm confused about. I buddy read this with my friend and we both realized that there were quite a few elements of the story that were left way too open for the both of us. We're a little confused. But, even with the confusion, I still loved this. It's been a long time since I've read a book that has surprised me as much as this one had. Of Scars and Stardust had a slow beginning, but once the story picked up, it became a need for me to find out what was happening and what was real. And I'm still unsure about how much of this was real, but like I said, I don't even care about that. This was a very good, well-written mystery that kept me guessing the whole time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BookLoversLife1 More than 1 year ago
I have no idea what to say about this book. I finished it a few days ago and I've sat down staring at the screen a lot trying to come up with my thoughts on this. My initial thought while reading was "what is going on", then when I finished was "what just happened", then when I thought about it more was "wow". It's one of the most uniquely thought provoking, compelling books I've read in a long time. I don't even know what to make of Claire. She is very protective of Ella yet lets her walk home alone through the cornfield at night!! Then she doesn't realise Ellas missing till the morning. She was selfish in some aspects and then completely different in others. I do think though that it added to the whole feel of her character and made me understand a lot at the end. I loved Grant both when he was younger and when Claire went back. You can see he has feelings for Claire but nothing comes from it because of what happened to Ella and Claire being sent away. Then when she comes back Grant is really the only person who believes her about the wolves and he sticks by her side throughout everything. He was a sweetheart. I loved seeing his relationship with Claire grow but after that ending I'm questioning everything about him!!! While the book is slow to start it still sucks you in. Right from the start you are drawn in with the exquisite writing and dark atmosphere. Its a very compelling read and one that I had no idea where it was going. Usually when you read a book you can kind of see where its going but not so with this, its so complicated and the author gives nothing away till the end!! I loved that aspect of it, it was intriguing and thrilling. I went into Of Scars and Stardust having no clue what it was about because I didn't read the blurb and I think that helped. Its such a unique and quirky book that its better off not knowing and that way it will blow your mind like it did mine.  Overall Of Scar and Stardust is a refreshingly unique read. Its complicated yet thoroughly compelling. It will leave you breathless with its exquisite descriptions and tense with the necessity to see what happens next. Its a truly different book and one I'm still thinking about even a week later. I'd highly recommend!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent and original story of sisters, wolves, and tragedies.
LKopans More than 1 year ago
This is an incredible book to get lost in. Andrea's writing is gorgeous - somehow complex and ethereal at the same time, giving us enough information about Claire and what is going on around her that we can picture her, feel her pain and panic, worry that she'll never be content again. But the real beauty of this book is that, even though she is a unique character to say the least, there is a little bit of Claire Graham in every one of us. We've all loved someone so deeply that we would do anything for them. We've all known the guilt of a split second decision gone wrong. We've all felt the panic of instinctively knowing there was more to the story than what others were willing to share with us, and grasped for our role in something too messy for us to comprehend. But Claire is special, because she never gives up. You will root for her and ache for her on her search to find out what really happened to her sister, and by the end of this dreamworld of a book, your heart will find some measure of peace with hers, too. Block out a long afternoon to cuddle up with a blanket and this book. Don't forget to leave time for the book hangover I almost guarantee will follow.
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
Rich with Emotional Drama and Action I would like to thank Flux and NetGalley for granting me a copy of this e-ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. Though I received this e-book for free that in no way impacts my review. Goodreads Blurb: "After her little sister mysteriously vanishes, seventeen-year-old Claire Graham has a choice to make: stay snug in her little corner of Manhattan with her dropout boyfriend, or go back to Ohio to face the hometown tragedy she's been dying to leave behind.  But the memories of that night still haunt her in the city, and as hard as she tries to forget what her psychiatrist calls her "delusions," Claire can't seem to escape the wolf's eyes or the blood-speckled snow. Delusion or reality, Claire knows she has to hold true to the most important promise she's ever made: to keep Ella safe. She must return to her sleepy hometown in order to find Ella and keep her hallucinations at bay before they strike again. But time is quickly running out, and as Ella's trail grows fainter, the wolves are becoming startlingly real. Now Claire must deal with her attraction to Grant, the soft-spoken boy from her past that may hold the secret to solving her sister's disappearance, while following the clues that Ella left for only her to find. Through a series of cryptic diary entries, Claire must unlock the keys to Ella's past—and her own—in order to stop another tragedy in the making, while realizing that not all things that are lost are meant to be found." This book has more twists and turns than a switchback-covered, hairpin-filled road winding through the Italian Alps. The core group of characters are Claire and her younger sister Ella, as well as Rae and her younger brother Grant. All are in their early- to mid-teens at the start of the story. A story that ultimately revolves around local legends, legends Rae took great pleasure in telling to Claire and Ella. Only Rae's versions were filled with outrageous embellishments. Right there is a huge clue that something's not right in the town of Amble. Wolves with a thing for cherry-flavored items, human flesh, and the color periwinkle - who would believe such tall tales? It seems Claire, and by extension, her younger sister Ella got caught up in the stories. It didn't help that Rae reveled in telling them to the sisters just to watch them squirm. But she unknowingly set something in motion; she had no idea just how deep her tales had sunk their claws into the sisters, or what the ultimate outcome of her teasing would cause. On her way home from a secret party for Claire's fifteenth birthday Ella is attacked by the wolves. Claire found her in the cornfield and lost it. Due to her unrelenting hysteria, and to give Ella some peace and quiet in which to heal, Claire is sent to NYC to live with her aunt. Two years go by with no visits home. But Claire no longer notices how long it's been because she's too busy worrying about the wolves that have somehow followed her to the City. Then the phone call comes, changing everything. Ella has disappeared. Claire knows the time has come for her to go back home to find the truth. And if she's going to rescue her sister she has to work fast. Claire is an incredible earnest character, one who is believable even when she's spouting the unbelievable. She wholeheartedly believes it is up to her to rescue Ella, a task she sets to with a will. Along her journey she learns many things, for she is adamant about learning the truth once and for all. The town and home she returns to has both changed dramatically and not at all. Grant, Rae's younger brother and the boy Claire has had a crush on since she can remember, is now a deputy in training for the Amble police department. But he still cares about Claire, and he's willing to do what he can to help her out. It turns out that he too has a vested interested in discovering the truth. Amble keeps her secrets close, and woe to anyone that crosses the will of the town of Amble. These people never forget and never forgive. A lesson Claire is learning the hard way. But what she learns is not just about herself. During her investigation she discovers many hidden truths: truths about herself, Rae, Grant, Ella, even about her parents. The complex characterizations make this an exceptionally fascinating read. It is well enough written that as the reader it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Since the reader usually has much more information than the characters, what Ms. Hannah pulled off is a complicated and challenging literary feat. Even if you begin to suspect a certain truth, each time you think you know for sure something comes along to put you off-balance again. So you keep going forward in your deductions, only to be pushed right back to where you started. All courtesy of a fine steel-like thread of confusion interwoven throughout the entire book. Although this book is more of a character study than an action tale, there are moments of high action and drama that will more than keep you mentally alert. Trying to keep up with Claire's thoughts is like trying to rake leaves on a windy day, not only is it challenging, but it's also probably pointless. Like the leaves, everything will settle down in the end. But you won't get neat and tidy piles in either situation, because neither the leaves nor Claire work that way. While not the most uplifting or cheerful book I've ever read, this was well worth the time, and without a doubt a book I shall be recommending widely.