Off The Record: Secrets To Building A Successful Retirement and a Lasting Legacy

Off The Record: Secrets To Building A Successful Retirement and a Lasting Legacy

by Adam Cufr


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Adam Cufr is a man of two passions – music and finances.  As a longtime drummer and retirement advisor, he sees parallels between those worlds. He understands rhythm and structure, harmony and tempo. He can inspire you to orchestrate the retirement of your dreams.

The founder of Fourth Dimension Financial Group and a frequent media commentator, Cufr has met many people as they embark on this new phase of life.  Retirement is an exciting time of freedom and growth, but Cufr knows it can also be a troubling one. So many worries can keep you awake at night: Will the market crash again? Will inflation and taxes pick your pocket? Will you have enough to live well the rest of your life? What if you or your spouse gets sick?  Cufr can help you cut through the complexities to find clarity.  

The rules have changed.  Once, you were building for the future.  Now, the future has arrived. If you continue to invest the way you did when you were younger, you could jeopardize your life savings.  You need to put that nest egg to work so that it takes care of you for a lifetime, with a legacy beyond. Cufr can show you strategies and tools that work – and steer you away from danger.  You deserve peace of mind.
In Off the Record, Adam Cufr explains the four dimensions of retirement preparation – income planning, risk management, tax strategy, and estate planning.  Above all, retirees must recognize the importance of time itself – often considered the fourth dimension in our 3-D world.  Finding the right pace is critical to success in our financial lives.

It all starts with understanding yourself.  Cufr emphasizes the need to set clear goals for retirement.  He will work with you to figure out just what you want out of life, and then help you rally your resources to get it.  First, he will make sure you can meet your daily income needs. Then, it’s onward to the dreams.

Adam Cufr knows what life can throw your way.  He and his family have had their own share of challenges – and they have made him stronger and better able to guide you through this new dimension of retirement.

Foreword by Lee Powell

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Publication date: 12/15/2013
Pages: 152
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