Of Streets and Stars

Of Streets and Stars

by Alan Marcus
Of Streets and Stars

Of Streets and Stars

by Alan Marcus


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New edition of Alan Marcus's 1960 second novel, Of Streets and Stars, a poetic description of the lives of those who work and live in the artificial Hollywood film world.

"A novel of dazzling originality, written with compassion, sometimes with wild humor, always in the beauty of simplicity." - Dorothy Parker

"The literary sensation of the year. . . . His style is spare, lean, staccato. Jagged cutting in and out of scenes, in the manner of a skillful director, gives the book a breathless momentum. It needs to be read carefully, but the effort will be handsomely repaid." - The New York Times

"I have as high an opinion of this talent as anything I have encountered in a long while." - Saul Bellow

"The writing is at once easy and precise - that magical conjunction almost no one hits . . . brilliant insights, brilliantly caught. I read it with more than pleasure." - Archibald MacLeish

"A truly original and sensitive novel . . . the work of a very powerful talent." - Harvey Swados

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ISBN-13: 9798218005634
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Publication date: 07/05/2022
Pages: 322
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