The Officer Says I Do

The Officer Says I Do

by Jeanette Murray

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He's a Marine...she grew up on a commune.

He always puts duty first...she's a free spirit with an unshakable belief in Fate.

He loves routine and order...she brings chaos and creativity wherever she goes.

They're going to balance each other perfectlyor drive each other completely, utterly insane...

On a wild pre-deployment celebration in Las Vegas, Captain Timothy O'Shay encounters free-spirited beauty Skye McDermott, and for once lets down his guard. Now his life is about to take off in directions he never could have imagined...

"Like a cup of hot chocolate, The Officer Says I Do is warm, sweet, and spicy."—Mary Margaret Daughtridge, bestselling author of SEALed Forever

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ISBN-13: 9781402265402
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 07/03/2012
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.00(d)

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Chapter 1

Timothy O'Shay was positive of one thing.

He would be dragging his friends' drunken asses out of a ditch before morning if things progressed the same way the rest of the night.

"Twenty!" Dwayne crooned next to him. Whenever D drank, his southern accent only became thicker until it was all twang. If someone wasn't careful, they could easily take Dwayne for an idiot. Big mistake.

"Twenty-one. Sorry, sir," the blackjack dealer said in a monotone voice before sweeping a crestfallen Dwayne's chips away.

Somewhere else in the casino, a siren alerted to a slot machine winner. The sound seemed to rub the loss in Dwayne's face as he scowled more.

"You're going to lose everything you have on the last night in Vegas," Jeremy warned. Not drunk, but plenty buzzed, he seemed to be slowly working his way toward the hammered side of life.

Since Tim had zero intention of using his last night of pre-deployment leave on babysitting their drunk asses-again-he shoved Dwayne until he tumbled out of the chair. "Grab some food to soak up the keg in your stomach. I'm not hauling you around by your shirt collar for what's left of leave."

Tim loved his friends like brothers. Meeting them in The Basic School was the best thing that had happened to him, to all of them. But often their fondness for free-for-all fun led to more problems than good times. Tim's tendency toward moderation and keeping a cool head kept them out of hot water more than once.

"Tim, let me borrow a few more bucks."

"And watch you lose my cash as fast as you lost yours? Hell no." Tim made another modest bet and watched as he broke even with the dealer. Unlike Dwayne and Jeremy, Tim was about to leave Vegas with the exact amount of cash he entered it with. Moderate play and moderate drinking ensured he never played too deep.

Moderate. The story of his life. Hard to shake the "play it safe" feeling when your entire life in the Marines consisted of just that. But then again, if he wasn't willing to play nanny to the two boobs he came with, they'd all be knee-deep in shit.

"Bet your own cash, then. It's our last night," Jeremy reminded him as he doubled down on his next hand.

"I am betting my money, Jer. And I'm doing just fine without a drunken Statler and Waldorf in my ear."

"Statler and who?" Dwayne asked.

"The Muppet hecklers, you idiot," Jeremy shot back.

"Both of you knock it off," Tim started. "I'm not going to-" He cut off, turning his head to follow a woman who passed behind the table, headed toward the slots. She was tall, her head high, and she floated more than walked. A thick mass of chestnut curls rioted down her back, almost covering her bare shoulders.

"Tim. Earth to Timmy." Jeremy waved a hand in front of his face.

Tim slapped it away and snapped, "What?"

"You're daydreaming and the dealer's waiting."

"Oh, sure. Right." Trying to find the brunette again, he shoved some chips out in front without counting. Jeremy whistled and Dwayne muttered a curse, but he didn't take his eyes away from the hunt. She must have slipped down an aisle of slots.

And why did he care? One woman, one night. In the end it amounted to nothing.

"Congratulations, sir."

"Holy shit," Jeremy breathed next to him.

Dwayne slapped his shoulder. "That was some playing, bro."

Huh? Tim looked down and saw that instead of his normal modest bets, he'd shoved almost three hundred dollars in for the hand. And won.

Holy shit indeed. He could have lost three hundred dollars and never even realized it. A cocktail waitress bent over to hand Dwayne the whiskey he'd ordered. Tim grabbed the glass first and tossed the drink back. The burn down his throat only ignited the adrenaline that was blazing low in his gut.

One shot wouldn't kill him. He wouldn't lose control from one shot.

"Do it again," Dwayne encouraged. His friend was starting to sound less sloppy, more like his normal good ole country boy self.

"Are you crazy?" Tim asked. "I could have lost that entire thing!" And why, when the thought should have been a cold wake-up call, did the fear thrill him, just a little?

"That's why it's called gambling," Jeremy pointed out. "Don't be a pussy. Do it again."

"You two are nuts."

Jeremy grabbed his wrist in a tight grip. "If you lose, I'll pay you back every penny," he muttered in a low voice.

"What the hell has gotten into you?" Tim started to scrape his chips into the palm of his hand. Maybe he could catch up with the hot brunette before she got too far away. Playing all or nothing wasn't his style. Never had been. Measured risks made him a good officer and kept his ass out of trouble.

"Place your bets, gentlemen," the dealer intoned over the clang of another winning alarm bell somewhere in the slots section. Where his anonymous woman had disappeared to. Where he was heading.

"You have spent the entire trip playing nanny. And don't pretend you haven't."

"Someone has to," Tim grumbled. And yeah, it grated just a little that even if he wanted to have fun, it wouldn't be possible. Not with his two friends always being the first to sign up for Party Mascot.

"And we love you for it. But it just occurred to me that while you're babysitting, you're not having as much fun." Jeremy took the glass of Jack and Coke and pushed it in front. When Tim stared at him, he motioned to the glass. Tim took a sip, then a gulp.

"Place your bets." The request was more forceful.

"Hold on," Jeremy shot back, then faced Tim. "Do this. You're my best friend. You need to live. For one fucking night, stop thinking about what can go wrong. We have seven months in Afghanistan to worry about that. Have fun and let go. Don't be a pussy; just go for it."

Let go. It sounded like heaven. And really, if Jeremy was going to pay him back, was it really that much of a risk? For one night, he could act a fool like his friends normally did and worry about the consequences later.

He took all of one second to debate. He stole Dwayne's shot of tequila, ignoring Dwayne's protests, and tossed it back, adding to the burn of whiskey. Then he shoved his pile of chips forward.

"All in."


"Do you hear that?"

Skye McDermott turned to her best friend, Tasha, and asked, "What?"

"That noise. Coming from the tables. Sounds like someone's going to win big," her friend replied.

Skye checked her watch and tried to remember what time the show started. "That happens. It's a casino, after all," she pointed out.

"Do you wanna go watch?" Jessie asked.

Skye watched as she came up broke on the slot and swiveled on the stool. "This is girls' night out. Do you really want to spend it watching some fat, balding CPA have a lucky streak at cards while he pinches the waitresses' butts?"

"Girls' night out. As in the three of us. And two want to go. GNO is a democracy," Tasha said with a smile. "Come on. If it's boring we'll come back."

Skye heaved a sigh but followed in their wake, winding through the rows of slot machines. Just go with the flow. There was likely a reason her friends were so insistent, even if they'd never find out. Fate was weird that way, and like an experienced cardsharp, she didn't always show her hand.

Pulling her hair off her neck for a moment, she gave another sigh-this one of pleasure-as the cool casino air hit her hot skin. The curse of thick curls. She debated pulling it up in a ponytail but didn't bother. She pulled a few strands loose that were caught in her large hoop earrings.

"Can someone remind me why we didn't go elsewhere for our GNO anyway?" Jessie asked. "How much of a night out is it if we hang where we work?"

"We work at Cloud Nine, the restaurant. Just because it's inside the casino doesn't mean we work here on the floor," Skye reminded her. "And it's good to show support for our employer."

"Spoken like a true manager," Tasha teased, then stopped short. With a wide grin splitting her beautiful face, she pointed. "Now tell me. Does that look like a balding CPA?"

Skye glanced around her and saw the blackjack table causing the commotion. A crowd had formed in a semi-circle, completely enamored with the action. And no wonder.

Three men sat at the table meant for eight, but only one was actually playing the game. The one on the left was the largest of the three, his height evident even though they were sitting down. His grin was a bit loopy, as if he was fighting off a good drunk. The one on the right was smaller for sure, more lean than large. He was concentrating hard on the dealer's hands, as if memorizing every move. His body almost quivered with anticipation with each card pulled.

But the man in the middle grabbed her attention and held on tight. Military short, light brown hair, eyes that took in everything, and a mouth that she could watch for hours. He wasn't handsome in an obvious way. And nobody would dare call him pretty. But he was tempting all the same. He looked... relaxed. One arm draped over the back of the tallest one's chair, the other rested on his thigh. No tense energy, no anxiety, as if it was no big deal that he'd just laid down a two-hundred-dollar bet on a ten-dollar table. And he played with reckless abandon. No rhyme or reason. No pattern.

He lost a hand, and his smile quirked to one side as if to say, Can't win 'em all. When he won, he grinned like there was no point in playing it cool. He didn't play to the small crowd. In fact, the whooping, cheering horde of people behind him ceased to exist in his world. He was simply having fun for fun's sake. The lack of a plan, the absolute abandon that he played with was more attractive than his pile of chips. His easy laughter was infectious, and she found herself smiling along.

"The guy has absolutely no method to the madness," Jessie said in a murmur. Of the three women, she would be the one to know. Jessie was obsessed with poker and all things related. Skye didn't often gamble. Not with cards, anyway. Her philosophy was that life itself was the big gamble. Everything else sort of paled in comparison.

"I'll take the big sexy one on the left," Tasha said. She was almost rubbing her hands together with glee.

"I want the lean, mean one on the right," Jessie replied. Then without waiting for her, they slipped through the crowd, abandoning Skye behind the dealer.

Those two were man-eaters. Some women might pick a man out of a crowd and only dream of snagging him. These two made it an actual habit. She watched while they weaved through the tight crowd until they stood behind the shoulder of their designated men.

Skye rolled her eyes. There went the designated girls' night. The poor boys had no chance. Not that they'd mind getting caught. Nobody ever minded getting tangled in Tasha and Jessie's web.

After a moment, she watched Tasha lean over, her breasts close to the big one's face as she shook hands with the table's other two occupants. The tallest, of course, looked like he'd entered heaven. Then her friend nodded her head, and man in the middle glanced up.

The look of instant recognition shook Skye. It was as if an electric shock ran through her from fingertips to toes, and she had to rub her arms to settle the goose bumps that rose. Positive she'd never met the man before in her life, Skye was tempted to check over her shoulder. But instead she couldn't escape the man's gaze. It was intent, focused, like she had a target painted on her forehead and he was ready to take aim.

Something both alarming and somehow serene sounded in a corner of her mind. Like this was a significant moment, to pay attention. Skye never ignored those warnings. Like déjà vu, people all too often dismissed things that they find were important later.

So when the man smiled and motioned for her to join them, it never occurred to Skye to say no.

Fate is never wrong, her mother used to say. It's just waiting for you to catch up. After being dragged to the blackjack tables by her friends, she couldn't ignore that Fate had a reason for her to meet this man.

She slowly made her way through the crowd, apologizing and weaving until she stood behind the man in the middle, waiting for him to finish his hand.

Jessie grabbed her arm, as if anchoring her there. "Skye. Finally. This is Dwayne, that's Jeremy, and this one with the impressive winning streak is Tim."

Tim turned around, his eyes searching her face. Did he feel that same moment of instant recognition too? Was he trying to place her, make sense of the feeling?

"Skye?" he asked. His deep voice flowed down her spine, gave her the shivers. When was the last time a man's voice-a man's anything-gave her such an immediate physical response?

That would have been the week before never.

She shrugged. "It's whimsical, I'm told." Then she grinned when he laughed. She liked his laugh. Quick, full, rich like chocolate.

"So, Whimsical Skye, are you here to be a good luck charm?"

"Looks like you're doing pretty well for yourself without my help," she pointed out.

He shrugged, as if the cash in front of him wasn't the point, and drank half of whatever was in the glass in front of him. "I'm having fun."

Ah, she liked that answer. She liked him. "In that case, I'd love to be your good luck charm for fun."

Tim motioned something to the dealer that had the crowd-and his friends-groaning.

"You're giving up? Tim, come on, man!" the one named Jeremy said. "You were on a roll!"

"I think I'm going to roll a different direction," Tim murmured just loud enough for Skye to hear.

She shivered in response. Her night out was turning into much more than she ever expected. Not that she was complaining. Between relationships, things could be lonely. A little weekend fling might be a nice, uncomplicated way to spice things up for the moment.

Mom was right. Follow the signs, follow Fate. When you least expected it, She dropped something you didn't even realize you needed right in your lap.

Tim pushed his chips forward to the dealer, exchanging them for a smaller, more manageable handful of large denomination chips. Seeing that he was done, the crowd had already dissipated. Vegas tourists had the attention span of a second grader without his ADHD meds. Skye stepped back to give Tim some room, but he grabbed her hand before she got too far away.

"Stay close," he said. It was an order, not a request.

"Are you my designated keeper?" she retorted, though the order gave her another shiver.

"I am tonight," Tim replied. He motioned something to his friends who nodded. Jeremy leaned in to speak in his ear, but Tim shook his head and waved him off. "I'm good." When he glanced down and saw she hadn't moved, he smiled. The look was predatory, pure male satisfaction. "Very good."

With that, he turned on his heel and headed toward the closest cash-out counter. She walked with him, but only because he had an iron grip on her hand and it was either follow or be dragged caveman style.

"We're heading to X-cess!" Tasha called out behind her, naming the popular nightclub also housed within the casino. "Call me if you need me!" When Skye glanced back, all she could see were four blurs moving toward the hotel's largest nightclub.

Abandoned. Tasha and Jessie were in a matchmaking mood tonight. Otherwise they wouldn't have dared leave her alone with a stranger.

Skye stood back a few feet while Tim spoke to the cashier at the window, then a manager. Some papers were thrust at Tim, and he scratched on them with a pen for a few moments and then passed them back. He walked away, slipping what looked like a room card in his pocket.

"Comped room?"

He gave her a strange look. "Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Isn't that how it always works?" she said vaguely. Of course she knew. She was an employee. A one-night stand didn't require she share her life story.

Tim pulled his hand back out of his pocket, the room key still in his hand. Long, tan fingers flipped the card over, rubbed the smooth glossy finish, traced the edges of the plastic. Those fingers-and the not-so-PG images they were creating in her mind-could do some serious damage to her self-control. What little she had.

"Do you believe in following signs?"

Skye's breath caught in her chest. "Yeah. I do." Talk about a big, neon marquee.

Tim nodded silently, still staring at the room key. Was he going to ask her up? That's where this was all heading anyway, right? A night of pleasure before he went back to wherever he came from.

Not that she did that often. Rarely, actually. Skye was more of a relationship person. But she was also a woman, and between boyfriends she never felt like there was much wrong with enjoying herself.

But Tim called to her senses like no other man had before. And walking away without even seeing if one night was an option would have been almost painful.

"Ever realize that you've been watching life instead of living it?" He looked at her, but his eyes weren't seeing her. Skye would have guessed waving a hand in front of his face wouldn't have fazed him. It was like he mentally left the building.

"Kind of a philosophical question for the first meeting, don't you think?" she teased, hoping for a reaction.

He gave her a grin and she relaxed. "You're right. Screw being philosophical." Before she had a chance to say anything in response, he grabbed her wrist and tugged her around a corner. In the shadow of a potted palm tree, he gently nudged her back against a wall. "Just need to see," he murmured and then his lips were on hers.

The bright casino lights, the buzz of voices, the clanging of bells and wailing of sirens all faded to nothing, as if they'd stepped in a bubble built for two.

Skye wasn't one to lie to herself. She could play the outraged damsel, she could act the indignant uptight woman. But since she was neither, and because it was exactly what she wanted, she only wound her arms around Tim's neck to bring him closer. To encourage.

Not that he needed the encouragement. The man was taking what he wanted whether she agreed or not. His tongue licked the seam of her lips and dove in without waiting for her to catch up.

He tasted like whiskey, and he felt like velvet. Large hands circled her waist and pulled her against him. The outline of his erection was hot against her hip, and she felt powerful. One palm coasted up her ribs until he cupped her breast, then thumbed her nipple through the thin material of her tank top. The other lifted the hem of her shirt up. Just enough to have her gasping, wondering how far he would go. But he only let his thumb rub the skin of her lower stomach. Nothing more.

All smooth and sensual, the kiss wasn't meant to make her knees weak. No, it was meant to strengthen her enough to handle what followed. This wasn't the main course. It was the appetizer.

Thank you. Thank you, Fate, for bringing me this fine specimen.

He murmured something in her ear, but she couldn't hear it.

"What?" she asked. Oh God, was that her voice? It sounded so thin, so vague.

"I said marry me," he said and bit her earlobe.

Marry? Did he just ask-no, tell-her to marry him?

What the hell, Fate?

"Um..." She tried to form a complete sentence, but her mind was slipping into some hazy alternate universe. A universe where, apparently, the thought of a forever commitment with a complete stranger wasn't enough to send her screaming into the night.

"I have never felt this pull before. And tonight is about living. And we're in Vegas." He took a good nip on her throat and soothed the spot with his tongue. The hand on her breast tugged until her tank neckline lowered. Until his hand was cupping her bra and not her shirt. Oh God, he was going to undress her in the hallway. And she was going to let him.

Skye let her head fall back until it thudded against the wall. Was this what Fate was planning the entire time? Was the fact that she hadn't said no automatically a sign?

"I don't know anything about you," she said weakly. Weakly, as if she was losing power by the second.

"Thirty-one. Never married. Clean bill of health. Captain in the Marine Corps. Twenty-nine Palms. Last name O'Shay." He ended each description with a pinch of her nipple, a twist of the flesh.

She was drowning. That's why her lungs were working double-time to drag air in. No other explanation.

"Not going to share anything?" His other hand scooted up to her bottom rib, taking her shirt with it.

"McDermott," she managed to breathe out. "Twenty-eight. Restaurant manager. Never married."

"Sounds good to me," he said. One knee pried her legs apart until she was riding his thigh. The pressure between her legs was a torment. "Feels better."

On that, she couldn't disagree.

"Well?" he asked against her lips.

Fate is never wrong.

Skye took a deep breath. "Yes."

Fate is just waiting for you to catch up.

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"I can't wait to read the next in the series." - Red Heads Review it Better

"The Officer Says "I Do" is a sweet and romantic story about a boy and a girl who meet and marry, then fall in love. Not quite the usual way things happen, but who's complaining?" - Drey's Library

"I could not put this book down. I read it in a day because I just wanted to see what was going to happen next." - My Secret Romance Reviews

"This is shaping up to be an absolutely fabulous series. Bravo, Jeanette!! " - Smitten with Reading

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Officer Says "I Do" 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
VivianaEnchantressofBooks More than 1 year ago
Fate is defined as “that which is inevitable predetermined; destiny”. Add that to the “Opposites Attract” statement and we got ourselves a fun, entertaining and a cleverly written romance novel! However, this isn’t your typically story where the “tidy, everything in its place” hero and “carefree, sometimes flakey” heroine realize that there’s no point in opposing fate and succumb to what they’ve been fighting against at the very end of the story. Instead, in “The Officer Says “I Do””, both characters, Capt. Tim O’Shay and Skye McDermott get to know each other throughout the entire story and try their best to not let the “opposite” side of each other create the line that divides them. A Captain in the Marine Corp, Tim O’Shay is a third generation Marine, who knows the ‘ins and outs’ of the Corp and what it takes to be a good Marine. He is the “responsible one” among his friends and holds them and himself to high standards. While on a short leave prior to a deployment in Vegas, Fate deals her cards (pun intended) and places Skye McDermott in the direct line of sight of Capt. O’Shay! The connection is made and sparks fly. Jeanette Murray, author, was successful in creating two characters with convictions and individualized identities. Our Marine Alpha male is strong, intelligent, serious and a ‘follow the rules’ kind of a guy. However, you’ll like him from the very beginning. Our “free spirit” heroine is just that, free spirited but smart with a strong sense of responsibility, loyalty, and understanding of human relationships. There was nothing “flakey” about Skye (love the name by the way!!). It was nice to see them work at their relationship and understand that it wasn’t going to be an overnight fix. Which reigns true with any relationship, one must work for it and at it in order to be happy and have it be a success. I really liked the plot, the characters and the pace of the story! I could relate in one way or another to each of the main and supporting characters. I also enjoyed the dynamic of each of the relationships (family and friends and heck, even the “enemy”) and look forward to getting to know them further! Jeanette, did a great job of laying the foundation work to her next book, “Duty Calls” (Available January 2013) with Jeremy and Madison’s story! Can’t wait to see how their story unfolds. Please visit Reading Between the Wine Book Club for this and other book reviews!!
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: I really loved this book. As an Air Force officer's wife for 20 years, it was like going back into that life (he retired 2 years ago). The life of a military wife is definitely a different thing and Jeanette NAILED all the little intricacies and annoyances about it. Not that it's all bad because it's certainly not....there are just so many little details about the life that no one else in the civilian world has to deal with and as a spouse, you're "expected" to deal with them all. That includes a LOT of get-togethers and functions where you have to be "on". For Skye, who grew up in a commune as a pacifist with a very hippy lifestyle, this is most definitely foreign territory. But she wants her marriage to work with Tim, so she tries to tone down her normal personality to fit in...yeah, you can see how that's going to work out. She's a free spirit. Follows fate where it leads her and has the style of a gypsy. She has a zest for life that Tim can't resist, although she's nothing like who he'd normally choose to become involved with. As a fourth generation Marine, Tim just accepts that this is the way life is. Yes, he absolutely hates it when his commander gets into his family life, but he knows eventually he'll get a new CO who will be easier to deal with. He doesn't see what it's doing to Skye or her natural exuberance for life. He doesn't see that she needs his reassurance that he likes the woman she actually is, not the personality she has to put on for the military functions. He's methodical and precise. He's a detail guy and good at his job. He doesn't ever "let loose" so it's as much a surprise to him as anyone else when he loses segments of his night in Vegas and has no idea that he's married. There was so much about this book that I loved. I loved the friendships. For every awful person you have to deal with in the military, there are another ten that are wonderful who make all the pain worth it and can commiserate in a bad situation. Jeanette showed these friendships wonderfully and beautifully. I really enjoyed this "opposites attract" story. I think Tim and Skye make a wonderful couple and I can't wait to read Jeremy and Madison's story in December. This is shaping up to be an absolutely fabulous series. Bravo, Jeanette!! You got it right. A great story for glimpses into the military life. It most definitely resonated with me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I tried reading this book, but found it just so-so. Not into the characters very much.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Desere Book provided by NetGalley for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book This was the first Jeanette Murry book I read and I will certainly be coming back for more! Imagine a girls night out turning into saying ‘I do’ in Vegas to one seriously hot and very strict Marine! Yeah I know sounds like a that will never happen kind of scene, well in this book it does and boy oh boy was it hot, so hot that the pages were on fire! These two character are completely opposite from each other, Timothy is the straight as narrow Marine with a no nonsense attitude and Skye is your care free hippie kind of girl who believes in fate. Throughout the book they try everything to save a marriage that was brought on in less than 12 hours. The book was simply brilliant and I recommend this every lover of reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Boring and unbelievable. How can someone get married drunk in Vegas, without even know each other and he was the only one drunk, she says yes with just one kiss. Even when they tried to make the marriage work, I couldn't find much to like in the book, put it down many times. I don't know if I'll be reading the next in the series. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book! Looking forward to the next in series coming in jan. She also has another under kat murray, it's either just out or coming soon. Defineatly an author worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it. Hope the other two mwn have a book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! I liked that it was a different kind of HEA story. I liked how they both decided to make a go of things. Tim is such a hottie! I liked how independent Skye was, but how she was willing to change to make sure Tim's job was jeopardized. Tim was great, too! It was such a great story that I hope we get to hear more about these two in the book. I can't wait to see what happens with Madison, Jeremy, Dwayne, and Veronica!
TXBookloverNW More than 1 year ago
Captain Timothy O’Shay and his best friends are on pre-deployment leave. They are having one last hurrah before heading to Afghanistan. Tim, always the responsible and level headed one decides to loosen up and have fun for a change. Skye McDermott, the daughter of modern day hippies, is colorful, free spirited and a big believer in Fate. What should have been just a very hot one night stand turns into so much more. Unfortunately for Tim though he doesn't remember much from the night before. So, before Skye wakes up he quietly creeps out. A week later Skye is determined to hunt her husband down and give the marriage a try. She packs up, quits her job and heads for Camp Pendleton. Just one little problem, Tim has no clue he has a wife. I loved this story. It was so sweet. Tim and Skye are complete opposites, but it works for them. She's exactly what he needs and didn't know it. They are both devoted to making it work. She believes it’s Fate and he doesn’t believe in calling it quits. They both rather give it a try and fail, then not try at all. They have so much to overcome. I loved watching them get to know each other and fall in love.
BeverlyTX More than 1 year ago
Very good read- I enjoyed reading Tim and Skye's story and getting to know all the supporting characters. First time I have read this author and I definitely will be watching for more from her. Next book in this series coming in January 2013 will be Jeremy and Madison's story. Can't wait to see how Madison finally snags Jeremy..
BookReaderAnnie More than 1 year ago
Being first in a series I found some good things about this book, and other thing that kind of bugged me. I would give her a second chance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago